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  1. You asked and I showed you. I have to say discussing points with you lately is pointless. Corrupt, who are we talking about Nichola Sturgeon or all politicians. I simple can't be bothered with your continuous anti British sentiment. We get it you want independence.
  2. https://www.statista.com/statistics/1196071/covid-19-vaccination-rate-in-europe-by-country/ Expand it and you will see the Germans and the like at the bottom.
  3. Much better than the EU. Even the Germans agree the UK have done a much better job. It just seems the Scottish nationalists on here would never admit to that.
  4. Compared to the EU It has made them look like what they are so often are. Incompetent and back stabbing. As for public inquiries, I hope you are loving the spectacle in the SNP and Scottish parliament at the moment. Sammond's and Sturgeon. What a comedy show that is and soon to get better.
  5. You always here give me one benefit of Brexit. Numerous ones are given but the fact that the UK can make their own way in the world is classically been shown with the COVID 19 vaccine. Which country in the EU is anywhere near the number of vaccinated people in the UK. Nobody is even close, so all those thousand of lives been saved by not being in the EU, is just another great outcome of Brexit.
  6. It doesn't come across as angry just concerned. When you have a very feeble testing system you can hardly shout that you have a great system in place which you are suggesting Thailand has. It does not. How many people have been vaccinated in Thailand. When will the population be completely vaccinated. From experience whatever that date is supposed to be, add more time, like every other project I have known in Thailand. Not Thai bashing at all. Its just the way it is.
  7. I just don't see the correlation. The TAT are constantly telling huge lies. They are not held accountable in any way and are irresponsible. How many people in Thailand have been vaccinated and how many in the UK? No comparison.
  8. Totally lying and should be considered deformation. So where did the 6 million figure come from. I know Thai mathematics. So how about having the Thai population vaccinated then. Besides the comedy factor in the article I feel sorry for Thailand having these people running the tourism industry and a large part of the economy. Other countries would throw them in Gaol for lying, repeatedly.
  9. If there is one thing you can rely ion the TAT is to give everyone a jolly good laugh. my sides are splitting. Obvious these people do not know what is happening in the UK and also the state of the baht to the pound. It has been many a year since 6 million Brits visited Thailand for a holiday, if ever. So why would that many people come now! The TAT are delusional and quite frankly bull sitters
  10. I was disappointing yesterday as I never got my daily laughter medicine from the TAT. They have made up for it though today.
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