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  1. Re the first point - I'll reiterate my tweet from 4 years ago We can change the personalities delivering Brexit as many times as we want, we are never ever going to get any Brexit that delivers what was promised. This is simply because what the politicians who advocated Brexit promised was impossible to deliver in any real world situation. They made assumptions that politicians in other countries would betray their constituents and make concessions that would put themselves at an economic disadvantage. And how long would the EU last if they had
  2. Well Grove is an idiot, overconfident from his right-wing press connections and the use of certain controlled substances, Frosty is more of a zealot, but lacking in experience in trade negotiations and probably even more stupid. I'd not want either of them negotiating for me, either if I wanted brexit to succeed or fail to be honest.
  3. The problem with using depuration (purification) tanks is it shortens the shelf life of the bi-valves considerably - you need to get them on sale in your target market within 36 hours of finishing the process. This is why most British fisherman didn't do it themselves, but sold their produce on to be processed in France. He seems to be suggesting that some of the category 2 stock was being sold unprocessed to the public before ? In which case it's probably a good thing that Brexit has stopped this.
  4. I presume by backdoor he means fishing in polluted waters and getting the shellfish purified in the EU. He must be lucky and able to fish in catogary 1 waters, which need no purification for human consumption. Real problem is the amount of pollution in British fishing waters.
  5. but Scotland didn't Which is why Scotland needs to take back control and gain independance.
  6. You are not getting the same treatment because the UK specifically stated it doesn't what to adhere to EU standards (presumably to allow for a US trade deal) So you can't argue there is no valid reason to disrupt trade because we are not having identical regulations and standards, we have also refused to accept EU monitoring of those standards or mutually recognize qualifications. Therefor each load we ship now needs to be certified individually to adhere to the EU's standards.
  7. Prior to Brexit the UK supported the ban on imports of shellfish from polluted waters in third countries because it shut so many of their competitors. Nobody seems to have considered that after Brexit UK would become a third country itself! Now the EU can't make an exception for the UK because of those pesky WTO rules - It would have to allow imports from all third countries. UK could purify the shellfish itself, and while in theory these could then be sold to the EU, in practice the short post-purification shelf life would make it difficult. But they could sell them to
  8. More paperwork and costs have been added by the UK government insistance on the purest Brexit possible. Not recognising the ECJ as arbiter, no mutual recognition of standards and qualifications, insisting on their right to deviate from EU standards. All these things make exporting goods harder and more expensive.
  9. and 1,661,191 (62%) voted to remain - so why was wishes of the majority ignored ?
  10. Strangely enough we in Europe don't hear anything about the EU disintegrating. Must be that the Daily Express is better informed any European matters than all the press over here.....
  11. So not only is the EU going to disintegrate, now the SNP is. Lots of wishful thinking from brexiters/unionists who seem to manage to avoid cognitive dissonance somehow. I'd put money on Labour or the Tories splitting first. Of course post-independence it would be only natural for the SNP to split.
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