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  1. 6 minutes ago, Jimbo2014 said:

    You may be right but I highly suspect Tanzania, Lao and Cambodia post low numbers for several reasons:  a) relatively young populations so fewer severe cases b) lack of testing c) possibly attributing older person deaths to other causes (pneumonia, malaria, Dengue etc.) 

    I agree , but the other way around .


    Western countries reporting Covid deaths that are simply not , no flu , no pneumonia , no dengee ( where applicable ) just CV CV and CV .

    Look at total deaths all causes ,also most older deaths occur with CV , just as may well have been the case , with flu .

    Total deaths all causes .

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  2. 3 hours ago, Ian C HH said:

    So what IS the answer to the lack of deaths and empty hospitals IYHO? 
    A sincere question because it’s baffled me for a long time. I don’t believe you can hide deaths and overflowing hospitals  in today’s transparent media without a Google gagging onset?

    Exactly , agree 100 % , no way you could hide all these deaths , and that's because ..No one is dieing  ! 

    Thailand responce has been reasoned and logical , but at the end of the day this is a virus and it must be lived " with " .

    Most of the world , in developed areas it's been handled poorly . Best place to be in the world ..Right here .



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  3. 32 minutes ago, MikeN said:

    Well the official requirements for renewal of a 5 year license at the moment don’t include a medical according to the DLT website (bottom of this page )https://www.dlt.go.th/en/two-year-license/




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    You need for the initial 2 year license ..

    Here they ask for at every renewal , just did mine 


  4. Now , I can understand the laughter .

    BUT one thing is certain , the old Pattaya is a dead duck , this was obvious long long ago , Covid a once in a lifetime opportunity . Overall that's a great thing , opportunity for a more diverse hub , and really so much more than some skanky bars , that really do bring down a critical area .

    Sex tourists , overall ..goodbye , that's a good thing ,  better for all , far far more to Pattaya , was always going to happen .

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  5. As a casino investor around the world , I can really see the joy of a commercial high roller ( and others ) casino in Bangkok , and Pattaya , what a coup., Plus maybe Phuket .

    BUT , a major part of me fears this outcome for the locals , massive household debt , financial education limited to say the least .

    The damage would be massive , I appreciate that it's everywhere else , but here , we all know the outcome , it's not going to be pleasant .

    Financial literacy , understand why " giving " does not work , it's all a little frightening .

  6. It's actually a really good logical idea to get around this quarantine nonsense , people are really suffering and we need to get tourists back in some form or another .

    This is a virus , it needs to be lived " with " here in Thailand we've done that well and nothing has changed in the past few weeks ,  it's time to start looking at ways around this quarantine debarkle and firmly get on with life .

    Get all open and trading , all the employment that goes with it . But we can't carry on with dear mongering , if you wish to isolate , you can ..BH CHOICE .

    Let's hope that the idea proceeds ..

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  7. Great to see come good common sense prevail , grog until 10 pm , all makes good sense , although a little late for many with regard to last night .

    Get on with life , it's a virus , it was always here and we did just fine .

    Looking forward to getting over to Bang Saray , never be so scared of dieing that you are frightened to LIVE .

    Good decision ..Sui Sui 🙂

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  8. Thailand has dealt with this in a very logical fashion , nothing has changed , noone is dieing , we have been business as usual for a long time with the exception of borders , nothing " new " has occured other than a bit of testing , no difference .

    It's a wise decision , lockdowns don't work , Thai people in.general have strong immune , running searching for asymptomatic , closing things down is the last thing that's needed right now , enough damage done .

    This is a virus , it's not going away if you lock yourself in your room , you need expoursure , you need a functional up to date immune .

    I think it's a very good statement , and I hope it remains a statement of fact , for those who wish to self isolate , you have that opportunity .

    Other than that , get out and enjoy you life , to be so scared of dieing that you are afraid to live is the real tradegy .

    Thailand you have done really well , let's carry on as we always have without destroying lives of those who have invested heavily in this country .

