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  1. There's obviously two complex situations impacting on this - the UK and Thai economies, and as balance of payments are a big factor in the value of a currency, the Thai tourist numbers have a significant influence. Brexit will run it's course, and nobody can accurately predict that. But in Thailand it may be easier to predict. The major industries related to automotive and other manufacturing will decline due to increasing competition from Vietnam and other emerging countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, but as manufacturing involves two-way transactions (import of raw materials/export of products) the downward pressure on the Baht due to a shift in balance of payments will be minimal. Domestic debt will rise and household spending will fall -but again minimal impact on the Baht, perhaps even a benefit due to reduced imports. But tourism brings in foreign currency with minimal outflow, so any increase in tourism will directly strengthen the Baht. So as the US/China trade war fades (after Trumps second term) and as the Indian economy continues to grow, Thai tourism will inevitably rise. (There's only so many places 2 billion people can go on holiday) So the Baht will remain strong, the Pound will dip through the Brexit chaos with a long, slow recovery, and we'll all be long dead before the Pound recovers to a reasonable level. So get used to the new reality and develop a liking for Mama noodles with no honey.
  2. Craig peaked early with Casino Royale, but since then the franchise has gone downhill like Roger Moore on a snow-mobile front skid.
  3. Good to see a positive initiative, but just not sure if more debt is the right answer?
  4. Ah yes - I must get mine to try Marmite to see what she thinks! Is it available in Thailand? But I hope your Anglicised Thai Wife still does not let you drive a washing machine?
  5. It's the job of private hospital staff to 'upsell' services. I'd say it depends on if you're worried there may be a more serious underlying cause - as acid reflux can just be diet or stress related, so they may be just adding more services to make more money. I've noticed that if I don't mention I have full, corporate health insurance, then then they recommend fewer tests.
  6. Then sorry - you are not married. She must be your 'Gik'. Surely you can at least relate to PhetPeter's excellent addition about her needing to eat every 2 hours?
  7. As long as there's a cult based on ignorance, misogyny and violence, there will be men of low intellect willing to follow it. Not easy to fight stupidity.
  8. I guess it's a name you'll never use in practice, so perhaps replace Number 2 with something about a quick trip to 7-11 turning into a complex transaction involving stamps, vouchers, utility bills and telephone numbers?
  9. The concept of ‘marriage’ can be quite flexible in Thailand, so here’s a handy reckoner to find out if you have a Thai Wife. Answer each of the following questions and follow the instructions below. 1. When you woke up this morning, did the girl sleeping next to you look familiar? No – end quiz – you do not have a Thai Wife Yes – go to Question 2 2. Do you know the given name of her Mother No – end quiz – you do not have a Thai Wife Yes – go to Question 3 3. Check the drawers in your kitchen – does one have a plastic pot containing a million red elastic bands, a thousand 7-11 drinking straws and several unused packs of spicy sauce? No – end quiz – you do not have a Thai Wife Yes – go to question 4 4. Check your fridge – does it contain the remains of the last 5 meals you have eaten out, all neatly packed in foam trays and plastic bags? No – end quiz – you do not have a Thai Wife Yes – go to question 5 5. Check your TV – has the on-screen menu mysteriously changed to Thai? No – end quiz – you do not have a Thai Wife Yes – go to question 6 6. Check outside your front door (or your post box if you have a condo). Is there a delivery from Lazada or Shopee? No – end quiz – you do not have a Thai Wife Yes – go to question 7 7. When you try to use your washing machine, are you intercepted by a woman with long dark hair who insists on doing your laundry as you don't do it properly? No - end quiz - you do not have a Thai Wife Yes - go to question 8 8. When did you last use your kitchen? Yesterday - end quiz No idea, food and drink just arrives by magic – Congratulations on your Thai Marriage, I hope you will be very happy together.
  10. I was with you all the way up to the 20km trail run! But yes, first time snow is magical.
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