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  1. No he does not have any point at all, except for the one under his MAGA hat. Trump is suggesting that nobody should ever criticize their government. Are you really supporting that idea?
  2. What is "this event"? I didn't see any specific event in the post you quoted.
  3. Does that include winning 50 percent of the US House vote in North Carolina, but getting only 30 percent of House seats? What about when your party wins every statewide election but still can't get winning majorities in either chamber of the state legislature? Because both of those things happened in the last midterm election. It wasn't because of corporate, establishment, socialist or any other scary boogeyman you want to conjure up. It was because of gerrymandering.
  4. I don't know why anyone is surprised by the OP. It is neither a vindication of Trump nor his actions; it's a highlighting of the monstrous views and lack of morals of his supporters. This means Trump was probably right when he said he could shoot somebody on Fifth Ave and not lose any supporters. That doesn't mean shooting people on Fifth Ave is okay, it means his supporters are just awful enough to find it okay.
  5. First, why not stay in what is, after all, YOUR country and try to fix the problem instead of throwing up your hands and leaving? Your suggestion is cowardly. Secondly, if one is not a citizen of another country, how is one expected to "go and live there"? Your suggestion is unrealistic. So to sum up, your suggestion is cowardly and unrealistic.
  6. It's a logistical nightmare. The materials are toxic and persistent environmental pollutants like lead, mercury & cadmium. Some electronic devices, like smoke detectors, even contain radioactive material. Radioactive isotopes of cobalt have, in the past, gotten mixed into metal recycling resulting in common everyday metal items emitting radiation. Behold the radioactive cheese grater. It's possible to build a facility to manage this problem, but nobody wants to incur the costs of shipping their trash to it if it happens to be far away, like Indonesia. The logical place to have such a facility is closest to the point at which the recycled material will be returned to the raw materials supply chain. That would probably be China. Disassembly of electronic devices is labor intensive. I took an old printer apart a few months ago. I've got all the tools and I'm familiar with the devices because I used to service them back in the 90s. Even so, it took me between 4-6 hours to get everything apart to the point where I had a pile of plastic and a pile of screws and a pile of rubber and a pile of circuit boards. Maybe I could do two of those per day before my hands went raw. The material I recovered from that effort will not be enough to pay for my labor.
  7. It's a good thing juries don't determine scientific facts. Also it seems the personality in the OP has no issues with all the toxic pesticides used in organic farming?
  8. Yes, it is. An unbelievably large fraction of Trump supporters approve of his actions. That means they're absolutely clueless about why the things he says and does are horrific and mostrous. So the satire and critique needs to be at a 3rd grade level to reach as many of them as possible.
  9. I don't follow your posts (I don't have the stomach) enough to know if you're American or not, but with this post you've flagged yourself as either not being American or not having a clue. Possibly both. We Americans don't need anyone to "stand up" for us. Especially not a racist, bigoted, corrupt, trollish sexual predator & wannabe-dictator.
  10. I used to think that once you were in the gutter, there was no further you could sink. Now it seems Trump has discovered the sewers. The Party of Lincoln has now become the Party of David Duke.
  11. I don't think you know what that phrase means. An assertion was made that Go Fund Me should be used in only certain ways that the poster deems to be within the "spirit" of the organization. I simply posted a snippet from the org itself showing that anyone is free to use it however they like. That is a direct refutation of the assertion that was made. The rest of your post has nothing to do with what I said.
  12. So if somebody told you to go back where you came from, you'd read that as saying you should go back to wherever it was your father came from? What if your father and mother came from two different places? Do you now have to go back to two different countries? Yes it's all making so much sense now.
  13. Not that I want to encourage breaking immigration or alien labor laws, but Thailand has only itself to blame for creating a market for exactly these kinds of transgressions. They could easily fix it, or at least make huge improvements via some fairly obvious and easily-implemented policy changes. For some reason they choose not to do so.
  14. I'm in total agreement with you. I mean, just get a load of this: Somebody who has managed to convince himself that Trump has kept "all his campaign promises so far", qualifies as deranged in my book. Politifact: Tracking Trump's Campaign Promises
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