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  1. Unless your name is Boeing or Halliburton, or you're related the The Big Guy.
  2. If there were a famine in Thailand and the US Embassy brought in food just for Americans, what could possibly go wrong? Same thing with the vaccines... There's a free jab waiting for every US citizen. You just have to get yourself to the USA to get it.
  3. 10 years ago, nobody had ever heard of Carvana, either. Only makes sense that their business model would be modified for scooters and brought (by someone) to Thailand. I'd like to have 1% of their market cap, even if the business model flops miserably in LOS.
  4. One of the things I liked about Thailand is that the VAT is included in the marked price. It's not like the USA where sales tax is added as a separate line item on the bottom of your receipt. So if the quoted price is 3,000 baht, it's 3,000 baht. Not 3,000 baht plus 7%... I'm not in favor of VAT and other fees on an emergency vaccine, but the practical reality is that getting an exemption within the Thai bureaucracy may take months, if it ever happens. Better to just accept the surcharge and get on with the rat killing. Otherwise the vaccines may end up like so ma
  5. There's always the possibility that he knows a variance on the legislated procedure and taxes would take months of committee meetings to approve. BTW, reading the linked article is usually a good idea...
  6. If the CEO had to decide between a sodium or a barium based catalyst, he'd fire pretty much the entire staff.
  7. Is that on top of the 14% charged by the GPO according to the article, or is the 7% VAT part of the GPO's 14%? And will the hospitals have to charge 7% VAT to the patients? Not that any of that's a massive deal... As long as they allow private vaccinations to progress.
  8. I'm glad your crystal ball says there's going to be no long term devastation left by years of unemployment, no hyperinflation created by printing trillions of fiat, no maladjusted kids left out of school for semester after semester, no wars caused by those effects, and.. and.. Because mine's a little cloudy. It's reassuring that you believe that an untested vaccine scheme won't come back and bite humanity in the butt, because that's never happened before. Though it has. But I'm sure this time is different... mRNA. Modified RNA. An experiment in genetic engineering. That's
  9. So I googled "crane accidents" and chose images. Had to scroll down about a dozen pages before I found one from Thailand...
  10. Aren't you kinda curious which of the 20 arrested suspects actually did the deed? Hell, with a gaggle of 20 of them, I suspect some were too far away to even see what happened.
  11. Go with a Flyco brand. I had great luck with them in China, then Thailand, and recently in the USA. I'd stay away from the big name brands, not just because they're more expensive. Nobody's going to pirate the Flyco brand... Wahl, Norelco, Braun? Yup, Counterfeits galore.
  12. How many people were actually injected with an mRNA serum before 2020? Although relatively easy and quick to produce compared to traditional vaccine-making, no mRNA vaccine or drug has ever won approval. Source: https://www.statnews.com/2020/11/10/the-story-of-mrna-how-a-once-dismissed-idea-became-a-leading-technology-in-the-covid-vaccine-race/ There may be few short term side effects, but there were few (if any) short term side effects to thalidomide. I don't make any claims either way, unlike some who do make claims based on wishful thinking,
  13. Plus, ya gotta say what time you were there. If he tried at lunch time, I'm surprised it was just an hour.
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