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  1. If you know the owner and/or are confident about the mileage and history - go for it. The Kawasaki twins seem to be very reliable and last well. I've seen some older x300's with rust on the rear rack and the painted wheel hubs, but that is easy to check when buying, and easy to fix. But the second hand market can be tricky here - with clocking, altered Green books and bikes with finance outstanding. I'm also considering a good used x300 - not keen on new as I think the value will drop sharply when/if the x400 is launched, but with a 2 or 3 year old bike thi
  2. My health insurance is my biggest single cost living in Thailand- so yes, it's a major consideration when planning to live here. My property, car and motorcycle are paid for, I have no debt, and the Mrs is very cost effective - so insurance is easily my biggest cost. With MTL I have a fixed annual cost until I'm 90, but don't plan on living that long. Though I think I'm healthier living than in my home country, where the sun only shines for 3 days a year.
  3. ..... at preventing illness - but still not known if a vaccinated person could be an asymptomatic carrier. Unless 70% of the total population of Thailand is fully vaccinated (not just Phuket) this scheme is not logical. And it looks like the ideal route for new variants to enter the country - perhaps the new Moscow variant. Just open up fully and go for natural herd immunity, or shut down fully, not this unscientific fudge.
  4. Exactly. So the theory behind the sandbox is flawed.
  5. OK .... but still mixing with Thai staff and other tourists during the 14 days, with people leaving for Bangkok all the time as their 14 days end. The science is suspect.
  6. There's two big assumptions for this scheme: 1. Vaccination is 100% effective at preventing spread. 2. Other countries will risk rate Phuket differently to the rest of Thailand to avoid the need for quarantine on return to the tourist's home countries. Personally I think the scheme is phuket.
  7. I wonder about that theory. So you can all move about freely in the Phuket sand box for seven days, spreading the virus around, then some of the sandbox tourists can travel to Bangkok? And do the hotel staff never leave the sandbox environment? It's more of a sandseive.
  8. I don't think Bajaj is available here? I like the look of the Leoncino, but unfortunately very few dealers in Thailand.
  9. Yes, I'm beginning to think that way too. Only other issue with the Honda is that it's very poor with a pillion passenger due to odd rear peg location, but I only have passengers for short distances.
  10. The X300 is very low geared - so normal 80 to 90 KPH highway speeds are up in the 9000 to 10,000 RPM range. And the bigger issue is that there's not much left for overtaking. The Z and Ninja 400 are more relaxed with a much higher top speed, which is why the small Kawasaki adventure bike looks to have the wrong engine.
  11. I looked at a good, used Versys 650 - seems ideal for the longer runs, but a bit heavy for the city/shopping duties? The Vulcan S also looked interesting.
  12. Good suggestion ..... dropping 2 teeth on the rear sprocket seems to be a common mod on the Versys forum - but I wasn't sure if this effects the speedometer or engine management?
  13. The Versys X300 is close to my spec, but cruising at 10'000 RPM is not ideal. If Kawasaki put the new 400 motor in it, then it could pull taller gearing - but no sign of an X400 ..... just a Z400 naked and Ninja 400 Sports ..... both a bit small for full sized riders May just wait to see if Honda does the decent thing and adds switchable ABS to the 300 Rally (as in other markets) or if RE or BMW decide to offer their latest models here. Or go the 350 scooter route.
  14. All good points - it's a challenge. - I think the ideal bike would be a Kawasaki Versys x400. Fast enough for the longer trips, light enough to haul around in mall car parks, narrow enough for heavy traffic, has a rack for shopping duties, ABS and a comfortable upright seating position. Shame it doesn't exist.
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