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  1. Who is the "we" you have appointed yourself to represent and make statements for?
  2. The left have long tried to drown out other opinions being expressed. They know it it helpful to their goal of a totalitarian state in which only one doctrine is allowed.
  3. Only it seems that a tactic of the left is to suppress free speech by any whose views they don't like, by violence if necessary whilst claiming any view they don't like as racist, fascist, or hate speech. Then American constitution guarantees the right to free speech. It doesn't AFAIK, say that that speech must be approved by the PC liberals who detest opposing thoughts being spoken.
  4. No they are subservient to the Lizards, who they secretly serve, aided by the Masons, the Orangemen and Telly-Tubbies. But don't tell him or his tin hat may fall off!
  5. When did China annex Taiwan, or should we say the Republic of China?
  6. I hope the dozen or so who go get a cup of tea and sausage roll for their trouble.
  7. People aren't always bothered to go on-line and sign a petition. It said on this morning's BBC that it's now over 2 million so growing rapidly. Petitions require 100k signatures to stimulate a debate/vote in parliament. Big pro EU remaining rallies in the UK this weekend so expect that number on the petition to grow.
  8. Indeed. We can't manage mother nature we can only try and be prepared to deal with the extremes. Mrs. BB purchased an additional 3 larger water storage tanks after the last big drought; although we had minimum impact. She just recently had the original smaller tank remover - told her she was optimistic! It seems there are always issues about drought, and as soon as the rainy season comes, about flooding. Until a real government that focuses on real issues is in power, that's how it will be. Don't hold your breath!
  9. I know the UK Rob but not how it works in the Netherlands. I can't imagine an incoming Dutch government being allowed, or wanting to, change all the top civil servants. Please tell us if it's otherwise.
  10. There are rules and regulations that have to be followed. It can't be because of a personal dislike which appears Tarit's motive; or to make room for a relative or crony in a key position as in Yincluck's case. I don't know about others but in the UK there would be mass outrage if an incoming PM and cabinet tried to sack, demote or remove all the senior civil servants.
  11. Usual Brexiter intelligent comment. Over a million people margin Wow - oh wait, as another poster points out it's only 3.7% ! I didn't say she lost, I said she got a canning. Remind us, what was her majority before her snap election and what was it after the election? Did she fire her two top advisers afterwards? Brexit and Reality - now there's an oxymoron!
  12. Can you provide a link that shows the majority of guns in the hands of criminals came via thefts and burglaries from law abiding citizens please? I'd read several times that most guns in the hands of criminals in the UK came predominantly via the Armed Forces.
  13. Or maybe the Shin PR machine did it to get his name up before voters again and make it look like the authorities are incompetent (which most Thais know anyway).
  14. PR - so we can have huge amounts of elections with huge amounts of hung parliaments, failed coalitions and minority governments who never get anything done - like Italy etc. ?
  15. You don't think nearly all the MP's are crapping it at the thought of a GE? May does, which is why she's using the threat to coerce them. You always seem to forget the small margin who voted for Brexit. And the caning May got when she called a snap election and tried to campaign only on Brexit.
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