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  1. I read recently a comment: 'I feel an educated person who cares about quality and correctness would go absolutely insane dealing with many Thais if he didn't practice avoidance and detachment.' I really relate to this comment and find myself getting frustrated sometimes living in Thailand. I cant leave bc I have a wife and child. I have a mantra which I have to say to myself often... ' I have to lower my expectations'. Does anyone else think its sometimes hard living in this country?
  2. you and your wife should only speak English. Everyone else thai. Let your kid start watching 20min of peppa pig or Simon cartoons. Good Uk accents. your kid will learn. you read book every day in English. as many as you can By 4 yrs old your child will be speaking heaps of english with you
  3. Emily said she and her friends were forced to swim in the jellyfish-infested sea to the island, which was swarming with deadly snakes..... what a load of B.S!!!!!
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