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  1. Flip Flop-Flip Flop..........Why has he changed from his Master's Sinovac to Astro Zeneca. Is it anything to do with the Chinese one only having about 30 something % efficiency, and will the Chinese one be reserved for the Plebs..........
  2. Many Thanks, and all the very best for it. I will follow it with interest.
  3. Each to their own I guess.........Personally, I prefer musicians who can actually play music.
  4. You are obviously an accomplished and fit athlete, and I take my hat off to you. I was not implying people stop, just think twice, and maybe have regular check ups. All the best on your upcoming sojourn, and please stay safe on the roads. Bye the way, I appreciate it is not my business, but may I ask please which mountain range you are crossing?
  5. Lucky man, and I wish him a speedy recovery, However, as fit as you may appear to be, at 65 years young I would think twice before cycling around mountains.
  6. Same as other countries have done. However, how do we know it is not simply a saline solution. I would not trust any politician, ( or general ), anywhere in the World.
  7. Local Immigration office issues them. You will need a couple of passport pictures, and your paperwork regarding where you stay. I believe the cost varies where you live, but here in Hua Hin I was charged a thousand for each one for my 5 year renewal, whereas other provinces it was a few hundred.
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