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  1. Brilliant, thank you for this mornings laugh, I am happier now knowing I am not the senile one here..... On a similar thread, I had a phone call from a friend who had managed to try a short cut and got bogged down on a dirt track in his Ranger Wildtrack. I went down with my two wheel drive Ranger, but could not get close enough to help. We hired a local man with a tractor who got the car out, but then I asked him why he did not use 4 wheel drive. He said his truck does not have it. I pointed to the button near the gear lever, and said all wildtracks have 4 wheel drive............His reply,
  2. I read this topic with interest, but, ( there is always a "but" !! ), I am a dinosaur with computers, so can some kind soul answer my question, which is, If I use the killdisk program or similar on my laptop does it erase the operating system, and if so how do I get it back as I do not have any product keys.? I am using Windows 10 which was installed when I purchased the machine. Thank you in advance for your patience,
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