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  1. Read the TIME article. They claimed fortifying the election. Not me. They also explained how and why they chose to fortify long after the election was over. Then read Clarence Thomas's dissenting opinion if you really think the election was as clean as they claim.
  2. Here's Chicago, 11 days after Biden was safely ensconced. I'll let you do your own googling over NY and CA. Though I must admit that CA loosened up in response to a recall effort aimed at the gub'ner, and it may have just been coincidental that they loosened up right after the inauguration. If you believe in coincidences... https://www.chicago.gov/city/en/sites/covid-19/home/reopening-chicago.html They didn't loosen up right after the election. They waited until the inauguration, for obvious reasons related to fortifying the election and its results.
  3. She should have donated it to NY nursing homes where their Covid victims have been dropping like flies. Instead, she donates it to Texas- for the sole purpose of sticking it into Cruz's eye. Then she spends tens of thousands of $$ to come to Texas and sit in a food line for a photo op, instead of staying home and helping her constituents who need even more help on a good day than Texans need after a catastrophe. Personally, I'd have preferred she hire some local unemployed Texans to take her place at $15 an hour. She could have probably hired 100 of them for the same as
  4. Covid didn't disappear, but the Draconian shut down rules sure did in several Dem run areas... Chicago, NYC and California come to mind. Seems they finally saw the light once Biden was safely ensconced.
  5. You can pay for whatever you want. The money's still yours and it's not blocked from your access. But then you can't stay in Thailand after your funeral. (or whatever else causes you to dip below the required amount) At least not on that type of extension. If you use an agent, the problem goes away, for a fee. What they do for that fee depends on which immigration office and your particular circumstances. You don't want to know the details.
  6. Getting restaurants to add more salt to the food, so residents don't even notice the taste in the water.
  7. If you look a little harder, you can buy a torch that doubles as a stun baton. I had one, but never really used it except as a flashlight. It did put out an impressive sound when I pushed the 2nd button and the sparks flew. Really impressive in the dark. I bought mine in BKK Chinatown. Mostly out of curiosity- I was amazed at what I could buy right out in the open.
  8. And this whataboutism is relevant to the topic how exactly. No one is saying corruption is endemic to Thailand alone. Plenty of other sub-forums and threads to post your gibberish. Except that the post I was replying to specifically blamed the unelected gub'ment of Thailand, as if having elected officials would solve Thailand's corruption problem. If you're unable to understand and make pretty elementary connections between a post and a reply to that specific post, I'd suggest you refrain from calling out gibberish.
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