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  1. Good question Sir, and it harks back to 1970 when the UN introduced Overseas Development Aid ( O.A.D. ) to assist underdeveloped countries. Simply put developed countries had to donate 0.7% of GDP into the funds. In 2016 Britain spent 13 Billion Pounds in O.A.D. From a personal point of view, it irks me that a country with Nuclear Weapons is still considered to be eligible for Foreign Aid....
  2. Sorry, but I have another scenario I believe is closer to the truth........how about this for a report........... People have been a menace for decades to the Wild Elephants living in forest zones, with numerous cases of people invading their territory. The issue of people intruding on to the wild elephants habitat has been severe in recent years.....
  3. Oh No !!!! the shock and horror at such devastating destruction. May I hazard a guess as to what will be repaired first.... Seriously though, it must be traumatic to live in a shanty hut with corrugated iron sheets flying around. Just where do you hide. Thankfully no one was injured.
  4. This is great news............they will no longer be needing the 400 million pounds a year Britain throws at them to spend on nuclear subs. etc..,....We can look after our pensioners and ex servicemen instead....
  5. Not counting when opening bank accounts or withdrawing cash over the counter, etc. and of course excluding Immigration, I would say probably about three times that I can remember at traffic stops in the last 20 plus years. This was before I had my Thai Driving license.
  6. Just an update to my previous post regarding the Thai Lady who committed suicide Sunday night on the rail lines in Hua Hin. Apparently, she was only 32 years old, and married to a Farang. I have no further details but it does show the door swings both ways. R.I.P. young lady, way too young to go.
  7. Well at least he is getting help, one would hope, unlike the poor Thai Lady in her early 40's who committed suicide in Hua Hin Last evening by laying down on the rail lines just as the train was going to go past the crossing near the new roundabout. R.I.P.
  8. Geez Wasuporn, get a life.......they are a couple of girls having a happy moment. Lets face it they have precious little to look forward to as it is. If, as a so called concerned netizen, why not try to stop this all too common practice.....
  9. Obviously this was just the usual hot air again............. Newly-bought vehicles that carry temporary red license plates will be banned from streets starting in June if a draft law is enacted, the Land Transport Department chief said on Monday. Sanit Promwong, director general of the Land Transport Department, said a draft law to implement the ban was being reviewed by the Office of the Council of State and would be debated at public hearings as required by Article 77 of the new Constitution. He said the law was expected to be enacted in June, after which all new vehicles must have been registered to have license plates before they can be driven. Currently, new vehicles can be driven for up to 30 days with temporary plates, while the permanent ones are being registered.
  10. I will set up a go fund me page to pay for the shipping costs..........
  11. Is the Healthy Prison Route addressing the problems of overcrowding, poor sanitation, poor diet, lack of medical facilities, etc. etc. Please do not get me wrong, I am one of the last people who think a prison term should be a walk in the park with soft conditions one sees in the west. It is a punishment for crimes against society. However I am not inconizant of the need for a little self respect and hope needed by inmates before they can even begin on a path to rehabilitation.
  12. One can only hope that the young girl gets the help and and support she will undoubtedly be needing in the future to get over this ordeal, if it is possible to ever do so.
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