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  1. Really. Well that has surprised me. "based on a 2018 survey of 15-year-olds around the world". Well it must be true then.
  2. You have to admire the spin of the title. Could it have been two Thais among four found positive. But TIT and it will never change.
  3. All those that said that the leave campaign would not win the referendum. All those who said BJ would not become prime minister. All those who said he wouldn't win the last general election with such a huge majority. All those liberal lefties who constantly scream about democracy and start crying when they lose. All those who just can't understand the majority of people and what they want. No doubt there will be crying rooms galore after next weeks US election. All those who believe in the liberal medias opinion polls. That's enough for starters
  4. Really, I thought Thailand was and has been COVID free for a while. This would suggest that we are being told a pack of lies. Or is there another reason?
  5. You have actually told me a few times or are you forgetting what you wrote. Most of the Europeans on here who consistently tell the Brits whats best for them and how they they should conduct their politics have such boring countries that they have very little to discuss about, besides pensions.
  6. As a Brit i love reading about those Europeans who keep telling us what is best for us. It is hilarious as they think they understand the Brits but have no idea. Like the remain vote would win in 2016. like BJ would never be prime minister. You and your like have made so many predictions that fail you continue to embarrass yourselves.
  7. Oh dear they still don't get it do they. Living in la la land of their own self importance.
  8. Finally someone speaking the truth. A rarity it seems in the government.
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