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  1. I was also thinking at one time about the Company route, then I thought " What happens if the laws change and my company has to show what the company actually does, and pay tax and show that it's not just a front for property ownership, even though it is.................I would have sleepless nights over that.

    So, it's all in the wifes name, no sleepless nights worrying about what will happen if this or that happens, and if it all goes tits up, so what, it's only a house, I work and earn a house in 3 months, so it's no big deal, I do have my Pick up in my name though, so at least I will be able to drive away into the sunset with my Golf clubs in the back. :D

    That's just me though, some guys don't work and for them I guess things are different. :o

  2. Drugs are illegal

    Beer drinking is not

    You are of course right,

    Only cos your friendly neighbourhood governments tax the beer. Governments allow you to get high on their drugs but will jail you for producing your own Alcohol, and people think street drug dealers are ruthless.

    The worlds governments control drugs like Alcohol and Tobacco that are responsible for the deaths and suffering of millions of people a year.

    As you say, drinking beer is legal and smoking a Joint in the privacy of ones home will get you thrown in jail. The drug masters also make the laws, we are bolloxed.

  3. This is a troll.

    Having just done a 'google' and a BBC search, nothing was turned up for 'William Hurford Scott' or several variations on that theme.

    Surprised to see you all ready to condemn an figment of someone's imagination.

    No professor,

    I saw this guys pic on the thai immigration website a few days ago, but there was no info at that time, just a pic, but it is the same guy.

    Another Victim of the Pattaya disease where people will do anything to avoid going back to their own countries, I have seen many over the years. Pattaya should carry a government health warning. :o

  4. Exactly, I think most of us are regular drug users, I certainly enjoy a bottle of beer or two.  RDN's avatar even portrays a drug.

    Yea, but mad, beer and cigarettes are government controlled drugs, controlled and taxed by governments worldwide, the fact that legal drugs are responsible for 97% of all drug related deaths passes the greedy governments by.

    In Japan you can get pissed out of your Brains , fall down and sleep in the subway, fall asleep in a restaurant and it is pretty acceptable , yet you can get 5 years for having some hash.

    If Alcohol was not taxed by Governments it would be a Class 'A' Drug for sure....... and if you produced a drug that had the effect of Alcohol it would also be a Class ' A ' drug, and you would get a death sentence for producing such a dangerous drug, but buy the government taxed version and you are free to buy as much as you want. :o

  5. ahhh,the young dr has a problem with his air, hmmmmmm, well dr dont follow my example and buy second hand crap compressors, a new one will be about 10,000baht, the filter about 800baht, your truck already has the other fitments in i take it?? of course it must, just dont follow the trail i have been down of buying second hand junk, if you want to follow that trail just send me the money and i shall spend it wisely down soi yodsak....

    i still owe you one lady man if memory serves me correctly :o

    It's not for my Toyota, its for a 14 year old Nissan that I bought to do the running around for building the house, going to get materials etc, cost 140,000, it's a good truck, but no air con, if not too expensive I may fit it.

    My Toyota Tiger is still in good working order, it will do till I get a 4WD 3.0 Turbo Diesel Toyota Vigo!!

    I am back in Thailand Saturday night!!!

  6. I hired a Honda city before I got my pick up truck, if I had not bought a truck I would definately have gone for a City, I think they are very good cars and with the seating configurations , very versatile.

    Never driven a Vios, but I think the City is a great car, even if it does remind me of a cockroach. :o

  7. Perhaps, but I think the book "Thailand Fever" would be a more appropriate guide.


    A book won't supply any answers, it's all down to individual experience , the same as it is with every relationship on the Planet.

    If a book could solve relationship problems, then maybe someone should write one for the Western world relationships, were 70% of marriages end in divorce.

  8. ######, i have done penang to pattaya on a 125cc motorbike before in one day, well 22 hours to be exact, pattaya to penang by car in 15 hours, phuket is about 400km nearer, thats a doodle :o

    Same here, Penang on a motorcycle and in a Car a few times, Phuket by Bike and car, Samui by Bike and car.

