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  1. That's an interesting point about being in the patients system, Cristiano Ronaldo has now tested positive twice without any symptoms. Excuse the source, just did a quick search for a reference. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-8868067/Cristiano-Ronaldo-tests-positive-coronavirus-miss-Barcelona-clash.html "But Juventus filed a medical report to UEFA arguing that the player's test showed a very low viral load" this would indicate that in Italy the Ct value is too high and is picking up too many people who don't show any symptoms. There is debate whether you would pa
  2. Other countries in the region like Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar and the Philippines are reporting lots of new cases per day, but Thailand is not. Malaysia is testing 4x as many people at 60,000 per 1 million and Indonesia is 15,500 per 1 million, Thailand is 14,000 per 1 million. No one has explained why Thailand has zero cases when other SE Asian countries are reporting 500+ cases per day. Maybe people have mild symptoms and just don't bother asking to be tested.
  3. They are the rules, but a lot esteemed scientists and virologists post on YouTube. YouTube is also censoring a lot of content that is classed as misinformation which sometimes they are not.
  4. Paranoia, did you see how many people were protesting in the last week. I think covid-19 was the last thing they were thinking about. In western countries people are questioning the whole covid situation and asking whether this ecomonic meltdown is worth it. With low testing Thailand has probably got lots of cases walking around and mild positives if any symptoms at all.
  5. 39 Chinese is a start just another 25 million to go. I'm afraid they will have to open up, 20% reduction in GDP is too big a hit to take without serious economic damage and civil unrest. I don't think they are capable of opening up with those in charge, tourism was nicely rolling again, people in and people out. Now they are starting from a very low base of nothing apart from the stragglers left from March. Tourist resorts that look like ghost towns with boarded up shops and bars. Maybe people will stick to closer to home after this situation finishes and far flung places will have
  6. Yep, I don't post YouTube videos anymore and I ask if what I've posted is ok sometimes. I could trawl through NHS and CDC data but I can't be bothered lol.
  7. Back on topic, Thailand tests 13,500 per 1,000,000 and Malaysia tests 59,000 per 1,000,000, Thailand has more than double the population of malaysia. Clearly covid-19 is still floating around in Thailand but it must mild enough for people not to notice it anymore. What about the prisoner, they tested all of his contacts no one else had it. The original clusters in Bangkok back in March were mild cases, Thong Lor party and Lumpini boxing stadium.
  8. They gave Prayut until Saturday to resign, so I presume that there will be a big one for Saturday or Sunday. There were some small protests on Thursday with school kids outside malls and another outside a court house, it was a protest leader with glasses bit chubby.
  9. It's a great photo, fantastic symbolism. I like my school girl photo holding the 3 fingers up addressing a crowd. I nicked mine from a Thai friend on Facebook I've had some excellent conversations with Thais in recent years about politics and the Deleted. I know a lot of foreigners don't like to talk about these subjects or have no interest, but some Thai people want to talk to a foreigner about it and explain how they feel, plus understand the differences in our countries. I have had heard the grievances and a lot of them were not happy, in my absence I guess they are lot more unh
  10. It may have been defeated already, mortality and hospital admissions the same as October 2019 like Sir Desmond pointed out in the HoC today. There is a lot of differing opinions at present within the scientific and medical profession, but those in charge have set their course.
  11. You might like this Sir Desmond Swayne calling out this hysteria in the HoC today.
  12. Whether they work or not, as long as there are no serious side effects they will be rolled out asap. Once the most needy are jabbed the testing will decrease and the amplification of the tests will also decrease, job done and back to normal. I'm sure covid-19 will still be around but just put down to pneumonia or flu. This crazy world can't continue for much longer like this otherwise economies will be smashed for decades and also protests are becoming more common all over the place, those will need to be kept in check or not depending if you like them.
  13. Lack of testing because there is not much to test for and the west over tests then finds more non infectious cases.
  14. Excellent article, it is quite shameful that grown men try to intimidate school children and uni students who just want a better future for the country.
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