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  1. "Netanyahu urges no return to Iran nuclear deal"... Meanwhile, Israelis urge placing Netanyahu in prison for corruption.
  2. Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MEA) bill ! This is the MWA not the MEA. MWA you have to pay at 7/11. If MEA bill, this has Ref. 1 in column No.1 and Ref.2 in Column No.4. If you set yourself up to pay online to MEA each month. Go to the Payments section of you online banking account and fill out the from. For Bangkok Bank, it will automatically enter the payment amount as shown on your bill. (Very easy these days)
  3. No problem for her mother to get a Thai passport for her daughter, she does not need your permission and you do not need to appear. My wife did our eldest daughter's Thai passport because we were fed up having to renew her 12month extensions every year and doing 90 day reports. You must get a Thai passport in order to leave the country and then she shows her U.S. passport when she arrives in the U.S. If she comes back she does the same in reverse. Don't show the U.S. passport for an entry stamp when she comes back to Thailand, use the Thai passport. (They will want to see the exit stamp in the
  4. "Giant Power Plant" stop kidding, this is a small power plant. I was building 2,000MW Power plants in UK in the '60s. Largest individual generating sets were 1,000MW. Worked on the design and construction of Ratchburi Power Station here in the '90s with a capacity of 3,645MW.
  5. According to the media, Thailand has not yet signed, they will sign in February 2021
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