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  1. Should Thailand keep their borders closed forever? Covid-19 is not going to magically disappear even when a vaccine is ready, so when is a good time to reopen?
  2. If we compare the current situation in China Vs Europe it makes sense to invite Chinese citizens first. Atm here in Europe we're having approximately 140,000 new cases each day. That beeing said it's not a complete disaster here, and many countries are still open as usual, but with some restrictions. Death rates are way lower now compared to the beginning. Numbers are rising, but there are a lot more tested now. Most countries can keep up with beds for those needing one. So it's no so critical that some posters tend to point out. But until the numbers drop a lot, I can see why Thailand might choose Chinese over Europeans. I just hope the Thais will be as welcoming as they normally are, when borders are open again.
  3. Maybe Thai airways could open up restaurants in their planes, while they are grounded. Then people could afford to eat at first class
  4. Here in Denmark the news frequently reported about outbreaks, that was not related to "native" Danes. We had Pakistani, Turkish and Somali outbreaks so far as I remember. Most of them due to weddings, funerals and eid parties. Some rambled on about it's racism and such, but in the end I think it was all about informing the parallel societies that are here. But it worked.... People took action in those areas and numbers dropped fast. Off course that's domestically, but it's two sides of the same coin.
  5. Why don't you get tested for anti bodies just to see if you had it? Could take away some concerns you might have, and could reassure you and your surroundings that the risk of getting reinfected is very low when carrying anti bodies.
  6. Personally I think this will stay for a long time or maybe end up seasonal like the yearly flu. Vaccines are not making it go away since vaccination is not 100 certain. A large portion of people does not develop anti bodies and then we have the problem with one vaccine probably won't cover all variations of covid 19. Plus as long as vaccines are not mandatory worldwide it's going to be even harder to get rid of this. I see 3 ways that might get rid of covid 19, but not 1 of them are realistic. 1. Infect every human beeing on the earth at the same time and let it run wild. 2. Quarantine the entire world for a month, including animals that can spread the disease. 3. Give every human beeing a vaccine and make sure they develop anti bodies. 1 and 2 are completely impossible, and number 3 would cause to much trouble because there are people that refuse any vaccines on the market. So I'm kinda pessimistic, but to be honest I think that people are so sick and tired about the freedom taken away, that when a vaccine arrives, it slowly turns around and we just learn to live with it like the flu. No way people worldwide are accepting to live with these restrictions forever.
  7. I don't trust the numbers in most countries. To many false negatives and false positives, plus each country has their own way of determining when it's a covid 19 death or not. Even if Europe there is a huge difference how the different countries register their deaths. We need a set of international standards how to register each case, but that never happens as each country has their own agenda is this messed up covid 19 game. And as I understand it, many tests do not distinguish between live or dead vira, so the numbers reported each day could be way higher that the reality, if a large part of the infected is "just" people carrying dead vira that can't spread the disease. Off course it gives a picture of how many that has/had covid 19, but we need to know which people who can or can not spread the disease. No point of quarantine for those tested positive, but that can't spread it. Or did I totally misunderstand this part? That being said, it seems like most cities in China is back to a somewhat normal and the flight traffic domestically is quite high, so it seems they have it under control. It's certainly not covid free, but I think it's in a better state than for example Germany and UK, which Thailand also plan to let it.
  8. If a test is 95 % accurate, how many tests would you statistically need to go through, to make sure your 100% negative. Could be a new money machine
  9. One interesting news from yesterday, was that people with blood-type O theoretically had about 33% less chance to get covid 19, and it would be subject to more studies why that is so. Since the majority of Thais are blood-type O, combined with other factors like high UV ratings and closing their borders could explain their success. I don't believe their official numbers but I do believe that Thailand seems to have gone through this without to many dying from it and without crashing their Healthcare system. But that success could be also be a double egded sword, if it shows that most Thais had no anti bodies due to low spread of covid 19, and if they initially had a hidden first wave in Jan, feb, March most will not carry those anti bodies anymore. They could end up beeing a victim to their own success.
  10. I'm on a flight towards warmer destinations as soon as i can, but i don't think it will be Thailand this winter. My bet this winter, will be that Europe starts to divide each country into zones, so that if main spain as an example has a large spike, then the canary island or balaeric island might be open if they have low numbers. People are dying to travel here. Some of our largest travel agencies in Denmark reported all sold out in this weeks "fall vacation" People are flocking to greece, Rhodes and Cyprus and they had to insert extra planes to keep up with demand. So just because there is covid 19 across Europe, does not mean we're not travelling. And if Thailand was open i bet a lot of eiuropeans would go there. I know i would, but not with the current restrictions they plan.
  11. Yeah the news here is not about Thailand opening up, but articles that describe how the army split up protesters and that they say its illegal to gather in larger groups. Not the best news from Thailand if they want to attract more tourists.
  12. China might started it, but I think they also could be one of the countries that actually contained it the best, after it spread out. They even welded doors shut to keep citizens at home.... So right now I actually don't think that China is such a big threat compared to some other countries that are still spiking. Do I trust the numbers that China and Thailand is publicing. No but it seems that their health care systems are still doing fine and is not overburdened which could be a good indicator. Here in Denmark we have seen a rise the last month, but it starts to drop again, and our contact number is currently 1 which means it's under control, but the winter is knocking on the door, so we don't know how that will go. I think we had between 350-600 new cases each day the last 14 days, but we're also testing a lot more than most countries. Its about 33% of the population that has been tested so far.
  13. Might happen if they open up without all kind of restrictions. Otherwise, not a chance. Personally I could accept a mandatory vaccine or show some negative test before arrival. Quarantine, apps and mandatory masks all over is a no go on my vacation. I wouldn't mind masks in public transport or malls even if there is no peer reviewed studies that actually show masks are effective against covid 19. It will be a small sacrifice to wear a mask at certain places, but no way I'm accepting it all over. Then I wouldn't feel like I'm on a vacation. Time will tell what Thailand decides. I hope I can return in July because I miss Thailand, the food, beaches, weather, walking streets, people we gotten to know over the last 10 years and so on. Covid 19 sucks big time.
  14. Statistics are nice ,but also cynical. Those remaining 5.4% at age 70+ could be some of your family members or friends who could have a lived a few years longer if it was not for covid 19. But we still need to find some sort of balance between the cure and the disease. As it is now, we're looking at a lot of negative side effects from closing down countries. Poverty, hunger, unemployment, untreated diseases, suicides, depression and the list goes on. On the other hand, we just can't open up and pretend covid 19 is not there. it's not easy to come up with the perfect answer and i don't think anyone has the perfect solution.
  15. I assume it's just like the regular flu vaccine. Not all develop anti bodies and one vaccine does not guarantee protection against all types/strains of flu. Normally i never get the yearly flu vaccine, but this year I will, just so that I have a smaller risk of getting flu in case I get covid 19.
  16. I really hope for summer 2021. I miss Thailand.
  17. The numbers varies a lot across the world. For example Italy, Spain, France and UK has more deaths than normal as far as I know. Denmark on the other hand has the lowest deaths in 5 years, reported by the news the other day.
  18. Hmm I have 500,000 baht just sitting on the bankaccount doing nothing since I only traveled once thus year. Maybe I should buy stocks
  19. Is there a country in the world where all railroad crossings has a phsycial barrier?
  20. If the difference between production cost VS sales price is huge, then producing 3 billion doses ahead of launch, could be very awarding if they are one of the companies that launches first. If they have decided to produce 3 billion it tells me they think the world plan to vaccinate most people and that their production facilities has to be spread out worldwide. It's not an easy task to manufacture 3 billion doses in 6 months for one company.
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