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  1. If you want to start a gofundme for the hospital bill, i might be able to chip in a 20 (baht that is).
  2. Totally agree and let me add to that to make it to the top it requires a lot of secrifices (extreme long hours, risk taking, neglecting your own health, neglecting family life, etc), something men are more willing to do than women on average mostly because men are motivated by competing with other men over their yearly income while women are more sensible and often value family and relationships more.
  3. Wow, that will make her think twice next time she is purposely blocking a vehicle and doing brake tests to annoy them. I just had to look it up what the fine would be in my home country for blocking an ambulance: 640 euros (23,000 baht). Btw, for doing a brake test (purposely touching the brakes to annoy the person behind you) the fines are a bit unclear as it will be part of "unnecessary jeopardizing other participants in traffic" which can result in your driving license being revoked (plus a monetary fine).
  4. My wife is a doctor and she was 1 baht "cheaper" (999.999 baht - lucky number BS). Plus the family returned the money the same day. You did well, and be glad you found out "quickly" how the family sees you.
  5. As someone already pointed out the r does not stand for respiratory. And with "doing it wrongly" you probably mean that they give mouth to mouth which is "wrong" (that was part of old recommendations, nowadays you should not use it anymore).
  6. Alternatively they could increase the speed limits for buses. If they drive faster they will be on their destination before getting tired and accidents will be avoided. How about that Thai logic?
  7. My proposal: get rid of any form of private education. Lets see how quick the elite is with implementing change when its their kids standing on the field every day for an hour listening to the director sticking feathers in his own butt and coming home every day a little dumber than they already were.
  8. This sentence at the start already gives good clues what to expect in the rest of the article. Would the guy be best served by a real solution that can be implemented quickly, or would he rather see a way to keep receiving money from donations and only solve half of the problem? Same with other people running dog shelters... As long as there are soi dogs they get donations and food on the table for themselves.
  9. They work illegally as work permits indicate the place of work and i doubt they are able to get a permit for the 10 odd condo gyms they frequent. They stay under the radar because they go from gym to gym to do PT work for an hour and then leave again, and probably only advertise on Facebook and by word of mouth. To most people it will be unclear if they are working or just helping out a friend in the gym a bit. That is completely different from renting a space and plastering a local billboard with your picture and the text "yoga classes". If OP wants to work illegally and wants to risk being fined and deported than thats up to OP, but to me it sounds a bit too risky as he is currently employed and been here for 8 years already. I actually know 2 western yoga teachers and both work from a (muay thai) gym where they got a work permit. As most (muay thai) gyms mostly hire Thais its quite easy for them to get the 4:1 ratio of locals and foreigners. Thats why I recommended OP to approach local gyms and see if he can arrange something there. Most gyms also have space and would be happy to offer extra classes to their customer base, so it could be a win-win.
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