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  1. We can sit back and watch the road toll at least double with this increased speed limit .
  2. Really , medical personnel need practice to give vaccinations doesn't give me much confidence in their abilities or was it just to be seen on tv etc . Some people may say practice makes perfect but just not true for this country otherwise there would not be a road death toll over 20,000 every year .
  3. It was just the normal African American B movie for me and no i am not being racist just don't like they're sense of humor and have never seen one movie that i enjoyed although some have the occasional good piece but just not enough for me and that's IMO so no need to quote me .
  4. Thailand has always been the land of fake from clothes , watches , jewelry etc etc that's why so many tourists came here full knowing that a lot of what was being sold in markets and on the streets was fake but was very cheap , i bought a fake Armani belt from a market back in 2007 and still using it today and very happy with it . Fake name brand golf shirts and shorts are another of my favorites and still wear them too .
  5. This is me now after returning here in Sept 2017 after going back home for 3 1/2 years to qualify for age pension . I stay indoors only going out to the supermarket or pharmacy , cant stand being around in laws only the step daughter and grand kids when they come visit and the wife and i well its pretty much over just waiting to be told to get out which i would do now but nowhere to go . Such is life and i don't mind being alone its been a part of my life since i was in primary school (very short) and subject to bullies which changed as i got older and 188 cm tall in high school . These d
  6. They might want to fix what they're standing before doing anything those cracks look extensive .
  7. Why just Phuket this can apply to the whole country .
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