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  1. but surely the "right thing" is defined by the knowledge of what is right we have now - not some previous decision we took some years ago with less insight? I'd hate to be forced to do these days, what I thought was right as a teenager.
  2. So your family votes to go to the zoo tomorrow. Tomorrow comes, you all drive to the zoo. But when you get to the Zoo, you find the admision is much more expensive than you thought, it's raining heavily and the sewers have overflowed all over the place and to cap it all the the zoo's one animal is a just a dog - it's a <deleted>zhu ! Do you still pay your money and go in because that's what you voted for ?
  3. You can't have a binding referendum or a vague proposal - otherwise people can say it means one thing to get you to vote for it, then try and implement something entirely different insisting that was what you voted for
  4. and do you think in their right mind, is going to look at the mess brexit has got this county into and think "that's what we need here too" It's caused political instability, social division, economic damage, loss of power and influence, destroyed trust in the uk and severely tarnished our international image. Almost all the Anti-EU parties in other EU have now either softened that stance or quietly abandoned it. The one good thing that's come out of breit has been the surge in support fot the EU both at home and abroad. If you think remainers are going to give up if we leave you are very wrong.
  5. But leaving with no deal crashes the economy worst of all . This makes people realize just how much we depended on the EU and will probably increase support for re-joining , which is what the rump of the UK will do in a few year - just with worse terms and much less influence.
  6. and how, pray tell me, have you or anyone you know, suffered from EU membership?
  7. And the DUP are now damned if they support Johnson's deal, damned if they don't . Truly Brexit is cursed - it will destroy all that embrace it . https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/oct/12/dup-options-johnson-eu-deal-reject-or-endorse-dilemma
  8. And this is one more reason why everything imported will cost more after Brexit
  9. It would be a turn out for the books if the Conservative and Unionist Party voted to separate NI !
  10. You seem to be forgetting that that parliament are the people who decide what we will do, leave or not.
  11. so surly if Brexit is going to involve such a major change to the constitutional framework of the UK as re-uniting Ireland, we should have another referendum to confirm that is what the people want? It's not something that was ever mentioned as a possibility in the last referendum campaign ....
  12. Can you really see the DUP backing a a plan to re-unify Ireland, no matter how big a bribe they were offered ? Or is it just you know nothing of the last 600 years or Irish history???
  13. Seems to be the plan - the brexiters seem happy to sacrifice the union on the altar of their blessed brexit.
  14. But so many brexiters have changed their tune - trying to change history retrospectively.
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