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  1. I would personally be happy to spend two hours in a stuck elevator than 5 seconds in one hurtling to the ground floor.
  2. No complaints logged on the system means there is no plomlem...........simple...........
  3. AhFarangJa

    SURVEY: What age is too old to drive?

    If Prince Philip has been photographed driving without a seat belt why have the police not prosecuted him yet. If it was one of us serfs they are quick to action. Regarding age, each individual has a different set of circumstances, but at his age he cannot have the reflexes needed to navigate today's traffic conditions safely.
  4. Disgraceful.........He certainly showed no humanitarian traits, and his more than 200 victims have never had the chance to be elderly.
  5. AhFarangJa

    NLA approves new Land Traffic Act

    Better start collecting all the licenses then, because the above statement relates to about 90 per cent of the idiots on these roads.
  6. AhFarangJa

    Danish tourist dies in Phuket road accident

    No worries.....it is still early.....................I agree with you regarding braking. The trucks lights are visible, and yes, sometimes they need to keep more to the left to make the turn. I would hazard a guess it was inattentiveness on the part of the rider as the left side of the bike is damaged which would suggest he hit the right side of the truck..... we can only speculate.
  7. AhFarangJa

    Police hunting for driver in hit and run – Patong

    I saw the video on a facebook site. It looks like two young Thai men ran across the road in front of the speeding car, and the car was definitely going at a pace. Judging by the reaction of a girl in the video I do not think one of them survived, he certainly took a flying leap into the parked motorcycles.
  8. AhFarangJa

    Danish tourist dies in Phuket road accident

    Sorry to contradict you Robblok, but I believe it reads outside the MARKET area, by which I assume they mean in front of the market in Kathu. Another sad loss of life, just another day here, R.I.P. to the danish man.....
  9. if that was your hat he stole then I would thank God and keep quiet........................
  10. wellllll....maybe not all of them...............
  11. AhFarangJa

    Prince Philip, 97, escapes unhurt from car crash

    Most of them here may as well be.....
  12. Thanks Ubonjoe, I was not aware. I forgot about the "Local Office" discretion..
  13. Good post Sir, But can I add one thing re the photos. You need to change to make sure that the clothes you wear for the outside and inside photos are different.
  14. We all know how that works don't we........
  15. Why does everyone call the right lane "The Fast Lane". It is not.......it is supposed to be an "Overtaking Lane". Just saying.....
  16. Some of the women teachers had bigger moustaches then too !!!!
  17. Bit of a change from when I went to school..............
  18. Was that taken in your House NCC...............
  19. So my guess is that after four years the Thai Tobacco Monopoly has finally got all its ducks in a row. They have probably tied up all manufacture and distribution systems, made sure there is no competition, ensured hefty taxes for imports, etc, thereby leaving the road clear for them to monopolise the product.
  20. AhFarangJa

    Three injured in Samut Prakan gas station explosion

    Whenever I am in a taxi that fills up with gas I ALWAYS get out of the vehicle and stand away. The Wife says I am just being silly. I just showed her the picture of the taxi........Still stupid Farang dear......... i wish a speedy recovery to the people involved.
  21. I am still paying.............
  22. This is your biggest problem Mr Minister......
  23. I have been hearing this for at least 20 years............The empty cans make the most noise...........