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  1. Sorry I don't understand. usually if you climb higher, the temperature gets colder.
  2. HAS been repaired infers it was after the fire, HAD been repaired probably means a larger one than needed was fitted.
  3. Stevo, good news. It is only Bht 800,000 NOT Bht 8Million. LOL
  4. AND the Thais please. Sorry to repeat you Kannot.
  5. No no, the pound's gone down again today. It is 16 pounds now.
  6. I read the full article where the man says The Jan 18 order, issued by Immigration Bureau Deputy Commissioner Maj Gen Sarayut Sangonpokai, also made special mention that the new provisions specifically do not apply to: - People supporting Thai families. It says that different Visas are available for such foreigners. Anyone know what those visas are please, and how to get one.
  7. It is the actual 'getting married' which is a pain.
  8. Just back from Kamala. There are some very good bi-food restaurants......and some shitty ones. Try the Moon Rock Bar, no food but great music. Tell him Mr William from Manchester City sent you !
  9. Almost ANY restaurant in Phuket, Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai...........
  10. Must you be married to get a Yellow Book?
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