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  1. Yes, TM30. It's very easy, my wife has registered our house on the website in a matter of minutes (not counting waiting for the confirmation email). Reporting is also quick and straightforward. Fines will also need to be paid by the landlord, which seems to be 2,000 Baht. https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1106124-immigration-busy-fining-thais-and-foreigners-us-man-pays-5000-baht-fine-for-not-doing-90-day-report
  2. Better don't gamble with it, fines can be hefty. Reporting is rather easily done online, it takes less time than debating it in this forum.
  3. Just stumbled over this during a bit of research about this topic: https://www.bukalapak.com/p/mobil-part-dan-aksesoris/produk-perawatan-mobil/cleaner-detailing/1qsik4-jual-kartu-sakti-untuk-bahan-bakar-listrik-kesehatan Just use Google Translate. Hilarious! # 1. HOW TO WORK ? SAKTI CARD is a card with high power electricity that makes it an ANTI RADIATION device. Electricity has waves and waste occurs through a wire connection in the METER fuse box. The large waves of electricity that are wasted can be controlled by the energy charged to the card. The SAKTI CARD concept is to help produce vibrational waves through the energy system contained in the card. This energy is strong enough to effectively influence the excess electricity which is a major cause of electricity waste and to convert energy waste (wasted power) into energy use. GASOLINE is one liquid that has very active atoms which can cause liquid leakage and waste often occurs especially when the tank lid is opened for refueling. Most clearly when the tank cover is opened for refueling, we can hear the wind noise coming up from the gas tank and this is when there is a leak and a big waste. The SAKTI CARD functions to control waste through a wave of energy that has been charged to the card. # 2. SPECIFICATION Item Name: SAKTI CARD Material: Energy Card with Negative Ions, FIR. Size: 85x54mm, thickness 1 - 1.4 mm. Ion Energy: 3 thousand - 7 thousand ions. Usability: Saves electricity & fuel costs. Used for: Vehicles, Houses, Offices, Factories, Hotels, and so on. Technology: Germany. Duration: Can be used for up to 5 years. Warranty: 3 years. # 3. HOW TO USE - To save fuel, attach the SAKTI CARD in the Tank Cover, Fuse Box, Computer Box, Distributor Box, Battery. - To save electricity, attach to NCB (on the main fuse box) Houses, Factories or Shops. # 4. BENEFITS 1. New technology & high-tech innovation from Germany - 100% proven efficiency. 2. Anti Radiation - Reduces electromagnetic radiation in the body. 3. Water Resistant & Resistant from high temperatures. 4. Legal security applies and meets established standards. 5. No complicated: no maintenance costs. 6. Extends the life of the engine and electrical equipment. 7. Safe and suitable for use in all types of vehicles (gasoline / diesel / NGV), homes, offices, factories, hotels and so on. 8. Save fuel up to 40%. 9. Provide more power to the vehicle. 10. Recommended by WORLD PEACE GONG COMMUNITY.
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