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  1. Sorry, i'm looking at the pics, but i don't see it. I don't understand the fwd extension on the timing cover, as i can't see anything externally being driven from it. The rear extension to the timing cover could be a modified electric start ES timing cover driving a mag possibly? And even if it was a unit once, why? I mean, i'm one to talk, to this day i don't think any one has ever put an all iron 8 stud top end on a unit bottom end, but there was a method to my madness.... I'll have a look at their website later. Cheers. Edit. So i just looked at their hipster clever website. I repeat, W H Y ? You are correct, it is a 70 unit motor with the box band sawed off. Then one off alloy CNC machined barrels made (why?). Then a unit timing cover fabricated to look like a P/U one. Why? I could go on, and on, but it'll make me look like a d##k, so i won't. Nice bike....
  2. I'd suggest an independent specialist for an 03 C200. I'm sure there's more than one. Suggest what poster #2 said and find out via FB Merc club or owners group.
  3. How come i'm never allowed to write that in posts before the mods jump in? And there you have it. The war on drugs, Unwinnable. Tax. Legal taxes.
  4. All the big electric and home improvement stores sell gas, gas/electric and just electric ovens/cookers and have done for years. I seem to remember our Made in Italy gas cooker (one ring electric - 3 gas, with a gas grill & oven, electric rotisserie) was 36k about 12 years ago. To the OP, IMHO i would not bring a US oven over, nor the TV. Sell them there, recuperate some costs and purchase new here. Will be less hassle and nothing can go wrong.
  5. Current model? 10 years old? Last century model?
  6. You carry on broadening your horizons watching paint dry and having stimulating conversations with visa runners then, whilst getting stuck into your cheeseburger, followed by an early evening on your laptop checking on your share options..... And i'll continue to enjoy myself with the Lao youth and middle class watching a decent live band, eating fresh steamed lime fish and a good yam, drinking copious quantities of Beer Lao, watching the sunset and improving my Lao dialect.
  7. Yeah i do. In some instances. A 15 y/o Thai kid who has been riding a 9 bhp step thru since he was 12, IMO, is infinitely safer on the road than some Newbie Felang who's just moved out here, bought himself a brand new 150 PCX and has never ridden a powered 2 wheeler before, bar when he was on holiday 30 years ago in Torremolinos.
  8. Disagree. 3 phase (380-440V) motors can run off a household plug (220V) via an inverter. My 1979 Tom Senior M1 milling machine has a 0.75hp single phase Mitsubishi motor purchased here running power feeds and the horizontal spindle, and a 3 phase 0.5hp motor running the vertical spindle via an inverter. Single phase 220-240V in, 380-440V out. And the inverter gives the motor variable speeds, 0-60HZ, Thai being 50HZ, and runs perfectly at any speed (HZ). I also imported 2 container fulls of UK stuff here in 05. Lathe, mill, other machine shop tools, hand power tools galore, all UK 240V on a 3 pin plug. Nothing, i repeat, nothing has gone tIts up in the last 14 years up.
  9. Tragic. All the schools 12 years and up around our way now have compulsory swimming lessons, so all the kids this age and up can swim. It's a start but it should be introduced at a lower age, say 7-8-9 up. I've always thought it a good idea to get the Thai Royal Navy to instigate a nationwide program of swimming lessons. Pretty much most market towns have a school with a swimming pool, and get all the outlying villages in that Ampur to take it in turns for their pupils to be taught. Would be an actual positive thing for the Navy to get involved in, rather than slumming around an aircraft carrier in the docks and pretend submarines.
  10. Wow! Shaft drive! Never knew that. Brilliant idea. I'd buy that if my lad was 8-9 years younger. PM sent.
  11. I would guestimate that MX is the biggest 2 wheel sport in Thailand. Every province has at least one track. My local market town has a couple of events per annum. Prolly 40-70 bikes & riders. From little kids to home made modified bikes to top of the range 300k Yamahonsuzukawas. With all the kit. And wealthy parents. Some travelling 200 kms to get there.
  12. Idiot! Complete and utter selfish imbecile. With an alcohol problem.
  13. M O D E L S, or promotion girls. Is that better? In SE Asia they call them p r e t t i e s...
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