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  1. For sure,when it suits them, they even take the roundabout from the wrong side. Get to know me the Thai people.
  2. Not only that what you telling but worser, it takes a few days before they make the choice to arrest this policeman, how the hell you need a copple of days to make this decision.
  3. After a copple of years I made in the big cabinet in the sleepingroom through the concretefloor a hole from 400x600, the ground was about 70cm lower and I put a reinforcement where I put the safe on it. The top of the safe was lower then the bottom of the cabinet, and I mount a double bottom on it. Only with both doors wide open, is it possible to remove the bottom in a special way. Also safe in case of fire.
  4. Here in changwat Petburi, a very bad score. and also 3BB
  5. This is what I know, unfortenately it is in Dutch https://www.droneopreis.nl/regels-per-land/thailand However I owns a drone but I have given up the courage to register. Too many rules, The only thing I did is buy an insurance, you'll never know what happens with a drone when you lose contact.
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