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  1. So does it. Mean a flight from say UK. To Thailand via Kuwait. Is still OK? As the transit passages still mix with Kuwait people in airport.. Y
  2. having trouble with bank and they gave me a number to ring them on . but was told to go via international operator and tell then to reverse the change to the number the bank gave me. but cant seem to get to the international operator to even start with .. from TOT line thailand bank in UK
  3. need to make a call via a TOT landline Thailand to a UK number and reverse the charges. how do i do this ? and what is the international operators number to do this .advise please
  4. so we are saying the people who use agents don't have to do a 90 day stamp ????? so in effect they have a 1 year extension with no rules.
  5. is this fact ? or have you just got away with not paying a fine ? if the landlord don't do it you will/could get a fine . so do it yourself tm30 is still there .... but as it seems yes no reporting for us to do but if landlord dont do it and IO try to get you to.pay will you argue ? either way it seems we still need a slip in the passport stating out address yes or no ?
  6. would be good to here from people who have been fined ....for not changing the date ...via a tm30 or tm28 , or what ever . may be would convince people more. and not the people who keep saying im bigger then immigration and dont do it and seem to get away with it lucky them ... i nearly got caught out but had to creep to not paying afine ,, pattaya
  7. this is going to be an intersting forum . when the <deleted> hits the fan .as so many people think the TM30 has gone too DONT BE FOOLED ,,,,,, this forum will then be full of people saying why did i get a 2000b fine ,,,,lets wait for the flack >>
  8. yes if you are sleep in the same house ? and don't spend 24 hrs with bar girl then go home you will have to report again . god help you ,,,,,,,,,,
  9. as long as they don't check you entry stamp from uk. as they will then know you been out and in. so have to redue tm30 or was tm 28 as the dates don't thai up or get a fine
  10. yes but still need slip in passport saying address, so now you have to have a TM30 instead.......
  11. but who gets the fine if the is not an up to date tm30 ? as i it seems to me there has to be a TM30 slip in passport .and the tm30 still states if you stay in a hotel etc you have to renew it ... is this correct . so the same dame form as i can see ... as i know the landlaord should do it ,but they wont will they//// everytime you move around ,,,,
  12. well sorry but it seems it does .. as if you don't now do a tm28 you will have to do a tm30 .. or someone will . to get a date stamped slip of paper with your address on it in your passport ...
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