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  1. If you get a chance, Google up his YouTube interview on that. It's interesting, his take on the parodies.
  2. You forgot to add "yet". And you forgot to specify which border crossing(s) you haven't had any problems with yet. It's tempting to believe that the only people being hassled are the ones taking advantage. Until it happens to you. Because it's your turn, or you venture out to another, less friendly border crossing.
  3. It's an E3-111 with a 320 GB hard drive. No optical drive and no cooling fan. I thought the issue would be cooling, but the CPU temps just don't get that high. I considered installing an SSD (like I have for all of my well behaved computers), but if it's a CPU or motherboard problem, that would be throwing good money after bad... I don't care if it boots slowly. But having it lock up intermittently when the CPU goes <20% of maximum frequency is no bueno.
  4. Call in 10 Cajuns, tell 'em that Thai boar is extra spicy and good in gumbo, and that they're out of season. Problem solved.
  5. $99 USD a dozen from FTD this year. Makes the Thai price look pretty good...
  6. Some day, a Thai lawyer is going to snap to the potential revenue stream from partnering up with a digital rights organization and going after a zillion online pirates. I know a lot of people praying they don't do it retroactively. It may not happen in my lifetime, but then again...
  7. I have a tiny Acer laptop running one of the N3450 Celeron processors, and had a problem with it locking up with Win7. I have no clue why, but when I'm downloading a large file from the interweb, the CPU goes to <20% of maximum frequency and it locks up as if it's overheating. (Resource Monitor) I installed some CPU temp programs and found the temperature wasn't the problem. I upgraded to Win10 and still have the same problem, and have been unable to find a solution on any blogs. I've reached the end of what time I'm willing to spend on a $300 machine, so I just don't use it to download large files. It's my backup video player. Sorry I can't be of more help, except to possibly save someone some time by not changing OS. I hated to spend hours and hours changing the OS, getting the drivers all lined up, reloading a bunch of software, then find out it didn't fix the problem. I'm guessing it's a motherboard thing, but I've already spent too much time on a $300 machine.
  8. Don't forget to keep one hand in your back pocket, because if you touch the hot wire and the neutral wire at the same time, you don't need a path through ground. And no MCB, RCBO or (as we call them here) GFI will save your bacon from frying.
  9. When I left Thailand, I left behind half a dozen portable hard drives (too many pounds of luggage and several side trips on my way back the the USA) and asked a co-worker to mail them to me by Thai Post. Thai Post refused to mail them, citing some "new law". I'm not claiming to know what that "new law" is, whether it affects all hard drives to all countries, or whether it affects hard drives sent via FedEx and other commercial carriers (as opposed to the Postal Service). All I know is what my co-worker told me when she tried to send them by the method I asked her to use. It's worth inquiring the current regs with your intended carrier before counting on them. She ended up hand carrying them when she came to visit the USA. Eezy peezy- for me anyway... BTW, that was fall, 2018.
  10. If they're set up correctly, most planes are very comfortable. The discomfort comes when the airlines try to squeeze in more seats by reducing legroom and decreasing seat width. I'm old enough to remember when one of the selling points of the 747 was a piano bar in the top lounge. Of course, that was before deregulation when it cost a year's salary to fly to Asia, and a week's salary to fly cross country, and people bought their tickets based on service and comfort because they all charged the same fares. Nowadays, we vote with our money. Sadly, most people (myself included) vote for cheap seats. Eventually, they would have figured out how to pack more butts into the A380 and make them into cattle cars, just like they have done for the 747's. If they had been able to sell all 800+ passengers that could fit into the A380's, they'd still be buying them and packing us in like sardines.
  11. Is that any different from these local ones on Lazada? https://www.lazada.co.th/products/high-quality-filtrete-by-3m-electrostatic-room-air-conditioner-filter-15-x-24-cut-to-fit-import-from-usa-free-double-sided-tissue-tape-i288710366-s475600922.html https://www.lazada.co.th/products/filtrete-by-3m-electrostatic-room-air-conditioner-filter-15-x-24-cut-to-fit-i288706480-s475622102.html
  12. I'll be damned.... I thought it was a metaphor. Turns out, she really eats spoiled food... The mold at the surface is just the tip of what's growing (festering?) in the jar. No telling what toxins are in there.
  13. Wouldn't I have had to pay for one? I never did. One more guy calling me a liar. Maybe they just let me in visa exempt. I don't claim to know how it worked. But I do remember very well what happened. I never applied for, or paid for a re-entry permit. Yet I traveled to China several times during my tenure in Thailand under annual extensions based on a WP.
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