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  1. I came here for the high-school level jokes of people claiming illments so they could smoke weed. Guess I am here too early and need to check in later again.
  2. What has this to do with the topic? Every topic about hospitals, no matter the context the topic is in, get filled with comments of people wanting to mention how much they paid for what, how a doctor misdiagnosed them, and or other stuff. Now its about getting prescriptions for drugs and the option to buy those drugs at an outside pharmacy. Please stick to the topic or i will arrest you as deputy topic officer.
  3. Not everybody has a pickup truck or the manpower to haul large items around. Let them come pick it up, for free, is by far the best way to handle this.
  4. I think there were already IQ-boosting activities taking place in Bangkok this month: closing of schools due to air pollution.
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