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  1. Pretty much the reason why so many buses are involved in accidents . I had a friend tell me he was on a bus in the middle of the day and the driver was asleep and when he mentioned it to a Thai she said its ok not worry about .
  2. This is so typical of Thai , they lose a court case so they counter sue . If there was any evidence it would or should have been put forward during the initial court case not after talk about sour grapes .
  3. Why don't they just understand that while the value of the baht is so high and they don't do something to lower it no matter what they do will not do a whole lot to make the economy better especially when companies continue to put their prices up at the checkpoint .
  4. The sooner this idiot is out of the oval office the better off the world will be and everything can get back to normal . I know those of you out there that love this psychopath will have a go at me but I really don't give a flying (deleted) so do your best it will only show how #### you are .
  5. All three are highly toxic carcinogenic so get over it all of them need to be banned . These elder people don't understand what these chemicals can do the future generations .
  6. I don't think there crazy as such more like pure desperation and willing to use anything as a reason to play .
  7. They don't kill them just relocate the snakes somewhere else into the jungle/forest .
  8. That's right 18 is the legal age of consent as it is in most countries around the world .
  9. The father needs to go to jail for causing actual bodily harm or attempted murder but more than likely neither despite saying he would kill her and almost hit an artery which may have cased her to bleed out
  10. Is it possible that a third party (such as Israel) that would like to start a war between Saudi Arabia and Iran ?
  11. The company has a much larger bill to pay now instead of just replacing the bearings for the steering including the hospital bills for the 17 Chinese tourists . Unfortunately these bus companies sometimes put profit over and above safety of its drivers/passengers and other road users .
  12. Even more so when young idiots try and cross in front of a speeding train . Sorry but no sympathy for stupidity .
  13. Investigate what further the pictures are worth a thousand words and very clearly show assault on the young boy .
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