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  1. Most of Sweden's fatalities are in care homes - so unrelated to a lockdown or not .... and their per capita rate is no worse than many other countries. The politicians are never going to admit they succumbed to media induced fear, and the press are determined to keep up their fear campaign as it drives their click and readership rates.
  2. I met a seriously rich guy a few years ago who said his strategy was to get into businesses everyone else is getting out of. His theory was that going against the trend and getting into a 'sunset' business means you can buy businesses and equipment cheap, and there will have been good business model originally, so with everyone else jumping ship, demand will rise. He also said that with trendy 'sunrise' businesses, entry prices rise and competition is tough as it's the current thing everybody is getting into. So perhaps it is time to open a bar, massage shop, or start an airline?
  3. There's news report about Ayutthaya opening - but perhaps not the place for a week, but good for a few days?
  4. What I saw in HK was less than most countries are doing now, but that's not important anyway as it faded out everywhere, so Hong Kong procedures are irrelevant. Too many Google virologists and born again epidemiologists is one one of the core issues with the current epidemic too. The official 'experts' have created economic havoc based on incorrect data, and scared people have allowed them to lead everyone over the cliff.
  5. So Thai people travelling within their own country need to quarantine, but Chinese people can travel without quarantine restrictions? And will the beaches be for Chinese tourists only?
  6. No mystery about Italy - high proportion of old, obese people means any epidemic will take it's toll. Happens in Italy every time there's a bad flu epidemic too .
  7. I was in Hong Kong and Taiwan during SARS working on public health - and there's no way the health measures defeated SARS. It faded out - probably due to a mutation to a less deadly form plus growing natural immunity.
  8. Yes - although UK had a vaccination campaign too. But UK does have a large vulnerable population of elderly, sick people just waiting for the next cause of pneumonia to send them on their way. Much of the Western World does have a high percentage of unhealthy people.
  9. But then there would be other signs - over-flowing hospitals, social media posts.
  10. Yes, possibly climate and culture, but there are other countries that have sunshine and don't shake hands. Mask use make also be a factor. But much more likely in my view is that during November to January Thailand was the number 1 destination for overseas travel from Wuhan. At this time masks were not used, no special measures in place - so Thailand probably achieved herd immunity around the same time as China. And COVID-19 did not become the fashionable way to die until March.
  11. So for the next 2 years New Zealanders have a choice of China, Thailand or stay home. And it will end the same way the annual flu epidemics end, SARS ended, neighbourhood chicken pox outbreaks end - when enough people are either naturally immune or changed their personal behaviours to avoid catching it. Lockdowns, curfews, travel bans are just economic self abuse. I understand that people for fell for the media fear campaign find it difficult to accept - so keep recycling the 'spin' - but every day more and more people are realising that the global response to COVID-19 was a huge error of judgement. I was saying this in January, and getting abused on-line for saying it - at least now I have a few friends.
  12. Much larger population in US in both numbers and obesity, different reporting criteria, sgnificantly higher population density in New York which accounted for a high proportion of the costs, and probably most significant - worse health system, especially for lower socio-economic ethnic groups. Fatality rate is primarily driven by standards of health care plus age/health of the population, which explains Iran, Italy, Russia, UK, Brazil. Government response is an insignificant factor on the path of the pandemic, but a huge factor on the economic economic impact.
  13. .... and New Zealand has not even started the COVID marathon yet. When they eventually allow international travel, they join the frey. - Unless they are planning on keeping their borders closed for the next 2 years. All lockdowns are an unscientific panic reaction with no logical end game, hence the staged lifting when economic pressures force a change of tactics. If no vaccine and no 60% immune population - what scientific reason is there to lift a lockdown? The fundamental issue is that few people have the experience and knowledge to understand the data, so politicians, reporters, most social media posters and many 'experts' have reacted emotionally and not logically. It's the Dunning-Kruger effect on a global scale. And none of the lockdown theories can explain how in Thailand, after the scenes of packed skytrains and malls a week ago, we don't have a spike in cases. And for people thinking it's solely due to under-reporting - why are Thai hospitals half empty?
  14. How to order a smoothie for a whale in karaoke Thai: "Algae pan, geow yai maak, nan kaeng yeu maak, maak"
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