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  1. So, one day after the announcement that he's been cleared in the watch scandal.
  2. I think you've answered your own question on why it should be denied, and that's "tradition". Songkran is supposed to celebrate the start of the Thai New Year, which occurs in April. Just enjoy it twice as much next year!
  3. Enjoy the ride .. That's the company slogan sorted.
  4. I bought the RE Interceptor in January, my first ever "big" bike. Fell off it twice on the first day and spent the next few weeks wondering if I was just a stupid old man trying to be young again. Some friends gave me tips on what I was doing wrong and after a while, it all clicked into place and now I love riding it, helped to keep me from dying of boredom during these last two months. (For anyone who is thinking of telling me that its not a "big bike", at 650cc and weighing 223Kg, it's definitely big enough for me, standing 5ft 6" tall and weighing in at around 70Kg.) I'm not looking to get another bike this year but if I was, I'd want the RE 650 Continental GT.
  5. I think you've just come up with a winning business idea "sex massage buses".
  6. I didn't mention any colour, I'm making the point that the person who has now been charged with murder was aggressive right from the start. You need to get over seeing everything in this case as being about the colour of a persons skin.
  7. Nope, I'm not giving him a free pass, I'm saying that as he was facing the onlookers he probably wasn't fully aware of what was happening behind him. Time will tell when charges are brought and it goes to court. "Virtue signalling" - the go-to phrase for those that can't discuss things rationally.
  8. "virtue signalling marxists" Or do you consider that a compliment? " i bet you would have no sympathy had this been a white guy" Trying to label me a racist.
  9. Well, you lose your bet then - I believe in justice regardless of race or colour. Why are some people, when posting on here, able to act like children and resort to insults to try to prove they are right? p.s. You forgot to call me a snowflake, that would have really shown me whose the boss.
  10. The first time I watched this video I too was outraged at what appeared to be the cop having one hand in his pocket. I was watching a longer version than the one shown on here, and on looking at it a second time, I don't think he actually does have his hand in his pocket. He's wearing black gloves and I think his hand is actually resting on his own leg with his black glove blending in with his black pants. Before anybody leaps for their keyboard and accuses me, I'm not trying to lessen the severity of what went on and in fact, it could be argued that by having his hand on his leg he was using it to apply even more pressure.
  11. In the long version video that I watched, the Asian-looking cop is facing away from the victim and the cop kneeling on him, trying to keep the onlookers back. I'm not at all sure he knew exactly what was going on behind and as such I would cut him some slack. The cop kneeling on the victim deserves all he gets.
  12. There's a nine minute version available out there on the internet and 90% of that is made up of the cop kneeling on the victims neck. It also shows him being removed from his car by two policemen, with no attempt to resist, but one of the policemen seems determined to try to escalate things with the aggressive way he's handling the victim. One of the two policemen is the Asian looking guy, I'll give you three guesses who the one acting aggressively is.
  13. And I still haven't been refunded for the tickets I bought to watch the MotoGP at his nice stadium which was supposed to take place March 20th. Two months and still waiting....
  14. Broken yellow centre lines so overtaking is allowed according to the highway code. Obviously depends on what sort of view the driver has but I personally wouldn't be taking the chance.
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