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  1. I can't see New Zealand offering a reciprocal arrangement either, but they are on the list?
  2. But in Thailand, if you have a job, you wont be a single Dad for long. Addictions are tough for the partner and the kid.
  3. I think it was part of a university art project? They were setting up lights and displays.
  4. All virus infections can have unusual symptoms in some people, the press is just being over dramatic to keep up the fear, as it helps their business model. Infuenza also has similar rare cases, but like COVID only in a tiny % of the cases. Old gashioned diseases like TB kill more people in total, and malaria kills more young people, but nobody cares as these diseases are not fashionable. Consider the tiny probability not the scary looking total numbers, and remember that almost every report from medical researchers are intended to raise funding, so they have an agenda.
  5. It's not surprising that opinions are so divided - with a novel virus there are no real experts, and vested interests are clouding the issue even more, particularly the press and media who deliberately created fear . Plus most the stats being quoted have a single source (Johns Hopkins) which is generally thought to be incorrect by a factor of 10 or more, plus figures cannot be compared between countries as they are heavily infuenced by testing rates and standards of healthcare. Add in the feeble leadership by the WHO, and we have a perfect storm of missinformation and poor judgement. This has resulted in contradictory opionions being peddled by self proclaimed 'experts' on-line, so if anyone leans towards a particular viewpoint, they will find plenty of supporting 'evidence'. The result is a Dunning-Kruger pandemic of people who mistakenly believe they know what they are talking about. So with that as the environment, it's hargly surprising Governments made mistakes, but Thailand seems to have got more right than wrong .... so far.
  6. There's 3 sizes of SIM card, but you can get them cut down or use adapters to go up a size. And as mentioned, AIS shop can copy your SIM to new size if needed. Save your phone numbers to the SIM if you have this option in the menu (common on older phones, but not on newer ones) - then your numbers will transfer to new phone. If your old phone has a micro SD (memory) card - save everything to this (in Storage settings) then transfer the SD card to your new phone. They are all the same 'micro' size. Possible to use a cable and a lap top to transfer everything - but easier to ask the shop to do this for you.
  7. Kinnock

    Bed bugs

    That will not work. They hide in cracks in wall, in areas heat may not reach, and needs very high temp if dry heat. Need a good insecticide that's intended for this use, also with residual effect, couple of treatments as eggs may survive, air the bedding after. Don't forget cracks in walls and floors, behind skirting, folds in matresses. Wash all bedding on hottest wash with strong detergent. Dump the pillows.
  8. Lock down, what lock down? Our office was still open - 50% working from home to spread desks out and flexible hours to avoid peak time travel, I went in most days as I live nearby. Cycled on the quieter than normal roads when the parks were closed. Ate street food and sitting on my bike outside 7 or in the local restaurants until the malls opened. Used Grab at weekends - excellent food delivery service. Only change for me was no international flights and had to have foot massages at home. Best country in the world to ride out a pandemic.
  9. OK ..... but I was referring to human diseases, and so far only smallpox has been eradicated. I agree that polio is nearly there, but that still only 2 since vaccination was invented 200 years ago. Personally I go for a wide range of vaccinations, but I just don't think COVID-19 will be eradicated any time soon, and the effort would be better spent on TB eradication - which is a bigger issue than COVID, but less fashionable.
  10. I was thinking of parts of Africa, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, where religious issues have frustrated other vaccination programs, and also some of the anti-vaccination views on this forum. As you know, only one disease has been eradicated through vaccination, and with social media missinformation these days, it may be the last one.
  11. The biggest barrier to the effectiveness of a vaccine program will be Bronze Age religious beliefs and the tin-hat brigade. There are many unpredictable risks to contracting a virus, so while I'm not averse to the herd immunity approach, I'd rather have a tested a vaccine - as the risks are more controlled.
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