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  1. The winner of the September photography competition is this by @Saraburi121. Congratulations! Wat Ban Rai You can enter the October photography competition here.
  2. Enter the October 2019 Thaivisa Photography Competition (sorry it's late!) The competition will run until October 31st 2019 The winning entry for September will receive a phone recharge with a value of ฿1000 within 30 days of the end of the competition. The 1,000 baht credit is available on prepaid phones only. This was the winning entry from the August competition: Image: steevo8 Competition Rules - Contributing members may submit up to four of their own photos per month. (Members can re-submit an image in a following months competition providing it hasn't been a winner in a previous months competition.) - Please only one photo per post! - The photos must be Thailand related and also comply with thaivisa forum rules. https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/terms/ - A title, Basic Exif data, location and date may be added, but no extra comments to try and win more votes will be allowed. - All entries will be included in a gallery as posted and at the end of the month this gallery will then be sent to the judges who will choose the winner. - Please note that likes can still be given but will play no part in deciding what is presented for judging. - All entries will be considered regardless of the time of the month posted. How to post images Instructions on how to post images can be found here: https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/942998-posting-images-on-to-a-thread/#comment-11149553 Please keep dropping by and give your support (likes) to the new images being posted. Those images gaining 15 likes or more will be added to the "Best Shots Gallery " for the month in question. This gallery is not part of the monthly competition and will also include images from across all the general photographic threads that accumulate 10 likes or more. Note.......We will drop by the thread every day or so to remove the posts not containing images, so please don't be annoyed if you see one of your posts is missing, thanks for your understanding. Please add your best shots, and contribute to the rest of the photo forum Other parts of the photo forum here: https://forum.thaivisa.com/forum/84-photography-and-the-arts/
  3. Supreme Court: Suspending Parliament was unlawful, judges rule Image: Reuters Boris Johnson's decision to suspend Parliament was unlawful, the Supreme Court has ruled. Mr Johnson suspended - or prorogued - Parliament for five weeks earlier this month, saying it was to allow a Queen's Speech to outline his new policies. But the court said it was wrong to stop Parliament carrying out its duties in the run-up to the Brexit deadline. The court's president, Lady Hale, said: "The effect on the fundamentals of our democracy was extreme." Full story: https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-49810261 -- © Copyright BBC 2019-09-24 Follow Thaivisa on LINE for breaking Thailand news and visa info
  4. Pound drops as fears of no-deal Brexit grow LONDON (Reuters) - Sterling dived on Wednesday as concerns rose that the United Kingdom may be headed for a disruptive no-deal Brexit after Prime Minister Boris Johnson moved to restrict parliamentary time before Oct. 31. Johnson said on Wednesday he would schedule a Queen’s Speech for Oct. 14 in order to launch new legislation. He denied he was seeking to prevent parliament from obstructing his Brexit plans. The move limits the amount of parliamentary time available to lawmakers who want to prevent him taking the country out of the EU without an exit deal. The pound, already trading lower on the day, extended its drop to hit $1.2156, a six-day low, and was last down 0.7% on the day GBP=D3. Against the euro the British currency also weakened to 91.265 pence, its lowest in nearly a week, trading last down by 0.7% at 90.89 pence EURGBP=D3. “For the pound to recover the fall this morning, anti-no deal MPs will have to get their acts together in the first weeks of September,” Jordan Rochester, a strategist at Nomura said, raising the odds of a no deal Brexit to 44% vs 40% earlier. The latest move from Johnson comes a day after lawmakers who are opposed to a no-deal Brexit met to discuss ways they could use parliamentary procedure to force Johnson to seek a delay to Brexit. Sterling had rallied in recent days on hopes that Britain’s opposition parties can stop a no-deal Brexit. On Tuesday, it hit a one-month high against the dollar and the euro. Johnson has said the UK is leaving the European Union with or without a deal on Oct. 31, and media have previously reported that he wants to suspend parliament to help force through an exit. -- © Copyright Reuters 2019-08-28 Follow Thaivisa on LINE for breaking Thailand news and visa info
  5. The official Maize and Rotational Crops thread 2019 image: kickstart All maize and crop farming discussion here! This thread continues on from the previous long running Maize and Rotational Crops topic here: https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/818965-maize-and-rotational-crops/
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  7. The official Chelsea FC thread 2019 All Chelsea related discussion here. This thread continues from the old Chelsea topic here: https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/91762-chelsea-fc-thread/
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  12. The official Tottenham Hotspur thread 2019 All Tottenham Hotspur related discussion here. This thread continues from the old Spurs topic here: https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/79534-tottenham-thread/
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  14. Online 90 day reporting available from April 1st BANGKOK: A spokesperson for Thailand’s Immigration Bureau has confirmed the new online service for 90 day reporting will be effective from April 1st 2015. Col. Worawat Amornwiwat confirmed on Thursday that foreign nationals in Thailand will now be able to report their address via the Immigration Bureau’s website, rather than having to attend their local immigration office in person or send the notification by registered mail. Col. Worawat said the new service has been introduced as part of Thailand’s integration into the ASEAN Economic Community and will provide more convenience for foreigners staying in Thailand. Foreign nationals staying in Thailand can make their 90 day report online by completing the form at https://extranet.immigration.go.th/fn90online/online/tm47/TM47Action.do or by visiting the main ]Immigration Bureau website Whilst the new service of online 90 day reporting is likely to be largely welcomed by many expats and foreign nationals residing in Thailand, the downside is that the service is only currently available via Microsoft’s Internet Explorer - a web browser which Microsoft has recently said it will replace as part of the launch of Windows 10 later this year. Immigration officials have said that the online 90 day reporting service will hopefully be available on other web browsers at some point in the future but have not given any further indication of when this will be. After being originally announced in February there have been various discussions[/size on the Thaivisa Forum related to online 90 day reporting, with some expats raising concerns about the security and efficiency of the system being able to service what is an important requirement for foreign nationals who live in Thailand. ******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Update Immigration has changed the address for the online reporting. The new one is https://extranet.immigration.go.th/fn90online
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