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  1. And I thought that by the title you meant this Nigella to satisfy you.
  2. I'll drink to that. But then that's IT for the season. LOL
  3. There's only Leicester v Crystal Palace after midnight tonight. I wouldn't bother ! LOL
  4. Start using Libre Office....FREE and in my opinion, nicer than Office.
  5. Sorry, I thought you were talking about REAL FOOTBALL fans, you know, where they kick the ball for 90 minutes, not throw it and fight over it for 5 hours. LOL 555 And interesting to note that you, a foreigner, mentioned Man Utd, as opposed to that FAR SUPERIOR team there is in that CITY. We'll see at 7pm tomorrow, although it would help The Blues if they can beat The Scousers. Only joking. Oh and at 10pm, the first of possibly FOUR cups for The Citizens.
  6. True. If I turn up at hospital with an imminent heart attack or terminal piles, will the first thing they ask, 'Can I see your Passport' Answer.........'What Passport?' lol
  7. I read that if I return to UK having been here a few years, I must pay 150% of the NHS cost for anything other than emergency.
  8. Rather a broad inaccurate statement. SOME of them are, the majority are NOT.
  9. The VPN (Express) slows my download speed to about 50Mb/s as opposed to 120 without. But hey, whats another few minutes in downloading a movie, or set several movies to download overnight.
  10. Very good, but Paul didn't know that a Strat DID NOT have a Bigsby unit, that was an add-on for Gibsons etc. Sorry Paul.
  11. I preferred The Monkees to Hendrix.........one man's meat etc. And The Beatles to The Stones.
  12. I use Bittorrent here, with torrents from KickAss and Extratorrent. Got all the latest movies....no VPN required. Use Express VPN to watch UK telly. $6 a month.
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