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  1. The could call themselves the Socialist Workers Party, or Momentum. Oh er, they've tried those already! Corbyn denies any reality he doesn't like, always has and always will. Time the old fossil was retired.
  2. Of course PTP won't cooperate. Their idea of reconciliation is to hold a vote in the early hours of the morning, after all opposition have been sent home by being told the vote won't be till the next day! And of course, vote to totally whitewash their big boss and give him lifetime immunity. Luckily for Thailand I think the new younger breed of politically savvy protesters and campaigners for change know PTP too well to be influenced by this gang. And won't let them try and grab power for their own benefit.
  3. Very true. But in a democratic country, you also have a totally independent judiciary (more independent in some than others!), that dispenses justice and enforces law without bias, favor and not based on politics. Also, the party or parties forming the government usually try to represent all their citizens, not just the ones who voted for them. Rather than rival gangs fighting for control of the trough in order to get rich/richer quick. The much vaunted Western democracies are also not performing and as information becomes more easily available seem not as whiter than w
  4. Could you please provide the evidence, siting reliable source(s), that confirm Trump specifically appointed De Joy to hold up mail ballots please. If not, please delete the post as it is against forum rules to post fake news. The poster is responsible for verifying they post factual news. Thanks
  5. which is totally immaterial. As is the fact that Obama was denied because he didn't have control of the senate. Boo hoo, so unfair, unless that unfairness favors the Democrats of course. Standard hypocrisy and grumbling when can't have their own way.
  6. Based on polls? Sure, no need to have elections, just have polls to make decisions. No wonder your country couldn't elect a government and had to run without one if others think like you! Just have a few polls 555! But only implement them if the polls results fit your agenda of course!
  7. Yes right. Meanwhile in the real world, WHO recognizes that Thailand has handled the pandemic brilliantly compared to all those wonderful "first world" nations in Europe, the US, Aussie etc. They all put money before people and are now enjoying their second lockdowns, curbs and curfews. Dumb idea not to close the borders and have millions affected.
  8. Thanks for posting this. But just goes to show how the new "process" is a vast improvement on the old one i.e. going to the Embassy with your completed application and payment and collecting your new passport a week later! Of course this must save millions!
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