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  1. So, you figure handing the royalty money over to the kids whose antics cost hundreds of thousands of tax dollars (and the life of one heroic rescuer) is the appropriate thing to do?
  2. I have never been asked or offered to pay a bribe. Living here for 12 years. Kudos for that, and I mean it sincerely. I realize the question was "Is there anyone...", and some portion of the expat population has dodged the bullet. But I suspect you're in the minority. A tiny one. Given that there are hundreds of thousands of foreigners living in Thailand, many of them for decades, you'd have to survey a sample of hundreds or thousands of us to have a statistically valid sample. I started paying tea money in small dribs and drabs about a week after I started driving in Thailand. Usually for non-offences, because that was easier than handing over my DL and spending a few hours retrieving it at the cop shop. Also interesting that, under the USA Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, it is NOT illegal to offer a bribe to an immigration official in a foreign country to expedite a visa.
  3. Completely neglecting who was at fault, a 2 wheeler and a 4 wheeler were involved in exactly the same accident. The driver of the 4 wheeler walked away with no injuries. The folks on the 2 wheeler didn't. Another cautionary tale.
  4. 2 different issues here: 1) Whether the government deserves to be reimbursed for the costs they incurred during the rescue. 2) Whether the money will actually be spent on government programs as opposed to disappearing into the pockets of some officials. It wouldn't make a very good movie had the government not spent millions of public domain baht supporting the rescue efforts...
  5. I won't be ponying up money for either idea, but this is certainly better than feeding coffee beans to selected critters, then brewing up their turds.
  6. You're missing the point. He leaves out the "r", but he gets the tone right. Put the "r' in and get the tone wrong and you'll be incomprehensible, except to Thai people who hang out with and serve westerners. But only because their livelihoods depend on being able to understand the butchered language. Most of us from the west don't even hear the tones. Just like Thai people can't hear the difference between a lot of western phonetics.
  7. Good luck learning to speak a tonal language using non-tonal phonetics. It may sound like "cup" or some other word you know, but get the tone wrong and you may be calling someone a pig. Like a lot of guys, you may think you are speaking perfect Thai. But the only Thai's that will understand you are the ones who hang out with westerners. And even they'll be confused half the time. I can't tell you how many times a Thai co-worker has pulled me aside after listening to an expat who thought their Thai was pretty good, and asked me what language they were speaking.
  8. With scooters being 20-40x as dangerous as 4 wheeled vehicles, wearing a helmet to ride a scooter in Thailand is like wearing a condom to do crack whores. Sure. It's a good idea. Reduces the danger by 40%, to 12-24x as dangerous as riding in a car. But that safety Rubicon is crossed when you throw your leg over the seat instead of sitting inside a 4 wheeler.
  9. Sure, you can decide where to live based on one small component of a pretty big equation that entails all kinds of quality of life questions, competitive rental fees and what you get for your money. Or you can look at the entire package of amenities vs total cost and make a smart decision. I paid a significant premium for my electricity where I lived in Asoke. Some of my Euro co-workers paid the PEA rate for electricity in the same area. But they paid about 5x what I paid for rent... I still came out 70,000 baht a month cheaper than they did. In fairness, by different employment agreements I paid my own rent and they had expat packages that simply set a budget of what the company would pay for theirs. As expected, they found properties that bumped right up against their budgets. I shopped around for a better deal overall.
  10. I'm a little more pragmatic... Sure, the long term solution is enforcement. Just like so much of the tragic death toll on Thai roads. But that isn't happening. Maybe it will happen in my lifetime, maybe never. Banning alcohol during the holiday driving periods reduces DUI and saves lives this year. Maybe not 50%, but logic holds that it saves some lives. And that's a good thing. Plus, I don't view a government policy that gives a lot of people's livers a well deserved break as any kind of punishment. I think that it's more of a cultural thing related to Buddhism and the holiday that has a side benefit of reducing traffic fatalities.
  11. Screw the pot... The scenery is much better at the local Starbucks than it will ever be in my kitchen. Even if the coffee isn't any better...
  12. I always love reading threads where one of the sacred vices is called into question. Everyone knows that drunk driving increases the risk of an accident. It stands to reason that banning drinking will reduce the incidence of DUI. Fewer drunk drivers means fewer DUI related deaths. Whether it's reduced by half, or even by one human life, it seems like a reasonable trade-off---to anyone not addicted to alcohol. But depriving us of one our favorite vices, even for a few hours, cannot possibly make Thailand a safer place to travel, can it? Next, there's going to be a thread about how reducing prostitution cuts down of the number of STD's. But that study, too, will be dismissed. Because bar girls are another sacred vice...
  13. Gotta admit, since I am disgusted by kiddie porn, I don't understand why it's okay to exploit the local cuties as sperm receptacles just because they pass some magic age milestone. Kids are disadvantaged by their age. The local cuties are disadvantaged by economic realities of being born and raised in a developing country. Seems a little disingenuous to condemn one while moving to a country mostly to avail yourself to the other. Edit: Of course, that remark isn't directed at every guy in Thailand. Maybe not even the majority. But a significant minority...
  14. too difficult to carry a knive and a bag. maybe I could carry a small knive. A good friend in high school drowned when he got hung up in a line while snorkeling and didn't have a knife to cut himself loose. I'd suggest wearing the knife regardless of whether you choose to cut the nets.
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