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  1. So here's a bit of Brexit craziness introduced into the VAT system, let me have Captain Kirk explain it - Basically because we have left the EU vat system, the government needs to collect VAT on things sent from the EU to the UK . But instead of collecting it in the post like they do now for non-EU imports, they they have decided to collect it at the point of sale. Which means anyone who wants to sell something to someone in the UK needs to register for UK VAT and charge VAT when they send it then remit that to the UK tax office. They have de
  2. Problem for businesses is we are 69 days away from the end of transition and we are still not sure what the new rules are, they are only just now being published. Those that are knowen are pretty crazy! Brexit has never shifted it's focus from hatred of the EU to working out what sort of country we want to be outside the EU. Because of this it will fail.
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