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  1. Actually Billboard, Butterfly and Rainbow 4 are very good, plenty of good looking ones, still too expensive for the girls but the beer is 140 thb per bottle.
  2. Pretty sure some of the down market go go bars in cowboy have nude dancing, oh yes I remember Five Star next to Country Road, was there for NYE 2018, funny night that was, 4 arabs got kicked out for bartering lol.
  3. Never ever walk down the soi handing hands with a hooker that you have paid for, but if she is free then it's ok 555
  4. Indians, most go go bars don't let them in. It's the Japs and South Koreans who frequent certain go go bars in BKK.
  5. I was in Baccara, Soi Cowboy on the last night before all the bars closed. It was a sad sight just one farang guy downstairs and five girls dancing. Upstairs just one side was full, two empty and one a few people sitting down, but at least I had the pleasure of seeing seven girls dancing with bouncy boobs to some house music Just looking, I'm not stupid enough to barfine them at those rip off prices, 1k barfine and 4k ST!
  6. Chinese soon to follow as the hordes of tour groups from the PRC are use to using QR codes already.
  7. Just watched the video in the Mail Online, shocking stuff, glad the British police are not like that. This reminds me of Rodney King in 1991 and America burned then too, but at least they didn't kill him on camera. A lot of places are tinderboxes at present, one spark and boom up it goes!
  8. Wow, it's certainly going down in flames in the USA. I never seen a reporter and film crew being arrested in a western democracy before. I've been predicting riots for months to my friends, but over covid-19 lockdowns, I was 50% correct.
  9. Sometimes a stand has to be made. No intervention and where will it lead. China won't stop in the South China Seas and it's meddles in other countries far too much spreading it's so called values.
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