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  1. In the Netherlands they do this nearly once a week, but they more clever, they use gas, and blow up the whole machine. Most of the time not the locals but some people from friendly countries in Africa.
  2. Ho, ho, ho, on my complete HiFi set is not 1 part from China. Be careful with what you say.
  3. Are you kidding??? Much to small, and it makes no different when you'll show thousand pieces, TO SMALL.
  4. 10 million? Good, let them come, I still have a condo for sale for them, at the beach. I need only one, and with 10 million people?....there must be someone.
  5. Of course you can switch off GPS but when somebody steal your, or you lose your (i)phone i think "search my phone" it not working too anymore.
  6. I think this is violation of human rights and questionable.
  7. Oh, it was his daily job. Now I understand, they kick him out.
  8. +500 But I'm still waiting for my money from March 2020, or can I only expect a middle finger from Thai?
  9. Maybe it's my own fault but for long time I try to transfer my Ethereum from MEW to my Ledger nano S without succes. When you get older it is to difficult to understand the matter.
  10. And I am convinced that most of the Thai woman there are voluntary, and working for the big money to bring at home.
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