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  1. Class 3 is what they are quoting me. I worked out that it would take me about 3.5 years to get back the extra money paid, still trying to decide if I feel lucky or not.
  2. 10 years for 1500 pounds? You got a bargain! I checked mine 2 days ago and they want 2,300 pounds off me to make up the 3 years I'm missing.
  3. Not true. The British government can only strip citizenship from someone who holds dual-citizenship. Born and bred British? Even Jack Letts himself doesn't feel British. " "I've always felt that I am Canadian, my dad is Canadian, and I never grew up being accepted as a British person anyway,"
  4. This from an airline that last week announced that they had repainted their fleet for no sound commercial reason.
  5. I think I've said it enough times on here now, so, for the last time, I don't think any company has the right to tell their employees what they do with their own time outside of work, regardless of who is bullying them to do so.
  6. Yes, of course China has the right to say this but my post was about an employer not having the right to dictate what an employee does outside of working hours.
  7. A few years back my stepson bought a shop on the main street of the village. After a week or so he noticed a dog try to take a pee on the lamppost outside the shop, the dog howled in pain and took off down the street. When he mentioned this a neighbour said they'd seen the same thing several times before. He got in touch with the local authority and told him he thought the lamppost might be live. Their response? It's outside your shop so you're responsible for fixing it!
  8. Sorry, I can't agree with the idea than an employer can dictate what an employee can or can't do in their own free time.
  9. She's the Unicef ambassador wherever she goes, it's not something you switch on and off at your convenience. The thread isn't about whether the situation in Kashmir is right or wrong.
  10. The difference here being that this particular actress is a Unicef ambassador for peace.
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