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  1. There's plenty of fake batteries out there. Batteries of course are the weakest component of a solar system. I've bought quite a few solar kits from Lazada and the batteries are always the first to go. Sometimes very quickly, sometimes they last a year or so. Being annoyed with this l a) taught myself how to replace a battery in these kits and b) bought a battery capacitance tester. One of the best investments l've made; only about 200baht for a basic tester. This is all you need. My first battery test showed a new 18650 battery rated at 9800mah had an actual capacitance of 980mah
  2. This is the method l used. Requested an annual statement from BB that took about 2 days. My deposits are with TransferWise and are notated as 'lnternational Transfer'. Broke this up into monthly totals then a final total on the statement. This with a letter from my pension fund stating appropriate details sufficed.
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