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  1. Making merit by stealing? I don't think the Lord Buddha mentioned that method. How about spending the money to educate students, in particular, the ones who earned it through their own merit?
  2. To answer your question, if I had done the translation, it would read, "Welcome to these tourist destinations." I suppose you could also say "Enjoy these ..."
  3. Could it be a lack of vitamin A? Vit. A is essential for skin health. In fact, it's essential for the health of all epithelial cells - skin, nervous system (including eyes), lining of the gut. Have you tried raw eggs in her food? Fish oil is worth a try, too. https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/13-benefits-of-fish-oil#section6 Vitamin E is also good for skin, either topical or in the diet.
  4. So I looked on Lazada. ฿595 for a cake of soap? US$18? Are you out of your mind? Glad I stock up on Williams Shaving Soap from the US (see above). I don't think I have ever paid more than $1.79.
  5. I saw your blades at the cash register at Makro this week, as well as most of the others mentioned above. I don't think you can do better than that in Thailand. You didn't ask, but regarding gels, foams, what not: I use a mug and a brush. Éven when traveling, I have a soap cake in a little tub that originally came with margarine in it. The soap cakes are hard to find here, so, like many of the other guys, I stock up when I go to the States. I once tried a generic soap cake (not intended for shaving), mainly because it was round. That was a mistake. Terrible foam.
  6. ... With a cooking pot on his head, no mirrors, and three friends riding along down the shoulder on the wrong side?
  7. Clearly, if they can't remember the laws, they'll be transferred to the Immigration Police, where they can just make up rules on the spot.
  8. ...which, once it's contented, is no longer a bone. Or you're on Viagra.
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