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  1. What is the use of arresting the mules ? Under the current economic circumstances there will be dozens willing and desperate to take their place. With all the checks currently going on the police could have got their identities, found out their destination and arrested someone worthwhile.
  2. Scumbag. Where are the police when you need them. They should have been in attendance to ensure social distancing, then there would have been an outside chance of him being caught.
  3. By all means keep a state of emergency, but attach some logic to it. Places selling alcohol are closed, but those selling coffee can open. Restaurants in office blocks open, those on the street closed. What is the rationale behind this ? Oh, I forgot, we are in Thailand, I withdraw my questions.
  4. The hospital should pursue him for the money. What about seizing the vehicle he was driving ? Too many people over here chancing their arm by not having insurance. Make insurance mandatory, and provide cover at reasonable cost. Premiums would depend on the hospital you want to go to, high for the fancy internationals, lower for the basic municipal.
  5. There is no need for Trump to take any risks. He should immediately switch to the drug " Strychnine ", this used in the right amounts has a 100% success rate.
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