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  1. Now there's and idea! Nailed it! The landing
  2. Have to concur always reply within one day ( Maybe sign of the times) Anyhow OP i feel you are making the right choice in my opinion . Ive always ignored the doubters its my choice my money,
  3. Maybe its a lesson learned by Richard this time but at the end of the day there are a lot of people who no doubt should be booted out or visas not renewed but I can't see personally why the would do this to him as I feel he plays a level playing field with help ,assistance ,criticism and personal opinions so I vote renew
  4. Don't really understand if there is any doubt it would not be renewed why not call his 'influential' contact for advice and keep it out the limelight . Q. Is a visa agent an influential contact?
  5. Let's be honest Richard has highlighted 'HIS' annual extention as way of ensuring it happens nothing more. Im not sayin he isn't a good source of info for some Tourists or expats. looks like a rinse and repeat procedure though.
  6. vaccine is 60% successful¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Approximately 80% need zero treatment With a 99%+ recovery rate without one ill take my chances thanks
  7. Nobody and I mean nobody can say there's not something else going on here!! Just take the logic that the W.H.O and the C.D.C ( To which i have trust issues with) have stated that the number of infections might be x2 of reported due to asymptomatics so by that alone the death rate is below FLu levels .
  8. yeah like the first wave ...unf..kin believable over reaction based on the stats going the way of flu everyday!!!!
  9. When 80% of us will possibly not even know we have it I ain't buying the BS.............period!
  10. Ones own immune system seems the best bet based on %mild cases including asymptomatics walking round regardless.. testing up,infections up,Mortality not so!!!
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