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  1. The Thai Government hasn't even updated their new numbers to Worldometers yet , have to wonder if they will try to get away with not doing it so the country doesn't look so bad to potential tourists .
  2. 18 days to do 600,000 vaccinations their dreaming again , that's an average of just over 33,000 per day 7 days a week .
  3. At this rate it wont be long before Thailand gets into the six figure range and over 1,000 deaths .
  4. The biggest thing i dont understand is why people find the need to stand around looking , its something i have never done , will do or have any desire to do very macabre .
  5. So for most of us it will closer to the end of the year before we can be vaccinated except for those who cant wait and want to pay for it .
  6. I doubt much testing would have been done to get these numbers . You cant check on the Worldometers site because they dont update the test numbers everyday .
  7. If i was living in another country and wanted to travel for a holiday Thailand with these current numbers would not make it onto a list of possibilities until at least 2022 or later .
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