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  1. I was at my immigration office today (Khon Kaen) and was asking questions about this. I showed them my bank book and statements and told them that when I get my money transferred I immediately transfer the bulk of it to my wifes account as she pays all the bills from her account, and if that was a problem? They said no they dont care. As long as I could show the transfer in. However they did say the transfers have to be Every month of at least the min amount (40/65). Even if you transferred 1 million baht during those 12 months but missed a month for the min required amount then your out of luck for the income method.
  2. I went to my local immigration office today (Khon Kaen). Just got back about thirty min ago. I had to get the resident paper so I could renew my drivers license so I used it as an opportunity to also ask about the topic here. Asking an officer about showing monthly income proof stopping in 2020 they had not heard anything at all about it stopping. As far as what you needed to show for the income method was a statement from the bank and another letter showing that the account is valid. Both documents signed by the bank. Also For monthly international transfers in they said it had to be every month of at least the min rate. Cant be bulk amounts over 4 months or whatever. I showed her my statements and showed that I transferred over 400k into my bank internationally but I would have less than 12 monthly transfers by the time my renewal came. So answer was cant do it. Im sorry I completely forgot to ask about combo method. Its been such a long day it slipped my mind. Initially I went to immigration to get the resident paper. Was told I needed to go to the drivers license place to get the paper to bring to immigration to get the paper to bring back to the license office to get my license. After I went to the license office and got the paper for the paper I went back to immigration and it was lunch time so they were closed. Had to go home feed the dogs and came back. Got the paper and then stood in que to talk to an officer. After all this I just forgot about the combo method. But Basically Khon Kaen doesnt know anything about the dicontinue of the income method the way it is now. I did ask if anyone there had used the income method and was told just one individual. I do thank billsmart for putting out what he was told. It does seem a bit odd as they just put out the police order without any mention of what he was told. I think it may be some confusion as discussed in this thread but something we should all look at a possibility of in the future.
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