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  1. Spain has a lawful extradition request for Puigdemont, regardless of political views. He knowingly broke the law and defied the courts for his own political agenda. Brussels and the Belgian prosecutors are not complying with the law. Deliberately so. Neither did the Germans when Puigdemont was arrested there. Laws cannot be enforced based on political will. Too many politicians nowadays think they are above the law. This sort of behavior reinforces that belief.
  2. What's really shocking, and again sadly not surprising, is the complicity of Banks and some states in this. No questions about source of funds, and citizenship up for sale as long as you've got the money.
  3. Yes, sod elections and the rule of law. Go with mob rule eh?
  4. Thanks for that quote. Just guessing but was that Obama talking about Yingluck following their lovely smiley photo shoot?
  5. Easy to believe and understand. The Democrats, like all left liberal pc parties practice "do as we say not as we do" and are totally hypocritical in doing exactly what they criticize others for. Obama - interferes in Brexit Referendum - OK according to them - interferes in French Presidential election - OK according to them - interferes in forthcoming Canadian election - OK by them Russian interference, not proven, in US POTUS not OK. Only because they claim that's why Hilary lost. If she won, and the Russians had helped her, they wouldn't have said a word!
  6. The BBC reported earlier in the week, that a former English teacher and christian missionary in Malaysia, who was convicted of abusing over 200 children, some still infants, and sentenced to 25 years in the UK, following work by Australian police, was found stabbed to death in his cell in Yorkshire. He was convicted in UK due to the law allowing British citizens to be charged with criminal offenses committed overseas. He had also been bragging on the dark web with videos. Good work from the Aussie Police, British Police, Crown Prosecution Service and Convict X who decided the scumbag shouldn't be wasting oxygen!
  7. Could you provide the citation for that quote please?
  8. Are you an expert on the girly bars of Thailand? Frequent them purely for social observation?
  9. Depends where you buy. Our laptops and desk top all have genuine licensed software. Costs more of course. IME when you buy a new computer they ask you if you want genuine or not and quote the two prices. You pays your money and makes your choice. I always go for the genuine.
  10. or c) the UK leaves with no deal and negotiations continue, except the UK is no longer a EU member or d) Article 50 is revoked, the UK continues as a member on it's existing membership terms and then thinks carefully about its future now so much more information is known. Only option b) sells out the people of NI and will lead to bloodshed.
  11. Because the people of Northern Ireland are British and don't want to be forced not to be.
  12. Just think, a Democrat POTUS, and Democrats controlling both houses. The Show Trials can then really begin in earnest!
  13. True. Very often poor performing CEO's and Senior Managers get paid off - with massive "golden parachutes". Companies pay them off to avoid a stink; and certainly avoid questions about who employed them and selected them in the first place!
  14. Maybe so. But that doesn't justify such a large bonus and remuneration package given that the firm was in severe debt problems.
  15. Because the board and senior managers look after themselves and couldn't give a toss about anyone else, in many cases. And, as has been shown many times, auditors aren't always worth their fat salaries either.
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