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  1. For that you'll pay maintenance fee, often 20thb/sqm/month
  2. Good luck, I hope you'll make the best decision.
  3. Maybe they have to keep the pork in the country. When I read about the major problems in China about swine fever, the prices could rise extremely. I've read that as many as 150-200 mln. pigs are killed, and not because the fever but as a precaution.
  4. Again, it is the new model I don't like anymore, but it is the brand with the least problems in the world!
  5. To be honestly I build in from the begin a device from Racechip, and it gives just that extra piece of power what you need sometimes when accelerating.
  6. I agree with you that's the problem with the dealers, I live in Phetchaburi, so always you'll have to go to Bangkok. Toyota is on every corner of the street.
  7. I owns now an Fortuner for 7 years, I bought it new and have to say, I'm very satisfied (3ltr diesel turbo) The maintenance fees are low, even now after 120,000km and never had any hassle. For long time I'm searching for a new car but can not make an decision because the new Fortuner have an much smaller engine, and also the model is not nice, of course a personal opinion. Yes the Volvo XC60, I like but I hear some troubles with the engine (D5) Long time ago I owns an Ford Escape, never again an Ford, terrible service and high prices about parts, I agree the new Ford looks very nice with many gadgets, but as I say, never again. I'm looking to an VW Touran/Tiguan but hardly to find in LOS, and very expensive. What rest?? An Benz? also very expensive, so difficult to find a new car like the old Fortuner.
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