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  9. 9 hours ago, Emdog said:

    Better take care of that covid outbreak that came in from Myanmar first. I admit it has me concerned


    Covid madai here yeah 🙂 We don't do CV , not do we look for it ( thanks god ) unlike some others , common sense , logical responce , rather than trying to vent out asymptomatic .

    But , don't ever ever kid yourself , it's not difficult ...

  10. It's a really great idea certainly , but wow , what a job ! 

    In the processed end it should be reasonably simple , although you'd really need some big cuts , salt and sugar are such staples here , yet most seem to not even consider , then throw in Carbs also . I've watched the people get fatter and fatter over the last 20 years , blamed increases in processed and Western fast food , which is just horrible stuff . MSG as others have said is a massive problem , as for the " everything in moderation " argument , doesn't cut it unfortunately , these changes would need to impact partly culturally also .

    When it's gone from basically zero fat people , to nearly 50 % of the population , and you need to get right down to the street food in a province , noodle sellers etc , you've got a task at hand .

    But yeah , certainly needs to be harsh and quick , continued .

  11. 10 hours ago, webfact said:

    Thailand praised for Covid response - quick tourism recovery expected



    REUTERS file photo for reference only


    John Brown of online booking platform Agoda predicted that Asia would show the way in tourism recovery after the pandemic, reported Thai media RYT 9.


    Speaking on CNBC Mr Brown said that signs were that both Thailand and Taiwan would lead the way in Asia where recovery is likely to be far quicker than in the west.


    He singled out Thailand for praise in dealing with the pandemic and said that both Thailand and Taiwan's domestic tourism market was getting going again.


    Vietnam's domestic tourism was also doing well. 


    He said the world was looking towards Asia.


    RYT based their comments on a report by Infoquest (IQ).


    Source: RYT 9



    -- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-11-25

    Thailand's responce has been realistic , unlike many other countries , NO pointless testing trying to catch out asymptomatic or the like . But this whole Saga is mostly very very little . Hence close the borders ( bcoz they had to be )  , but seriously , don't kid yourself that it somehow wasn't here , or wasn't spread here , plenty of Individuals would have , a literal plethora .

    You need to live with this thing ,not pretend you can close it out , a virus that 38.5 % , just can't get anyhow .

    So , bring on this vaccine , can't do anything about that , and just get the dam place open as quickly as humanly possible , for vax certified indivuals .

    But don't kid yourself about results here we still have " bad flu and colds " unlike others .

    The responce was great , but it was great because of LOGIC , Thai immune systems , you need exposure , you need an immune , that's what's happened .

    Look at Malaysia , they are lining up for pointless testing , Crazy , and nearly zero cases in Cambodia ..hmmmmm , I don't think that's how it worked .

    Get amougst it and enjoy , life is to be lived . Wish my home Country had just followed Thai ..perfect .

  12. When the base you come from is already stretched to the limit when you fall , you are going to fall hard from even the smallest problem .

    Maxed credit cards , debt to family , friends , money lenders etc , often the so called affluent are in debt upto their neck , the issue of " saving face " , with school fees , car payments , pushes the problem further .

    Then visit the poor parts of the Kingdom , household debt would be though the roof , as the poor , try everything to keep afloat , with zero tourists it's a very slippery slope .

    Would be surprised if the number were not actually higher , but this is the damage done by the " killer " virus that actually kills noone .

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  13. 6 hours ago, Oldie said:

    I see more and more people coughing. And then I ask myself if it is Covid that these people have. I think there are complicated times ahead to avoid the spread of Covid. 

    We don't do CV here , we don't have it , so we have zero need to test ,none with flu symptoms here is tested , they have a COLD .

    Had the rest of the world followed the same criteria , the world would be a freer place .

    But don't kid yourself , Thais have great immune in general , that's by far your best protection .

