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  1. LMAO Covid-19 is going to be around for many years just like the flu . There is no cure just vaccines when they come and more than one shot will be required . Thailand wont be the first place it will be all the family and friends that people havent had physical contact with . These Thai are just dreaming of what they would like to happen instead of reality .
  2. Trump needs millions of dollars for debts owed so this doesnt surprise me at all , he is willing to do anything legal or illegal during his time in the White House . Maybe thats where some of the 150 million in contributions has come from .
  3. It seems every time these people put out info about the baht weakening it goes in the other direction and gaining in value so obviously they have no idea what they are doing IMO .
  4. Maybe those plat numbers that can be seen 335 might be lucky .
  5. Worldometer has the following numbers for the US which are always higher . Total Cases 13,750,404 Deaths 273,072 Serious/critcal 24,822
  6. So does this mean that people who have been released from quaratine can have a relapse and infect the general popluation ? It appears the only real hope is a vaccine .
  7. Australia has a population of just under 26 million so why the excessive purchase ? Even if they reqire more than one dose per year its still over the top .
  8. If the exchange rate ever gets back over 32 baht then they can say something but 5 satang is neither here or there just the usual daily fluctuations .
  9. Its highly unlikely that 4 days less quarantine would make any difference to people who might want to spend their investment monies on a new factory somewhere in Thailand , i personaly (if i ever had any money) would look for an existing business to invest in rather than a startup with a new factory and all the added expenses .
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