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  1. I would hazard a guess that the last picture was of the aftermath of that increasingly common animal to these shores........the lesser spending Chinese tourist.
  2. I do know I have my own mind and I am not driven by an ideology I can neither prove nor substantiate. By the way I lived in the middle east for 22 years, I do have friends in Saudi Arabia, there are, I agree, some nice people there, but at the end of the day if it is a choice between you, a western infidel, or their religion, you will lose every time. Have a good day Sir.
  3. ....Who is going to monitor Somchai in the backwoods of Nakhon Nowhere..... .......except the shop selling the chemicals is Somchai's cousin......and who is going to train the trainer. .......Well, that system hasn't worked for decades in regards to driving on the roads, so how is it going to make a difference in the fields.......... At least it gave me a good laugh this morning, but seriously, forget the pressure from big companies and fat directors, just ban them outright.
  4. Correct. We never went near the town ( Jubail, on the eastern province ) on a Friday after lunchtime prayer as that was when the toppings and choppings occured in the square outside the mosque. they would always push westerners to the front.
  5. They are just getting ready to fill them, part time workers required...........
  6. I don't know why anyone would bother putting in a bid, it is a foregone conclusion who will get the concession.
  7. Global......Global !!!.........But, But, I thought there was only Thailand in this universe.
  8. Since when has this government ever cared about the people. No doubt Professor Parisa will be taking a vacation in a re education centre soon.
  9. Do you not mean filming on the mobiles. R.I.P. to the lady, but it seems possible it is just another inexperienced rider not able to handle the conditions.
  10. Not to be contrary, but off the top of my head...... Bahrain Brunei Monaco Kuwait Saudi Arabia Oman Swaziland Lesotho Morocco Tonga................... ....Oh, and The United Kingdom........
  11. Ah, the old National Security chestnut again. Incompetent Paranoid military scheming to graft more Baht from the taxpayer through hair-brained projects that will, once all the budgets have been "appropriated", fade into history.
  12. A couple of years ago my Wife was on a minibus to Hua Hin from Surin. He too would not stop at the station, dropped her off across from Market Village so I had to drive round from the station to collect her. I guess it is too much hassle to u turn into the bus station then another u turn out to continue to Pranburi.
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