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  1. At last...........some good news due to Covid...........maybe the prawn population will make a recovery........
  2. So she remembers that she went to Pattaya, that she worked in a small bar, then a big bar. She remembers getting drunk, she remembers a man, yet does not remember who her Mother was, nor how to get home. I appreciate mental disorders can be complex, but something is not right with this story. All praise to the Mother who took the time and effort to track her Daughter and help her. My thoughts are with the child, who is going to need some luck in the future I think.
  3. Luckily I only pay cash on delivery so they do not have any card details. Will still change my password though to be safe.
  4. Have it checked out..........it may be a vaccine for Covid.............
  5. Tell that to the people in Europe, and America..........I assume he is referring to Domestic visitors.
  6. You must be a taxi driver.............I was reporting the fact that if you have to pay to convey your bags then they should at least be secure, and protected. Also, re your post don't come at all.....i have lived here for 26 years, the past 4 without leaving as I am happily retired. Seems to me by the posts you make that you either got out of bed on the wrong side, or have a chip on your shoulder.
  7. Does that include the taxis that have a gas tank in the boot. Then your suitcase is half hanging out and secured with an old bungee cord, and getting pelted with rain...............
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