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  1. Hahaha!! Such a brazen, two-faced, Liar, same as Bro, the "Puppeteer from Dubai".....BOTH lyin' criminals!!
  2. Like the "righteous story", then at TV base of responses Ads for "Outcall Massages"!!!! Haha!!
  3. The "complainers" I ref to are the TV posters, who'd mostly be Farangs!!
  4. So much sarcasm, consider these questions about Prayut & his Gov't, - Has the country been stable since the Coup? - Is the country worse off now, compared to prior to the Coup? - How have these "commenters" been adversely affected by Prayut's Gov't? - Are Thai people better or worse off now than were before the Coup?? The simple answer for the complainers is, if don't like it here .....LEAVE!!