    Phuket Pattaya 1000 Kms.

    Badman, I know who u r.... :D

  9. As said it is in the Thai's nature to lie (but for them it does not have the same negative meaning as for us).

    That is a sweeping generalisation, like all Farangs are fat or all Japanese are cold hearted.

    I understand what you are trying to say, but this general attitude of all Thai people lying is a myth, after 15 years in Thailand I met a fair few liars of the Farang variety, does that then mean all Farangs are liars?

    Spuds will sort it out, but he won't do that here, he will do it in a few weeks time.

    My first wife was the biggest bullshitter I have ever known, she was English. :o

  10. My friends brother was in a similar situation - his girl told him she'd stay in Bangkok but had a job in a leather factory. Anyone remember the 12 girl shower lesbian show in Nana Plaza - carousel wasn't it ? When my friends brother returned from UK to see her - he popped into Carousel the night before he was due to meet her. You can guess the rest. The boy was gutted.

    Gutted? :o

    I would have been thrilled and invited them all to welcome me back. :D

  11. Big Spuds, at the end of the day mate, you will only know yourself when you go back to Pattaya and see how things are between the 2 of you, I lived in Pattaya since 1990 and have pretty much seen it all.

    I have see very plain girls being sent 20,000 a month by a guy and still work the bar..........On the other hand I have seen a stunning gal give it all up and go back home cos she was being sent 8000 baht a month by a guy she cared for.

    I have known a girl that sold her gold to help out a Farang guy cos she liked him, I have known girls lend guys the money for a ticket home.

    It's certainly not all one way traffic mate, and many of the girls are under pressure to provide for the Mother or Father that provided for them, Thai society works different to what a western guy is used to, it dont mean it's bad, it just means it's different to what many of us are used to. They probably think sticking aged parents in an old peoples home is very strange.

    What I am trying to say is, If you are happy ( and it seems you could well be ), just go for it, if it's all a mistake, then it's a mistake, you will live to love another day. Don't beat yourself up over it, go back to Pattaya and have a good time, if it all goes tits up, you could be in a lot worse place to soothe an aching heart!

    Have a good time! :o

  12. About 4 years ago I went up Phu KraDung (approx 1300meters high) for Songkran. Distinct lack of people up there, so no one to throw water at you.

    Very peaceful and with the exception of a few wooden tents, entirely natural. It's a good 20C cooler than the mainland, particularly at night where it will be closer to 30C cooler, so you will need warm clothing.

    I agree, it's a lovely place, I was there in December it was freezing cold, I liked it so much I am building a house just down the road from phu Kradung. :o

  13. I don't, but I think when I finish up working so much and spend more time at my house I will get some.

    I have no idea as to the costs, I am 49, and don't have any ailments, I don't smoke and am pretty fit as it happens, but, one never knows what will happen in the future.

    Any thoughts on Medical insurance thats available in Thailand, any experiences, good or bad?

    Thanks in advance. :o

  14. Dk- u are dying to tell us!!! Go on then lets hear the sordid details of Dr. J's adventures in Sin! :D Christ forgot we'll have to take it to Website

    Brit, I may have been winding people up here, but I do have some standards. :D

    That site is really not my cup of tea at all. I cannot even pretend to be a character like they have in there, have you seen it, jeeez. That site must be banned from Thai servers already.

    Sad lot over there. :o

  15. Well apart from the fact his name is Michael, his wife weighs 40kg and hes building a house in Loei, whats the news???

    He doesn't like sex tourists

    Well apparently he is one himself :D:D:D

    a good mate of him filled me in.... :D

    I protest against this slur on my impeccable character............ :D

    Ok, who grassed me up? :D:o:D

    Prof fart, Crazy dave or Toastwars, one of them 3. :D My money is on Fart mm, Time for a new avatar I think.......................

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