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  1. Seagull and Zebra brands are quite good quality and hard wearing , both Thai brands , so reasonably priced ie. no excessive import duties imposed. I have been using the same ones for over 10 years with no problems.
  2. Thanks , will give it a miss then , just too much nonsense to contend with , the rest of the country seems to be opening up , apart from Phuket.
  3. Thinking of driving up to Bangkok early Monday morning and returning on Wednesday. Is this doable now or should I wait some more? I have been following the news with regard to the easing of restrictions , but find no mention of travel overland from Phuket mentioned.
  4. Celtic 0 - Dunfermline 2 April 1961 Scottish Cup Final (Replay) Hampden Park was 7 years old , at the end got separated from my friends , went the wrong way and ended up totally lost ,and was brought home by the police. Lived quite close to Hampden and remember the house used to shake when a goal was scored there.
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