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  1. Makes up for the mandated 6 days they get under labor law. When I lived in the UK over a decade ago, sure there weren't many public holidays, but I got 23 days paid leave!
  2. Thanks! I just got off the phone with special branch and they said the same thing. Way easier to get done than some things in this country.
  3. By "employer" do you mean current employer in Thailand or your new employer abroad?
  4. The ones I got for work here were in Thai, but I need one for my new work abroad. (Yep, I've had enough and I'm checking out - but that's a story for another day.) I've seen pics online of Thai police reports in English for Thai citizens moving abroad but wasn't sure if they were fake or "specially ordered" etc.
  5. Quick question: Does RTP issue police clearance certificates in English (upon request) or only in Thai? Thanks in advance for any input.
  6. There are very few parts of the world that students actually fail anymore. This is not a uniquely Thai education system trait. Even Canada has a "No-zero"policy.
  7. Is there a possibility that royal orders carry double meaning i.e. are written in code? We read about "Civil unrest in Phichit", but those in the know get a totally different message?
  8. It seems about right: I have a family of 4: Food's about 800/Day so 24k for the month. Add in 1/2 restaurant (nothing fancy - somtam shacks basically) and food for the month is easily 30k. Now kids also need things like clothes and nappies (for my smallest one). Then there are school fees: A local bilingual school won't be less than 10k a month. For my family including rent/car/utilities etc we spend about 100k per month. We don't live an expat life. We live in the suburbs surrounded by middle class Thais who spend the same if not more.
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