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  1. Maybe, maybe not. The PTP regime were trying to borrow 2.2 trillion ThB as a loan; which they intended to spend off book, out of parliamentary scrutiny and without the usual checks and balances (Yingluck said this was to ensure they could act swiftly and urged people to "just tust us" 555!). Had they succeeded in securing this loan to themselves, and in bringing the big boss back totally whitewashed, how much do you think would have mysteriously been unaccounted for. The book keeping on the Rice Scheme gives a clue at likely transparency! Now, how long would a public debt like that take to pay? Potentially, Thailand would've been milked dry, for very little result, and bankrupted. Only the Shin wealth would have grown in more mega.
  2. Thaksin's war on drugs, and the summary executions of many without trial who were never proved connected to the drug trade, is well documented. But please confirm the links to the reports on Thaksin's crusades to prevent child abduction and slavery as this seems to be not so well documented. Thanks in advance.
  3. Actually, not one guy. There was his whole extended family; plus close associates; plus the hangers on and cronies; plus the lowly party workers and civil servants etc etc. All needed to grease the wheels of the kleptocracy. But your're right - he was the main man took the lion's share.
  4. Rather feeble attempt to spike any comments you might not like about your heroes. Yes, both were legally elected. And both were legally convicted by a court of law. Guess you forgot to mention the latter. Or to mention that Thaksin dissolved parliament, then resigned as caretaker PM and a replacement was duly appointed. Only Thaksin changed his mind and wanted the job back. So he took it on no one's authority but his own. When on route to represent Thailand at the UN he had no legal right to do so. Yingluck also dissolved parliament, shortly after vowing not to! She was removed from the caretaker PM position for an illegal abuse of power. She had previously failed in her attempts to sneak through a blanket whitewash for her brother which brought massive demonstrations out against the Shin family which ironically facilitated the 2014 coup. You might also remember Thaksin was acquitted on a charge of false asset disclosure by a majority decision. He was convicted of abusing his power in a land purchase scam with his former wife; even after the notorious bribes in a pastry box scandal for which his lawyer was jailed. There you are a bit of context. Hardly pristine socially responsible philanthropists are they? More like trying to create a kleptocracy controlled by their family a la Hun Sen and reminiscent of the Del Santos family.
  5. Do you think Biden's flip from his stance in 2016 to a complete reversal in 2020 is also hypocritical?
  6. Under a free trade agreement they wouldn't be able to continue to do that. EU member state produced beer, wines, spirits, cheese, meat and other food products - competing without the restrictive 100% PLUS luxury goods taxes. No protection for local businesses. Will never fly!
  7. No it won't. Not unless some dramatic changes take place to the justice system; the checks and balances system; and the endemic systemic corruption that permeates all levels of society.
  8. Can you please provide references to the proven fact that Trump has actively solicited foreign interference please? Thanks
  9. Based on the performance of the politicized US intelligence world, my cat probably understands Russian FP better!
  10. Meanwhile the EU marches on to becoming a federal state, governed by non elected bureaucrats and rubber stamp parliaments. Just the sort of central state controlled society so loved by the left, socialists, democrats et al. In the meantime it continues as a non entity, simply brushed over by China, Russia, Turkey etc who don't take it seriously.
  11. Interesting point. If the system was purely who got the most votes, 2 or 3 states might effectively decide who was President which the other 47/8 might not want. As it is, winning the popular vote is not a guarantee of winning. How that is changed, if it is, remains to be seen. Are we on the cusp of a change of world leader / policeman? A US break up? A more central Federal government state?
  12. Well, he was used to acting like that with Obama. He tried to blatantly interfere in the Brexit referendum and influence the vote. Seems he interfered somewhat in Ukraine too!
  13. The "world" isn't politically correct Scandinavia or the nice tolerant West, the hypocritical UN pantomime or left wing media. Where have her tours to China, India, SEA, Russia etc been reported - her lecturing and telling off of Xi, Putin and Modi? Oh, wait a minute, they aren't patronizing Western countries. Ah, the comfort of protesting where you know its all allowed, welcomed and rewarded rather than actually challenging the massive polluters. Still, if Obama can get the award, for basically nothing, then why not? Nobel must be spinning in his grave.
  14. Sounds like my ex-wife and her loony pals. They didn't believe in God, but believed in "the Universal Force" and would write notes put in the sunlight on window sills with crystals, sea shells and rocks on to ask for things they wanted! They all thought they'd join the force after they died! Whacky backy!
  15. If you've got money you can buy a new nationality easily. Buy one from a EU member state and you're free to roam in the EU too. Corrupt politicians, businessmen and very wealthy criminals - all seem to be able to purchase nationalities and avoid all the bank checks imposed on us mere mortals at will.
  16. Yes - a good example of using Interpol correctly and inter police cooperation. Thailand also had no problem letting him in it seems. Which all goes to show criminals can leave and enter countries without necessarily being detected.
  17. The SNP and supporters call people who don't support Scottish independence traitors. Many are ethnic Irish rather than Scots. Fueling anti English sentiment is clearly going to help their cause although Mrs Sturgeon will deny she's anti English in anyway. Actually, as you point our, we're all British. Acts against the UK are treasonous. It's not English people telling Scottish nationalists what to think. No one does. They think as they wish. But it should be British people who vote in any referendum that fundamentally alters any aspect of the country and / or its constitution. Not a minority of about 4% of the population dictating their will.
  18. The House of Lords, can at best, cause slight delay. No veto. The large opposition is thanks to previous Labour regimes creating peerages for people who donated large amounts of money to their party! A relic that's been turned into a pantomime of an old boys and gals club.
  19. Rather like the French, who still think French is an international language France is a colonial power; or the Germans who believe Merkel leads the free world; or the Americans who see the US as the current world's policeman; or the Chinese who want to quietly do what they want and stuff the RoW; or Putin, Erdogan etc The list is endless.
  20. Your country is the UK. And has been for several hundred years. Did you read the interesting article on the Shetlands btw? Seems their council is thinking of it's own referendum to be free from Scotland's parliament and governance.
  21. I voted remain. Most of my UK relations voted to leave. What's noticeable is it tends to be the younger ones that are intolerant of different opinions than their own. Sad.
  22. That's what I wrote. He should have been smarter and either inadvertently gave them that, or didn't notice and fell into their trap. Either way he's responsible and therefore must find a way out. His actions now are his attempts (or should we say Cumming's attempts?).
  23. That's a fair point actually. But both Brexiters and Remainers lost all moral high ground during the run-up to the referendum and afterwards. My eldest daughter was abused verbally and vilified by other students at her university for daring to express different views to the "mob". (She has very different political views to me, as is her right). Those doing the abusing were Remainers. All because Cameron thought he was being clever and could shut up the Tory anti EU faction.
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