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  1. Is your address at time of birth on your Birth Certificate? And if you miss a few UK addresses, will anyone know? I must have moved home over 30 times due to my Forces childhood, University then moving for work, I only know about 4 of these addresses!
  2. My Supercub is a year old, so I headed to the local 7 to pay tax and government insurance, but this year it seemed more complicated. First I needed a Thai ID with a chip to start the process, so I picked up the long haired one who took over the negotiations. Paid the 330 THB, but then was told there's a 'new requirement' for personal insurance for foreigners? Tried to use my Class 1 insurance on my other big-ish bike as it covers me for any bike, but this got too complicated, so just paid an extra 156 THB and everyone seemed happy. Hopefully a new tax sticker will arrive at my home in a week, but I'm not too sure. An official looking Thai Government page came up on the 7-11 display, and it had my bike details, but it was all a bit confusing. Perhaps I should have gone back to the dealer, but I though the local 7-11 would be easier? Is it just me, or is anything to do with paperwork and bikes always a bit fuzzy?
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