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  1. Yes you need higher order thinking skills to understand it. Once again totally out of touch with reality. just because you read it, doesn't mean it is true. If you were British and had family and friends who were British or lived in the UK then you would have a better more rounded viewpoint and understanding to argue your point. You go on about your country being pro EU. maybe the tide is changing and this from the left wing rag. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/apr/06/dutch-voters-reject-closer-eu-links-to-ukraine-in-referendum
  2. Here is another correlation. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/five-former-pms-oppose-move-to-cut-foreign-aid-grgblkq2t 5 clowns who support Brexit (supporting their own interest) and also supports that the UK sends ridiculous amounts of money overseas, often to countries who don't need it. Can you see a pattern!
  3. I imagine they will copy it very well like they do with almost everything else. Amazing at replicating and producing cheaper generic versions. As for creativity, ingenuity and ground breaking science, there is a lot of new knowledge they still do not posses.
  4. It might have something to do with the title. Focus on fish and economic fair play as EU-UK trade talks go on remotely
  5. Hilarious. Why don't they give every country an U vote to leave then. But I can vote them out directly. i cant vote any of the 5 presidents out. You obviously have no idea. Go back and do your homework. The waters are not for sale they were loaned. We are calling that loan in. Yes Heath lied to get us into the EEC and Major and Blair contributed to the demise. Talk about the lie getting into the EU that's interesting.
  6. Just look at the map of Europe. Which country has water all around it. Which country allows more fish to be taken out from other countries, than it takes itself. Go back and read all the threads on this. You have jumped on the bandwagon a few weeks ago and now you are a so called expert. Some of us have stated the so called facts loads of times on here, so you have a lot of homework to catch up on. Then come back as hopefully you would have learned a lot.
  7. Yes I wouldn't have them in my trench for sure. But then again most of them wouldn't fight for their country anyway.
  8. And that's the problem the EU wont change. people vote against them in referendums and they get ignored or told to vote again. You talk like your country being pro EU is progress. Many in the 1930s were pro for a party and ideology in Germany. Looked what happened there. How narrow minded they are and the full brunt of what the EU has done, has only just started. The UK had the foresight to leave. It is not stupid. the UK waters have been raped for years by the French, Dutch, Spanish and others. They should have to pay back for the destruction of the seas that have happene
  9. These guys are almost as funny as a double showing of Laurel and hardy. They say laughter is great medicine. the TAT are pumping me with too much.
  10. I see you are a Thai apologist. Read what I said. I said consistently lie. Show me your evidence or jog on by.
  11. I disagree but I don't see continuous outrageous figures being stated on a daily/weekly basis from UK politicians. That doesn't mean the odd time but here in Thailand they are thrown around constantly.
  12. In any normal country, politicians would get called out on such outrageous claims and statistics. They would be forced to apologies and resign. Obviously, this is not a normal country.
  13. That is the epitome of being a cheap Charlie. Well done son! Every bit counts. But truthfully, don't you get fed up of having to get 6 or 12 photos at a time and use only 2/3 and have them take up room in a draw.
  14. Someone who has no idea of the world outside of Thailand and believes that Thailand is the centre of the universe and everywhere else and everything in it, is substandard to what is on offer in Thailand.
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