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  1. Temperature control only catch those having a fever. Tons of people having the Corona virus never develops any fever at all or even get symptoms. But still infect. Many of us could have the disease and not even knowing it, which is why it's so spooky, because we could run around spreading it. I got 6 more days left in quarantine after returning to Europe from Thailand and will be nice to get outside again. No symptoms so far, but I wish everyone could get a antibody test to see if we had it or not. Now I have to worry about catching this disease when I get out, but if I knew I had it allready I could relax.
  2. As someone mentioned anyone can die no matter what age. I'm 50+ now and is quite troubled about this outbreak, but when i think back i wouldn't give a flying )"/¤ about his outbreak if i was 20 years old. Back then it was just party, drink and get laid no matter what consequences. Rinse and repeat. Hopefully the youth is smarter these days and realize this is quite serious. Best of luck to all across the planet.
  3. Watched the whole thing and to be honest, he does hit the dartboard at times , but totally miss at other times.
  4. Not smart to criticize those of his own kind that risk their lives everyday. Not smart at all....
  5. That tube seems a tad small to be effective and it would probably only affect the nearest surroundings. But UV works. Here in Denmark UV robots are allready in function in a few hospitals, so we know it works against certain things. https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/business-51914722
  6. A lot of the European countries said the same thing. Until things started to crash. Same with Trump saying it would go away in April with warmer weather and we all know how stupid that sentence sound now. This has taken the whole world by surprise, even if WHO in 2019 published a report that the world is not ready for a pandemic, but sadly governments didn't react, because they don't want to spend a whole lot of money on something that might happen in the future. Hopefully the politicians across the globe will learn from this pandemic.
  7. “Although it says online you could change flights with no charge, we tried to do this and this was untrue, it was trying to charge us over £1000.” That's outrageous that Emirates didn't do a rebooking free of charge like many other companies did. I arrived on koh Chang March 7, and Friday the 13th my government advice people to return home. Busy weekend while contacting insurance and Thai Airways. Thai airways managed to get new seats on a plane the 19th which we accepted and cut our holiday short, because it was clear that we could end up stranded if we waited to long. Thai airways rebooked tickets without any charge because of the situation. That's good service. Emirates should have done the same. No way these people will fly Emirates again.
  8. If Thailand want to rename every strain of mutation of this virus they will have their hands full. Scientists in Iceland has found 40 different mutations so far.
  9. True but most countries did warn its citizens to return home. I was on koh Chang and as soon my government adviced everyone to come home as soon as possible I started contacting airline, travel insurance and embassy right away. Managed to get home on a different flight and cutting holiday short. I'm happy to be back in Europe even if everything is closed down and I'm quarantined. Hopefully Thailand will cancel their visa system as long as this Corona chaos runs, so stranded tourists don't get into trouble, because queuing up like that is a disaster in the making.
  10. Bought 3 large bottles of hand sanitizer while in Thailand to use at home. 1 seem legit enough from Kings stella , but the 2 others noname brand had very bad spellings labeled on them. So decided to boil some from the 2 noname brands. Boiled 2 Deciliters and it started to boil at about 65-70 degrees, so i guess i should get rid of those?
  11. It seems like giving up smoking these days would be a good thing, no matter if it carries over through exhaling or not. it seems that smokers has a higher chance of dying from this damn vira. https://www.mdpi.com/2077-0383/9/3/841/htm?fbclid=IwAR2PZAnJ1L7ss1kdZ1jcszXywczWpA72W4xzz-HqRVLa5GSSwt_-J47ueBE
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