  14. 8 hours ago, rooster59 said:

    WHO picks Thailand among 4 countries as example of effective Covid-19 handling




    Anutin Charnvirakul


    The World Health Organisation (WHO) has picked Thailand among four countries who have demonstrated efficient management of the Covid-19 outbreak to share their experiences and policies with other countries via video conference, Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul said on Friday.



    “Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa and Uzbekistan were selected by WHO as countries that had successfully handled the Covid-19 situation using public health measures such as aggressive testing, contact tracing, patient investigation and intensive quarantine,” he said.


    “In the case of Thailand, we also have received positive cooperation from the public in following public health measures. This resulted in Thailand having a relatively low number of domestic cases, while most of the infections have come from overseas.”




    Anutin added that Thailand has been strictly following WHO’s Guidance for Conducting a Country Covid-19 Intra-Action Review (IAR), which was developed to guide countries to conduct periodic review of their national and subnational Covid-19 response, so countries do not miss critical opportunities for learning and improvement to better respond to the Covid-19 outbreak in their countries.


    “The IAR that we performed on July 20-24 revealed that Thailand’s success in handling Covid-19 derived from the government’s decisive policies based on a strong public health foundation, as well as cooperation from all sectors that helped minimise the spread of Covid-19 in Thailand,” said Anutin.


    Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30397523?utm_source=category&utm_medium=internal_referral



    -- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2020-11-07


    7 hours ago, OumarhindaOunsingha said:

    Rubbish! Due to the economic shutdown, 8000 children extra die every day from starvation. The economic shutdown will kill many more people, than it will "save" from the covid death. Also, those who die from covid are nearly always older people, who already lived a long life and would, in many cases, have died within a relatively short period of time, anyway, whereas the children and younger people that die from starvation, have the whole life ahead of them. 

    And this is about the deaths. On top of this, there will be those hundreds of millions that are sinking down in extreme poverty (but surviving), all those, who lose their businesses, their jobs, and a million other things.


    Either the WHO is stupid, brutal, insane - or all of it at once! I need to vomit now, sorry 🤮

    ,Pretty much how it is around the world , severe destruction well.beyond the " Killer Virus " 55555 yeah right .

    It's a VIRUS , and it's here as it is everywhere else , what is " Simplistic " is those who think it's not here , it is , I assure you .

    Difference is , no idiotic , no reason testing , acceptance of the flu as still being a thing , great immune of the Thai people , and acceptance .

    ITS A VIRUS , YOU NEED AN IMMUNE , you need to be generally healthy , and that's most Thai people .

    Far Far more destruction , well outside of any virus . 

    We need to GET OPEN and open quickly , rid ourselves of the self centered who only think of their circumstance .

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  15. For the posters, this is a well known story, kid was dancing and two pumped-up expat kids from Shanghai didn't like who he was dancing with and beat him savagely. I know they were down celebrating graduation from high school, nice "present" for a couple of 18-19 year olds. He was down from Bangkok I think also celebrating graduation from High School. Wrong place wrong time for sure but expats in Samui are watching this just as Kho Tao.

    At last someone who knows the correct story.

    The amount of speculation that goes on here at TV amazes me.

    If any of you has seen the arrogant attitude of the 2 people who did this I think you would want them put away for a long time. Typical spoilt brats from wealthy backgrounds.

    Haven't seen them , but have no doubt you are correct . They certainly dont appear concerned about damage done .

  16. For the posters, this is a well known story, kid was dancing and two pumped-up expat kids from Shanghai didn't like who he was dancing with and beat him savagely. I know they were down celebrating graduation from high school, nice "present" for a couple of 18-19 year olds. He was down from Bangkok I think also celebrating graduation from High School. Wrong place wrong time for sure but expats in Samui are watching this just as Kho Tao.

    So really its yet another " Schoolies " style situation ..which often end in a situation like this , youth dont worry about the nature of a

    " Fair Fight " ..

    So if he's 20 years ..He has basically been in Thai all his life ? therefore surely must have family .

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