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  1. What happens if your TW transfer is routed through TMB, ya gonna drive out to their office too ? Expats are living all over Thailand, where exactly are you driving to ?
  2. Well the police order quite clearly states that 65k monthly income is acceptable for qualification, how bizarre !!!
  3. I appreciate that UJ but it looks like everything was supplied by way of bank statements but JL was still declined, i can only think of the bank letter that was missing, i wonder did JL ask why it was declined ?
  4. Yep, wifey's village 90Kms north from Korat is really suffering, no rain means no rice = no income for families = no food on the table, i really feel for the people.
  5. The school should be paying not the kids parents.
  6. Thanks for your post, i'm on the case and will do as you suggest with my next transfer on 1st Aug and report back. I did do a small 100gbp transfer using Swift a week ago and only had the 4gbp charge from HSBC and then the hidden charge from SCB, here is the result..... 3473.75bht which equates to 34.73bht to the GBP but of course the SCB service fee has been taken off which i estimate to be 300bht so without the charge i would have received 37.73, that figure stacks up as SCB gives one of the worst rates in Thailand but at least i get the foreign transaction code, no other fees as yet from HSBC on my statement.
  7. You mention intermediary clearing bank but to my knowledge there is no use of such as the transfer is Swift direct from HSBC to SCB.
  8. I did a transfer at 10am Thai time and it was in my SCB account at 2pm same day. The costs are difficult to work out as the fee that SCB charge is hidden in the Baht transfer amount, they just deduct from the amount. I have read somewhere in all the topics it ranges from 300-500bht according to the amount transferred and that would stack up on the amount i received, of course SCB's rate is one of the worst so you also have that to contend with but i have the foreign transaction code guaranteed as its a direct swift transfer.
  9. Correct Sir, i bank with SCB and because of this issue with TW i now have gone back to doing Swift direct transfers from HSBC in the UK, all coded with FRC (foreign transfers)
  10. I believe the problem is that they can't verify the fact that TW PDF's you can supply are in fact genuine whereas a letter signed by your Thai bank poses no problem to them. As you probaly know everything in Thailand is believed to be fake unless you can prove otherwise, a terrible indictment of the country and its people imo. In fairness to the very pleasant lady boss i saw she was happy to accept mine but i fear that in the future it may be a problem for me say if she got transferred or there was a directive from head office that only bank letters were acceptable proof, hopefully in the passage of time that will change and TW PDF's/bank statements will be accepted by all IO's.
  11. I think the way forward is to suggest/insist on a blood test at a local hospital if you are in any doubt as to the accuracy of the machine used, does anyone believe that these machines are calibrated daily before use as they should be ?
  12. That is the only way its worth anything to you, will TI allow you to do this assuming of course that you have a home to go to in your home country ?
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