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  1. This and a bunch of other stuff is all over the Facebook news feeds my missus reads. First election ever here, where the Thai on the street has access to social media, uncensored, and real live news. Lotta pi$$ed off people out there. It aint over till the Fat Lady sings....
  2. Disagree. Pheu Thai is not a party for the elites, it is a party for the people, especially the working class vote, in fact in it's various (forced) guises it has been the only voice for the working class up until now. Regardless of who pulls the strings in the background. The other pro Prayut party is indeed the party for the elite and the royalists. Agree. My wife is as red as Karl Marx and Che Guavara all rolled into one. She was'nt going to vote this time, saying why bother, it's fixed, everyone she has ever voted for gets thrown out unfairly. She said whats the point, before its even started, it's 250-0 to the other side, how can we possibly win? I said at least go and vote for whoever you want, opposite your hated Der Fuhrer. So she voted for Future Forward.... As did her daughter at university and just about every other university student she knows... The Future's bright. The Future's Forward.
  3. 58 years old. Stopped wearing a full face helmet aged 18. That's 40 years of motorcycling (not mopeds or scooters...) with open face or ... shock horror... beanie helmets. Well over 200k miles, not kms, inc this wonderful country. Each to their own.
  4. I've always been incredulous and always astounded by any Westerner who comes here and can be on the Yellow side of things. It just amazes me. You can see when it kicked off in 2010 with the Red Shirts, why most journalists from around the world had a Red Shirt bias. They got it. They understood what was going down. They understood what was at stake. As for your above ridiculous post, if you are not gonna get what you want by peaceful means, then it's gonna get messy. It is the ONLY viable option left. I believe you are an American. Here is an anology. Back in 1776 it got messy because America wanted it's freedom because it did'nt want to stay under Queenie's Brit rule. So there was a war. There were great casualties. And they won their freedom. Analogy 2. Thailand/Cuba. Back in the day there was a vile horrible criminal called Batista who ruled his country with fear & violence with an extreme rich elite and an extreme poor peasantry that worked the sugar cane for their foreign masters. This government was supported by mobsters, gangsters, banksters & politicians from the USA. Along came Fidel Castro & Che Guavara, two "Commie" revolutionaries who violently, with many casualties on both sides overthrew the corrupt Batista and gave the country back to its people. I'm a Che. Are you a Batista?
  5. Bet she has. 1.7 mil. Nice. Over 40k GBP for a vehicle? A pick up....
  6. Hanging from a lamp post. In public. Traitor & criminal's just desserts..
  7. No he would'nt... It is extremely fair and the best man won...
  8. Mindy's friend? But not on a daily, let alone weekly basis. And if the village is too much, move out into the sticks. When i built my house here, the next nearest dwelling was 1.5 kms away.
  9. To this day i like bikes with a low seat height, even better a very low seat height. And i'm 6'3" / 190 cms tall. Both my current bikes (79 Triumph twin, 89 Guzzi big twin) have a sprung rear end, yet have considerably lower seat heights than stock. Yet both are designed to go, stop, and go round corners better than std. The bike in the above pic looks to have a most excrutiatingly painful footrest position for that low seat height. I would be cramping up before i even got down to the corner shops. And then my wrists might ache.... Here's something a bit more sensible, i'm sure the seat is prolly still on the workbench inside... Honest Guv... I
  10. Ex parachute regiment, SAS, and SBS and Royal Marine here. Can't talk about it, otherwise i'd have to eat the evidence and kill you and any remaining witnesses. But i can talk about it in a bar on my stool once i've had a few beers so what was it you wanted to know again...?
  11. It seems he knows very little about this country's politics and how they work. Needs to catch up a bit, perhaps reading just some of the books out there, that you cannot buy in country, may help his poor blinkered opinion on the wonderful elite and that very naughty boy Thaksin. Prolly been influenced by co-workers in his air conditioned Yellow Office...
  12. Come up here. I'll introduce you to them myself. Real people. The atrocities were appalling. Typical BKK city dweller response - i did'nt see it with my own eyes so it did'nt happen. Of course. Live on television. Photos and reports in the newspapers. Did'nt you? Or do you only "see" what you wish to "see".
  13. Not been long here have you? Do you speak the lingo? Lets just get to a quick instance of my point (2) above. I helped a lady friend by a S/H Toyota Hilux. It had a couple of issues which were fixed under warranty (yes does happen here with S/H vehicles) and i did a couple of jobs myself. My wife told her to always call me for advice with any problems. Whilst we were away on a holiday, she got a small split in her sump, could'nt get hold of me, this being her first car, she went straight to Toyota. WHO CHARGED HER 12000 BAHT for a replacement sump!!! On a 10 y/o vehicle! I went doolally. Took her to my favourite mechanic who was equally shocked and told her 500 baht to remove and weld/repair or 1000 baht for a S/H one with 500 baht for labour & a new gasket. A difference of over 10,000 Baht. Hence my point about wrong & expensive advice... Again, i refer you to my above points - you have'nt been here long have you and you don't speak fluent tech Thai? I have, on both counts. Most (not all, but most) authorized genuine scooter/moped shops know NOTHING other than change oil and adjust chains. I would not let them work on my bicycle, let alone my kid's motorcycles. And instead of have a nice day, i'll add GFY.
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