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  1. Oh dear. people actually feel for it. https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1103817/brexit-petition-cancel-brexit-article-50-revoke-brexit-news-latest So people claim remainers are the intelligent ones. You are having a laugh.
  2. Who Tommy Cooper. Come on Chomps if you are trying to be funny, do it properly.
  3. You do realise that you can find anyone' s post code and have multiple names on a postcode, so basically multiple names from the same PC by the same person. There could be a room full of people knocking out e mails and signing the petition right now, on shifts all day and night. Not that anyone would do that of course.
  4. I have signed up 3 times does that count? We all know it is as credible as an MP's expense sheet. Thanks for sharing though as it would seem some remainers on TV are hanging onto the desperate hope that people might actually think that this is credible evidence. Talk about desperate measures. Next you will be hearing that some red bus had something to do with Brexit, people are uneducated, didn't understand what would happen or voted for and that the UK, will end up like North Korea, again.
  5. How about doing the right thing and respect the referendum result, like the adult thing it is. Regardless of you if you disagree. Many countries, including the one this forum is in, would love the chance to have a free vote with the MP's respecting the decision of the people.
  6. I will agree on the manipulation on this Dick but employment figures have been manipulated for years from Labour and Conservative governments. My point is that the millions who were going to lose their jobs straight after the referendum... well didn't. Exactly and they are no playing the victim card. It is going to be. an interesting GE when that ever will be, as I imagine that many will be given the resounding walk of shame, after the votes are presented to their constituents.
  7. You still peddling that project fear. even the looney Mark Carney has changed his tune as record employment and businesses doing better than expected. You really should stop watching the BBC or reading the Guardian and Independent Newspapers. We have been hearing for 3 years how the UK would be in an economic. meltdown and still it isn't. When are you going to admit that that is not going to or has happened as continually predicted. So wishful thinking. Is that an opinion or do you have evidence for this. Eventually the UK will leave the EU. Start to accept it. It is a shame that remainers lack vision, strength, passion and creativity to believe that if you are not in with the other 27 countries you are doomed. It shorts shortsightedness of the world, as it is a big place and the EU is not the worlds dominant force.
  8. All this is really transparent to anyone with with common sense and how the EU operate. It is all designed to get the UK either to revoke Article 50 or another referendum until they get the result right IMHO. The EU really seem to be disillusioned and think the UK will be happy to be hoodwinked into staying in the EU. They would have been better to stay friends and let the UK go on its way but due to the federalised mentality of these lot, they will never let people leave their club, without trying to do as much damage as possible. Regardless the UK people will never see the EU in the same way as they once did. That trust and alignment has gone forever.
  9. Has anyone else noticed the change in news/media lately in the UK. Again MP's now claiming that they are being victimised and called traitors by constituents for not following the referendum result. I wouldn't be surprised if by magic someone gets attacked or even killed and then a sway in public opinion will happen. It wouldn't be the first time. Just keep your eyes open for it, that is all I will say.
  10. Yes you could also add in the population of the planet yet related but totally different.
  11. How amusing to see those who actually give any significance to the fact that online signatures are some how a sign that peoples opinions have changed. I am waiting for those remainers to start blaming the Russians for these signatures. Personally I don't believe it should be called news. It just shows how desperate the remain camp are to try and overturn the referendum result yet again. Pathetic really.
  12. I can envisage a group of "Tree huggers" and EU citizens frantically adding e mail addresses to increase the number. The saddest thing is there will be people who actually believe that this to be genuine. Oh Dear.
  13. I stull think that the both won't happen. I would be happy with a no deal as I have said many times, as it is as close to what i consider Brexit to be.. Pulling article 50 would cause the biggest political upheaval in the UK''s political history since Cromwell. No something will come out in these theatrics that has been happening recently IMO.
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