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  1. Yes i would also like to know. The BP this morning stated that inter provincial travel was at the discretion of individual provincial governors without giving any details for each province.
  2. You can believe whatever you like, the facts as i present them are the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me god lol The fact that you might post lies and <deleted> does'nt give you the right to accuse me of the same, now run along now..... Goodbye
  3. Thank you very much, so its a nono then, <deleted> are they doing allowing agency bookings then ?
  4. I have received two speeding tickets showing my reg no but not my vehicle, on contacting them they cancelled the tickets after i sent them a pic of my vehicle.
  5. I booked a room (cancelable) at the LK Metropole through Agoda a few weeks ago so i thought i'd call the hotel and check if they are in fact open. A lady answered my call and when asked if the hotel was open she replied "NO", i then said well i've booked a room through Agoda and she replied "if you book a room through a booking agency then YES we are open" The mind boggles lol
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