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  1. Once again you accuse me of listening to Tommy Robinson which you have no evidence. A better man would own up and apologise. I didn't reply to the rest of your thread as you can't even respond to one item. Lets get something clear. Religion is not a race. The EU is not a race. The countries like Germany, France, Ireland, Greece, etc etc are lovely with great people in. I have previously mentioned I have lived in a couple and have first hand experience. Throwing the racist and xenophobic card is cheap, unwarranted and shows little intellect. It seems that in the UK and on here if you are against the entity of the EU you get slanted with being racist and a xenophobe which is totally incorrect. It seems to be the norm now that having a difference opinion on the EU and you get shouted down. I see it happening on TV with politicians and is quite frankly embarrassing. Show me where I am racist or a xenophobe. I would suggest that you look up the definition flower.
  2. I have not made unfounded statements like you. I guess you will not 'man up' and admit what you said, has no facts to back up your lewd claim. By the way. Being against the EU is not racist. The EU is not a race.
  3. So you can't show me where I have listened to his view then? Is there an apology? For your information I do not mirror his views. It is easy to state that. If he and I don't know, believes in Brexit then you are right. The rest I am nothing like him or his views.
  4. Show me where I have listened to this man. If you can't then apologise.
  5. Keep of the sauce. I am a patriot and I wont quit or apologies for it. I will stick by my believe that there are some posters on here who want to see the demise of the UK and because of Brexit, are waiting for the UK to have an economic turmoil. I find that alarming and unpatriotic. I have given many balanced arguments and not just recently jumped on the Brexit bandwagon here. I have been posting on the subject before the referendum, unlike some. This message was not to you so move on. you are embarrassing yourself.
  6. Yes because their mum is German. Jeez what a pish poor argument to try and discredit the man.
  7. Well first of all I am a westerner so losing face isn't something that happens to me or I care about. Have you ever heard of the West Bank. Oh dear am I Anti-somatic?
  8. Again you are wrong in every way. You seem to be a snowflake apologist. I still remember you defending a certain religion and throwing around certain names. If someone disagrees with you then the racist, xenophobic card comes out. I am a British citizen and could still vote in the referendum. A patriot. You should stop reading the Guardian and Independent newspapers. Unemployment is lower than ever. Inflation is one of the best in Europe. Continue with your tinfoil hat theories. I find people who are anti British, seem to hate the country and want to see the country fail, the problem. I believe you are one of these. Trying to discredit that I have a voice or opinion because I don't live in the UK at the moment, is cheap. Please do not reply as you will not get another response from me.
  9. I am very pro Irish and have deep family roots. I do feel that the Irish are been taken for a ride. Shame they didn't stick to their principles in 2008 and told the EU to do one over the Lisbon Treaty. I am sure they will see sense one day.
  10. I will have to disagree with you. Maybe ask the Italians, The Hungarians, Greeks, Polish as examples. https://www.dailyfx.com/forex/fundamental/article/special_report/2018/11/16/Which-Countries-Want-to-Leave-the-EU-After-Brexit-Euro-Analysis.html
  11. It is very relevant to the topic as one entity (EU) is calling out other countries for 'poor practice', which then ignores itself. Whilst I will admit there are enough threads on the EU anyway and I don't want to use this one to discuss the shortfalls of the hypocritical EU. But well done on calling out Saudi Arabia.
  12. For once I agree with the EU with regards to Saudi Arabia. Will they now follow their own policy and start to be transparent with their own MEP's and financial transactions. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/sep/25/mep-expenses-eu-court-ruling Calling the kettle black.
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