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  1. That would be called enforcement. Then we would be getting somewhere. One thing that has always puzzled me about Thailand is the authority the police have to play judge and jury. Fines should never be paid at the scene. This is a big factor in Thai people's lack of respect for the law. They're cynical, never knowing whether the "fine" is going into the cop's pocket or to genuine traffic enforcement. Mail in or pay online to admit fault, or go before a traffic court to contest the facts. They will continue to struggle with enforcement until they develop a system that the people can
  2. Speaking of cost effectiveness, also forget about bringing anything electrical with you, unless you know it's 220 volt compatible. Most small electronics' DC chargers are OK. I have a TV here in Chiang Mai that I bought in the States a year or two before we moved, but I made sure it was 220-volt compatible when I bought it. It's not worth the trouble to re-wire part of your home for 110-volt. Plus there's the risk of plugging into the wrong outlet.
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