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  1. The Filipinos are foreigners, not farang. The headline says "3,000 foreigners." That means not Thai citizens. Farang means us of European origin. "Farang" is not a synonym for foreigner.
  2. The former, if I have to choose. But I avoid spelling Thai with the wrong alphabet, so I'll stick with ไข่ไก่.
  3. How much Thai do you read? If you know any at all, you know the first letter of the Thai alphabet is ก.ไก่ (kaw kai). The word means chicken. It's on the cover of most first readers for children. Transliterating Thai is inaccurate at best, but this letter is usually is transliterated with K. To me, it sounds more like a hard G, but unvoiced and unaspirated. The 2nd letter is ข.ไข (khaw khai), the one you seem to be referring to. The word means egg. It's more commonly transliterated as kh. The H indicares that it's aspirated, that is, it's got breath behind it. Both words are short (eye) vowel sound, low tones, the only difference being the consonants. They're often confused if you don't read Thai. I've been reading Thai for 43 years. I have never met any westerner who speaks Thai well who doesn't also read it. Not trying to be mean here, but if you only meant it as a little joke, you bombed.
  4. "I don't think mackeral meant for human consumption should be a problem" No disrespect intended, in fact I appreciate you as one of the consistently sensible commentators here. I hope you don't mind my asking: What qualifies you to make that statement? Clearly you're a pet owner with significant experience, and I recall several very thoughtful comments on medical issues. Do you have professional training or experience? I brought my cat home yesterday. The vet and I were ready to conclude that a daily uncooked fish was too much. The cat is confined to the laundry room. She hates it, but it's a first step in transition to making her an indoor cat.
  5. I know, right? Then you see the various polls and it looks like some 40% of voters would still vote for him. That's mind-boggling. Who in their right mind can't see the incompetence, the dishonesty, the indifference to human suffering, the corruption? And that's a partial list. You Trumpsters who want to have a go at me, don't bother to tell me your lies about Joe Biden. Tell me what's wrong with Biden's dog, because I'd sooner vote for the dog than Trump.
  6. Of all the awful things carried by trucks on ferries, coconut husks must be one of the most benign. They would just float away and do no harm. Glad it wasn't, say, gasoline.
  7. My cat was lethargic and would not eat yesterday. I watched her drink for more than a minute, which is unusual for her. Then she puked, twice, bile green with no solids. I took her to the vet. He drew blood and gave her saline under the skin. No fever. She spent the night there. Vet called with lab results today. No infection, WBC count normal. Two indicators of renal failure, and reduced liver function. Vet's diagnosis is poisoning. Let's nip this in the bud first: I don't think any of the neighbors poisoned my cat. We're friendly and mind our own business. It's more likely an environmental source, like a rat she ate or garden chemicals. My fertilizers are kept in closed containers, and chemicals in a locked cabinet. I use the pesticides sparingly, mostly on roses, which the cat shows little interest in. We have been feeding her a little mackerel every day for years. We buy it cheap at the local twice-a-week market. Vet says that could be the source of what ails her. That is, if there's a preservative in the fish or some other accumulated chemical, it could accumulate in the kidneys and bring a cat down. Our previous cat died of kidney failure. We fed her mackerel, too, but really, all environmental factors remained constant around our house. So here's my question: Do any of you have experience with problems feeding mackerel to cats long-term? Is this a known problem with mackerel as food for cats?
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