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  1. Thank you all, problem solved. At the airport arrival, officials confirmed that he doesn't have to isolate himself for 14 days after a quarantine.
  2. Yes that's correct. Just be sure to have seen that kind of message at the end of the process, and you're good VACCINE BOOKING INFORMATION Date 01 JAN 1970 Place - Time - Status Wait for an email confirmation
  3. I know someone who is today in quarantine at an ASQ in Bangkok. He plans to come back to his home at Chiang Rai in a few days. He called his "boss village" and he told him that his familly has to self isolate for another new 14 days quarantine = 1 month quarantine ??? Is that true ? (I believed that once you had the paper from your ASQ at the end of your quarantine, you could go where you want in Thailand without a new quarantine !)
  4. I called one Fascino pharmacy, but they dont sale that kit. Are those kits available for sale in Pattaya ? PS: I ask that question because vaccins are still not available for us in Pattaya and maybe... for a long time. I would feel more confident if I knew that I had already catch the virus and have the antigens.
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