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  1. Your new Porsche is going to cost 10% more - oh dear https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/feb/15/porsche-asks-uk-buyers-to-commit-to-10-no-deal-brexit-surcharge?
  2. Reality Bites. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-02-12/brexit-s-project-fear-has-just-become-reality
  3. The simple but wrong answers problem is at the heart of Brexit . People knew they were not happy Brexit provided simple and apparently coherent answers as to why they were not happy So they voted for it Now, even when those answers have been proven to be wrong they won't change their minds So we fall off the cliff
  4. indeed, the whole of the EU is much better prepared for a possible no deal Brexit than the UK is.
  5. You wouldn't think that three simple words on a ballot paper could leave so much open to interpretation would you?
  6. “Would you like a beer that’s the most delicious you’ll ever taste?” “Yes please” “Ok but it is £12 a pint” “In that case I’ve changed my mind” “Not possible sorry” “But I didn’t know the cost” “Too late now” “And it looks horrible” “Just hold your nose and drink it”
  7. @Aright in the last thread said- I read today over the past four quarters UK GDP has risen by 1.3%, France by 0.9%, Germany by 0.6% and Italy by 0.1%. Things have got worse for Germany, in the last 6 mths their GDP has fallen by 0.1% while the UK's GDP has gone up by 0.8%. Where France is concerned their figures are overstated. Their growth apparently has been fueled by rocketing sales of yellow vests and stun grenades. Unfortunately it got it wrong. 1.3% is the UK year on year figure, .9% is the French last quarter figure, year on year was 1.4% just beating the UK. Germany was 1.5% and Italy .6%
  8. UK is a waning country too small to stand alone https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/feb/14/dutch-pm-on-brexit-uk-waning-country-too-small-stand-alone-mark-rutte “Who will be left weakened by Brexit is the United Kingdom,” he said. “It is already weakening, it is a waning country compared to two or three years ago. It is going to become an economy of middling size in the Atlantic Ocean. It is neither the US nor the EU. It is too small to appear on the world stage on its own.”
  9. More realistic view https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2019/feb/07/no-deal-brexit-medieval-siege-eu-britain-industries
  10. the brexit pizza, "we promise it comes with everything, but it actually comes with nothing and is also expensive and very hard to digest"
  11. 17.4 million people, didn't think about the problems their decisions would cause in NI To be fair no one really thought about it at the time. Maybe we should ask them again? if they affirm their choice, fully know all the problems it will cause in NI, then maybe we should ask the people in NI if they still want to be in the same country as them.
  12. I don't say or think it will be economic armageddon. If we leave with no deal there will be chaos and a recession - we'll probably all end up 10 - 20% poorer. People will lose their businesses, jobs and houses, there will be shortages, probably a few will die from those, but it won't be armageddon. What will slowly chock the UK is it becoming much less competitive to Europe. Businesses and jobs will be created there instead of here. We will become an economic backwater. We will be a competitor to the EU, so they won't make it easy for us, little laws and regulations will make it too expensive to base a multinational company here. They will have us in a slow stranglehold.
  13. I've not seen, either on here, or in the greeter scheme of things, one coherent point about how Brexit will make us richer. Now everyone seems to be saying, yes we know it will make us poorer, but the sovereignty....
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