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  1. Absolutely spot on .. This year the party will be big , for those fools who wish to denegrate what is a wonderful custom., Really ? If you don't like it , self isolate by choice and question what you are doing here . This year will no doubt be BIG loud and bright , it's a great festival , embrace it , or lock yourself up , but don't be critical , you have a choice .
  2. I certainly would hope so .. And with plenty of water , colour , and festivities , now is the time to get amougst it , enjoy and celebrate hard . Love the festival ..
  3. If they mean amount of capital required to generate the income required , they are about correct . If they are referring to " Spend till you drop " then they are not taking into account those on some thing of benefit , social security , or pension . With what's excluded , it must be a strange way of living .. Take out once a week ?.and Zero transport ?. People live at very differing levels , I appreciate that . After rent and car ,you need 10 k barht a week , 520 k barht PA , plus rent pa , and transport whatever that may be , this is a good rule of thumb , a
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