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  1. Cerebration............Must be a literal translation then.................Senior officials with excellent work performances.............. that must have taken all of 40 seconds, Why only senior officials, how about all the minions under you too.
  2. Try spinning that one with anyone on a retirement visa here................
  3. i would go and ask in the local wet market where you buy your meat, I am sure someone will get them for you for a price. On an aside, we live on a gated community and the security seem to have 'adopted' a local dog. Very quiet, well mannered, looks reasonably clean, ( but that is enough about the security )...... Anyway, last weekend we had roast leg of lamb from New Zealand, with the big bone in. (Makro 249 Baht a kilo !! ). I asked the wife to give the bone to security for the dog as it does a good job of keeping cats away from my gate. I have never seen such a contented animal for about three days as he lugged his new "Find" around.
  4. Wow, you have been brainwashed !!!!!
  5. Many years ago my ex wife married my friend from work. He at first e-mailed me to ask if I would be ok with it. ( He had, at the time, left where we worked ). I said it was nothing to do with me as we were divorced. A couple of years later he sent me an e-mail from Hong Kong asking how I managed to stop her from spending all my money. I wrote an e-mail back saying " Easy, get her to marry someone you know"........
  6. It is about the hi so elite making sure there is no competition........how many breweries are listed in Thailand, how many tobacco companies..............
  7. Just shown the other half who confirms your analysis......something has been washed / sprayed.........that was it........I have to add that sometimes we get receipts for deliveries to the bar and when I ask her what it is she says don't know, the handwriting is too bad !!!!
  8. Cowardly pieces of excrement. Not only three on one, but beat him with a stick when he is down, all the while stepping back and hiding behind his mates just in case the victim may hit back. 5 years minimum to each of them, for assault causing actual bodily harm, and ten years for the coward with the stick for assault with a weapon.
  9. I knew it would not be long before I brought this back out.............
  10. I hear what you are saying, and is a good point, unfortunately, we do not have license for live music, and we are not big enough to host one anyway. On another note, I hope it is ok by your pool. I went out earlier with a nice chilled glass of chardonnay to make the most of our enforced holiday, and.............yep...............it bloody rained............first time in months in Hua hin !!!!! Someone up there doesn't like me !!!!! At least I still have the England Rugby game tonight...........unless there is a power cut at 5 to midnight.................Have a good one mate...........
  11. LOL, I know the form Pilotman, I always have a few drinks in the fridge at home. My point is that this ridiculous ban is costing bars revenue for no other reason than to enforce a law that is not practical. I welcome any suggestion however, as to how we should plan for it in order to mitigate losses, as we still have rent, salaries, (bribes ),, etc to pay. Or are you suggesting selling drinks in coffee cups for a 10,000 Baht fine........
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