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  1. Schoolmate of my ex died of that about three years back. Would have been about 33 years old. Liver ducts get blocked. I didn't see him myself, but my then gf said he turned very yellow and lost a great deal of weight. Minimal medical intervention and he died at home. Apparently a great lover of pla ra/la … pretty sure that's what did him in.
  2. Always good to know that there may be another side to a story. Can you tell us how you know all this? I see this is your first post in the forums. We can't weigh the truth of the situation until we know more.
  3. I understand that sites like this rely on advertising revenue - I don't object to ads I understand that ad blockers undermine this - I have no interest in ad blockers and do not use them I have no interest/intent in discussing ad content and no objection to ad content I have read all of the pinned notices on this forum, and they do not specifically address my query I assume that ThaiVisa not only wants ad revenue but also a good customer experience so that users continue to come to the site Given the above, my issue is with user experience. Every single time I click into a new page I have to close 2 or 3 pop-ups/ windows before I can read the content because that content is obscured. That leaves many other ads/messages around the screen that I have no problem with. But I find myself leaving the site very quickly now out of frustration. I know I am not alone in this as some of my friends have told me the same thing (a couple have even stopped coming). I understood that back in March a solution was being sought for this, but nothing seems to have changed. Is the issue still being looked at, or is this the standard user experience we are to expect for the foreseeable future? Thank-you
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