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  1. Ask the Palestinians how their agriculture project went, and whether they'd recommend them to the Thai people.
  2. There is no need to bring the Israel Palestine conflict into this positive topic. And there it is...
  3. Hard to tell with nobody pointing in the photos. Who'da figured that the pointing did serve a purpose?
  4. Not meaning to be "that guy", but if I were storing and working exotic wood in my home/farm workshop, I wouldn't be posting photos on social media unless I had all the correct permits. There have been several posts over the 8 years I've watched TVF and other Thai news sources where people have had uncomfortable visits from the authorities for possessing wood without a permit. There have also been people arrested just for hauling it around in their pickup trucks without the correct permits, even though it came from their own land. The exotic wood trade is a seriously protected business in Th
  5. Better be careful. Last time they did that, it didn't work out so well for the native population. Waiting for it...
  6. But for a perfect healthy balance it should be accompanied by a pint of good beer or a decent bottle of wine. Right after sex with gorgeous twins. May as well dream big...
  7. They're all just scooters to me. Unless it's a 3 wheeler, then it's either a trike or a tadpole, depending on which end had 2 wheels.
  8. Which do you want? A fair contest or one that's democratic in the US way? Because they haven't been fair in a loooong time. And even less fair now that corporations are people and the best ROI they can get is the return on bribes campaign contributions*. And on an aside, if it was a fair contest, do you really think the Dems would have picked Biden as their candidate? (Edit: *Though I suspect that money spent on generating fake news may have a better ROI nowadays, with this interweb thing)
  9. Except that what qualifies as a big bike in Thailand would be considered a peanut machine in other parts of the world. Are crotch rockets with 850cc engines "big bikes"? Not in many clubs around the world... And I'll introduce you to several friends who run 5,700 cc Chevy small blocks in their "scooters". At least that's what they call them. It's different, depending on where you are and who you associate with.
  10. And yet, for a big chunk of $1,000, you can order a dog from the SDF to be put on an airplane and adopted to the USA. Or any one of a dozen other countries that already have their own stray dog problem. Seems like that money could be better spent caring for dogs in situ, as opposed to making a Thai problem into someone else's problem. I'm not against the SDF, and won't claim that I've analyzed their financials. But I don't understand how their international adoptions are anything besides a very expensive way to shift a problem from one country to another. Wouldn't it be better
  11. I don't know where you keep coming up with that 4-5 year reset. In 31 years of attending thousands of AA meetings in 15 states and 4 countries, and hearing from thousands of recovering alcoholics, most lose the craving within 90 days. Many within 30 days. For a small percentage, it may take longer, but I've never heard of anyone taking 4-5 years to "reset" and quit thinking about beer. First, we never quit thinking about beer or wine or liquor. Just like we'll never forget alligators if one has ever bitten us in the butt. We just don't want any, and it's absolutely no sacrifi
  12. With due respect, drinking sensibly isn't an option for some portion of the population. They have lost the choice over how many they'll be drinking after that first one goes down. It has nothing to do with sense- it has to do with an abnormal reaction to alcohol. If you're not one of them, enjoy your toddies, wine and beer. I mean that sincerely. But for those who are, the only drink that gives them any choice is the first one. After it goes down, the choice is gone.
  13. You'll notice that the ads shown in the OP specify that's a "with card" price. That means you need a membership card (usually free), and they use your data for targeted ads and to sell your buying habits to 3rd parties for even more targeted advertisements. Oh joy. Like your Facebook data from your FREE Facebook account... Discounts on beer is a great way to incent people to sign up as data sources. Beer's also a great loss leader to draw people into the store and make their money on the cartful of other items most shoppers end up with. Not to say that Thailand's beer i
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