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  1. The Phuket jet ski mafia and those they employ don't give a sh!# about anyone or anything except money in their hands. The amount of Baht being made is staggering, and the brown envelopes are passed around to police, local councilors, and anyone else who has the authority to stop it. The "Marine Police" are a joke, and any "warnings" they give are for show only. Just this morning I watched the goons at Kamala Beach towing their jet skis down the sand one by one, using a motorcycle saleng with no muffler, right in front of beachfront hotels and very near the police station. The noise was deafening and lasting almost half an hour. The local cops and the so-called Marine Police are little more than extortionists. The provide ZERO public safety for beach goers. Be warned. Any and all jet ski renters on Phuket DO NOT have the proper license, insurance, experience, or common sense to do anything safely, and will trample over any other beach goers in their way. If a tourist complains, they will be run off the beach by thugs. Phuket's beaches are now nothing more than a true sh!# hole, with raw sewage flowing daily by the tonne into the same ocean water they fleece tourists to play in. ANYONE who still comes to Phuket for the beaches are first-timers, or fools who should know better. Phuket's beaches are a filthy disgrace.
  2. I'm thinking you want to send this amount now before the THB rises any further against the USD. If you are CERTAIN you will be staying a few years, and you are CERTAIN that this money will not be needed back home during that time, then it MAY be a good hedge strategy against the rising THB. However, it's a good strategy ONLY IF the THB continues to rise against the USD for the 'few years' you are CERTAIN you will stay. A few years is a long time to bank on the THB continuing to rise. I would recommend doing the transfers once a year to coincide with the deposit requirements for your visa. IMHO it's a more prudent course of action. Wishing you a happy stay here!
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