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  1. 81 year old driver makes a turn in front of a 650cc scooter. That scooter must have really been moving to flip the car all the way over and back up on its wheels.
  2. Good God, man... Don't you know Thailand's in a drought? Hundreds of posts from old crotchety old (and young) guys who would deny the kiddies their Songkran fun on account of the drought... An entire neighborhood of the little tykes could have a whole day of watery fun with the water from a half hour shower.
  3. There's a wingnut conspiracy theory circulating that Italy implemented a different flu vaccine this year and that's what contributed to their high Covid death rate. I don't even claim to know if they actually did implement a different vaccine, much less agree or disagree with that theory. I heard it in an interview with Judy Mikovits, so that would be a good place to start if you wanted to climb down your own rabbit hole.
  4. That may just come down to differences in how health care is doled out...
  5. Killed off? Who are they kidding? As soon as they figure out they can make a buck by selling the franchise to Disney or Sony, or Alibaba films, or...or..., there will be a plot twist where he wasn't really dead. Or he was secretly resurrected in the lab process that gave him his powers. Of course, that lab will have to be resurrected in yet another plot twist where it wasn't really destroyed... And that's the problem with these movies where there is absolutely no adherence to natural or physical laws. They don't even need decent writers to convince the viewer. Just graphic effects... And not even good ones if they're spectacular enough.
  6. Cat and rat island are already off limits to tourists. In the 6+ years I traveled to SKL for work, I never saw a boat land at either island. I once paddled around the closer one, and there was only a rickety dock which I'm told was limited to navy craft. Songkhla's problem isn't tourism. It's the boat traffic for fishing and oil production, along with a marginally busy freight port. Most of the commercial traffic stays well away from the islands. The fishermen, not so much. On my paddling trip, I learned that it's best not to get between the longtail fishermen and their afternoon destination, for fear of getting run over.
  7. In fairness, I haven't flown business in 10+ years. Ever since it started coming out of my pocket instead of the company dime. Back then on US, Chinese, and Korean airlines (mostly to China, via Japan and Korea), business just meant 2 seats across instead of 3. And I don't recall any memorable gourmet meals. Sure, they were better than coach meals. But I'd never return to a restaurant that served that food to me.
  8. I don't see it going mainstream. Aside from special cases like family reunions and working, very few travelers are going to tolerate being stuck in a hotel for the first 14 days of their stay.
  9. Sorry Jingthing, but that'a a deflection. You made the assertion of ancestral claim. Unless of course ancestral claims only apply to certain people and not to others. . At least he's making progress toward the truth. In previous years he claimed that they never left. And I'm not seeing support for another genocide. Just a call to return the land they stole from the generations of Palestinians who had lived there in the intervening 2000 years or so.
  10. Yet many Chinese companies are outsourcing their labor to cheaper countries.
  11. You may have been perfectly within your rights to recline the seat, but the airlines have made that pretty miserable for the people behind you over the last 20 years. Seat pitches have gotten ridiculous, to the point that anyone taller than average is going to have their knees driven into the seat in front even when it's not reclined. Before I started traveling international, I never even thought before reclining my seat. So in my experience, Americans are no worse than the typical western traveler in demanding rights that they don't have. Of course, the family behind could have ponied up a few hundred extra $$$ for economy plus seating, where there's a few more inches of legroom. Or business class where they could spend an additional $100 per hour to sit in a marginally more comfortable seat with slightly better (but still airline quality) meals.
  12. In 20 years, another expat will post exactly the same, referring to today's Thailand. Anyone contemplating a return to their home country after an extended absence may be in for a rude awakening. Thailand's not the only place on a slippery slope regarding living conditions and personal freedoms. The USA I returned to a year ago isn't even close to the one I left 20 years ago.
  13. On the other hand-he may not be having any problems at all. A classic example of a feel good story being overtaken by speculation and condemnation with only marginal access to the facts of the matter. I hope it's a feel good story. But I struggle to understand how it's going to end well for a foreigner who claims to not be able to pay a 17K hospital bill. Especially with the recent changes in visa/extension rules and the current focus on recouping hospital losses from foreigners who can't (or won't) pay. So I ask again, is there a legal extension that would allow a foreign national to stay in Thailand long term without having the dosh to pay a relatively minor hospital bill? If there is, a lot of others tuned in here would love to know about it.
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