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  1. We have a place about 80km outside of Khon Kaen city and for the last week or so I've been unable to see the mountains around Phu Wiang which are normally visible from our house. Not very scientific I know but there's definitely something not right with the air quality.
  2. I've never understood why it's necessary to impose the no alcohol ban on a religious day. To my way of thinking, if you adhere to a particular religion then surely your own depth of faith will let you decide whether or not to observe the day by abstaining? Any religion that finds it necessary to issue legal edicts in an effort to enforce their will on others rather than rely on the faith of their followers is a weak one in my opinion. I know several Thai people who like to drink but happily go through the three month Budhist version of Lent without touching a drop. They don't need to be ordered to, they do it by choice.
  3. Why on earth should they move to Malaysia? They are Thai citizens.
  4. Try to cast your prejudice to the side for a moment and actually read what they are complaining about.
  5. So that makes it ok to pull out in front of them? Hope I never meet you on the road
  6. In terms of football, that has to be the worst news I've ever heard. I absolutely hate social media and refuse to get involved. The idea that I can't watch the English premier league without surrendering my details to Facebook is abhorrent to me. A few years ago I said to some friends that I thought that ultimately the premier league would kill itself in it's endless quest for money, in my opinion, selling the rights to Facebook and Amazon is the first step to self-destruction.
  7. So if the EU gives them preferential status that's ok but if they don't then according to Hun Sen that's interfering.
  8. I don't think True Visions had a choice regarding the Champions League did they? It was my understanding that Bein were no longer making it available in Thailand, although I could be wrong. I didn't know that they had lost Premier League for the next 3 years, is there another provider in Thailand that's picking it up?
  9. Many years ago the wife and I checked in for a klm flight. The carry-on allowance was 7kg and we had 8kg in one bag and 6kg in another. Lady at the check-in counter made us move 1kg from one bag to the other, total jobsworth.
  10. I remember when the case first hit the news and it was reported that she had claimed one of the maids had stolen from her and the police had locked the maid up without filing any charges based on her say-so. At the time the police said that they would investigate and report within 30 days and any policeman involved would be disciplined. Turned into an awfully long 30 days.
  11. And don't remind me of the time, years ago, when my daughter was on overstay and having been stamped out and passed through immigration without anything being said, my wife turned to the immigration officer and said "so, no problem for the overstay then". Doh!
  12. From my own experience yesterday (posted on another thread), they wanted Copy of the marriage certificate. Update of marriage registration certificate Copy of my wifes' id Copy of her housebook Copies of the childrens birth certificates Copies of the childrens Thai id Copies of the childrens housebook registration (The children are adults and don't live with us so it wasn't just a case of photo-copying an extra page in the wife's book) Looking at that list I'm sure some people will wonder why I don't go down the retirement route and the answer is that I can see a time coming when retirement visas get much more difficult to obtain. If that does happen, I can see a scenario whereby people on retirement visas try to change to marriage visas and then (given the mentality that I've encountered at the immigration office) the immigration officer asks why weren't they on a marriage visa from the start if they are really married followed by lots of hoop jumping. (Maybe I just think too much)
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