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  1. The UAE had 822 new cases and 3 new deaths yesterday and the idiots want to open up .
  2. A very optimistic number IMO it will drop by over 50% .
  3. valid for one year so it expires on the 23rd June 2020. You should have read the post more carefully .
  4. And while the value of the Thai baht is down a little the growth will continue until its value is pushed back up resulting in a contracture of exports once again . IMO .
  5. They're obviously bored and need something to do and show there supporters they are still around for self importance . These numbers are nothing compared to the US but are devastating for those who have lost their job and the families that they support .
  6. Are there any other Aussies out there that have received a letter from Centrelink/Services Australia telling them they have been paid the $750 from the Government ? I got a letter today dated 21 April saying it had been paid into my account but there has been no other payment apart from my Age Pension gone in .
  7. If the numbers are true at single digit or zero cases why is the emergency still needed unless the numbers arent correct .
  8. RIP But absolute stupidity driving that fast in the rain .
  9. Have you not seem any tv showing all the people in bars sitting and standing close to each other without masks and yes i know it would be hard to drink with a mask but these are desperate times and social distancing is an absolute must .
  10. This a hole needs to be hung from a tree by his genitals .
  11. I have already commented on that and didn't feel the need to double up .
  12. We can expect the numbers to rise again like what's happening in the UK and US etc .
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