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  1. That might be correct if you look at the Corona family. Is there 6 or 7 right now that circulates where SARS and MERS are the rare guests, but the others are the ones visiting us frequently and covid 19 looks like it's joining those. If so we might end up treating it like regular flu, but with various vaccines like we have now. So a quick recovery could take longer than we think. The winter period Europe soon is entering will be interesting to follow especially for those countries that are used to our tourist money.
  2. Why don't Thailand just make a 1 or 5 year visa. 12,000 baht for a year or 5 year 50,000 baht End this crazy visa nightmare.
  3. People loose their jobs and income atm. The ones that are corrupt has lost many of their normal feeding grounds and maybe expanding into new areas. All due to Corona. The poll makes sense now.
  4. Maybe he should reconsider the choice of mask next time
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