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  1. Well done BIB this is good for tourism isn't it , just leave the body floating and we will do something when we are ready .
  2. Microsoft employees are paid to do a job and paid very well so if they don't like their job they have the option of finding another job not dictating what they do .
  3. If Pfizer did the right thing and reduced the prices of their drugs to a competitive price then they would more than likely sell a lot more and wipe out these fake pills being sold but instead like all big Pharma they only consider the big money and nothing else .
  4. If convicted put the Broker in the infamous Bangkok Hilton for a minimum 10 years to sort him/her out , you could pretty much guarantee it wont be done again .
  5. The Port Arthur shooter was given what he deserved in prison by anyone who wanted to hurt such as being pushed down stairs according to someone I knew who worked in the prison .
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