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  1. I wonder how that happened................Answers on a postcard please.................
  2. When can we open the bars again then !!!! Every day I drive around and see groups in restaurants sitting around drinking beers......
  3. Obviously not getting his percentage then. It is so obvious a three year old could tell them this would happen, it is the norm here. What else does he expect. There are kickbacks at every turn here, for every form to fill in, for every signature needed, and he of all people should know that considering how he got where he is.
  4. Restaurants open, but social distancing enforced, but many are selling a variety of drinks...if you get my drift.... No night life, bars still closed. Water park closed, malls open but bring a supply of pens to fill out all the forms. One thing though, the beaches are open though no vendors.
  5. No way is the picture in the op of Thailand. Those paving blocks are way, way too well laid to be done here......
  6. I am rebuilding some metalwork and needed 10 mm bolts, I have to tap into three quarter steel, but cannot find 10 mm bolts anywhere. that is why I have 3/8 inch. bolts.
  7. Thanks Sirocco, I take it you mean the shop at the corner of the street going to the veg market? sells everything over about three or four shops. Yep, tried there.
  8. Well done Declan, good to hear a happy ending for a change, and I take my hat off to you. One day maybe I will be able to shake your hand and buy you a beer.
  9. Good Morning, Does anyone know where in Hua Hin I can buy a 3/8 inch UNC tap. I have metric tap and die sets but no UNC. I have tried Homepro, Global, with no success. Have also tried a couple of local ironmongers. Any advice would save a lot of hassle and riding around. As a last resort it may have to be Lazada, but then you are always unsure of the quality. Many thanks for any assistance, and please stay self and well out there.
  10. I may be wrong, but I think Mrs. Neil may have something to say on that .......
  11. A perpetual state of affairs that comes as absolutely no surprise to anyone with half an active brain cell. I am waiting for the second installment when they turn their attention to the B.I.B..................
  12. One thing that I have noticed over many, many years here is how loud many Thai Ladies shout out when they sneeze, especially when cooking chillies.. It seems to be a National trait that they pick up from their Mothers. A habit that appears to go against what the Quack, sorry "Doctor" says.
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