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  1. so by the sounds of it no benefit to the renter at all in times of need ,,, thought it was to help up in the times of low income ..
  2. just got a letter with the Electric bill as it in Thia cant read in properly .. but was told it say the landlord can claim free electric.? but only the landlord not the tenant ???? very odd why he should he get it .....as a renter pays the bills... was told as he is the owner of the meter he gets it do you suppose he should pass the money on to the renter????
  3. I was told it's not the water in the pool. It's different people using the pool. Like hand rails toilets any thing a person can touch... . That can transfer the virus on hands etc
  4. think you will find the sites are locked out .. but appear to be working ,, think thios is just to keep the wb pages for advertising
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