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  1. On 3/21/2021 at 5:37 PM, DrJack54 said:

    You making this stuff up! So if using money in bank and your imm office (ie Jomtien) requires you to show your bankbook etc 3 months after extension granted and you just happen to be overseas then you need fly back to Thailand to show your bank book. 

    Good one. Ha


    Don't be ridiculous. That's not what I said or implied. It would be prudent to contact immigration before going overseas and agree what to do - before, after or they might waiver.


    You seem to think arrogantly turning up and saying you were overseas will be politely accepted. There is nothing to say it will or won't yet. Perhaps you should be the volunteer instead of misleading others when you clearly ain't got a clue.

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  2. 4 hours ago, Saltire said:

    The 'big deal' for doing my 90 day in person is the 320Km round trip to spend 5 minutes in the office.


    For 4 years I have used the online for all but one of my previous reports (last one being new passport requring a visit to move stamps and do 90 day at the same time).


    So it's not a case of 'popping down' for many of us.


    Mine is due 17 April, I will go 20th and when I am there ask if they will accept mail in option in lieu off no online.


    It really is a PITA and I would do a happy dance if it was done away with.





    Indeed. Some people have much further to travel; and some offices are more "unique" in their requirements for things. 


    It's also the case that things can go smoothly, almost becoming a breeze for several years and then, for no particular reason or logic someone decides to make it more awkward. It's the "whim of the boss, new boss or individual officer that can make a simple task difficult, for no apparent reason. 

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  3. On 3/12/2021 at 7:59 PM, DrJack54 said:

    Stop worrying. If you deal with imm office that requires you to show bankbook post 3 months and you are not in the country then just visit imm office upon return. Bring along passport to show stamps out/in and TM6. 


    And you have this on authority do you?


    No, it's just you thinking you can apply common sense and logic, as you see it. And as we've read, time and time again, common sense and logic have nothing to do with it. All depends on the individual officer on the day!


    I'd suggest anyone in this position contacts their Immigration Office and ask them before, not after.

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  4. On 3/11/2021 at 3:09 PM, DrJack54 said:

    Talk about putting a spin on things.

    There are ~ 80 immigration offices. I suggest 70+ offices do not require return to imm 3 months post application to check funds. To put it more simply there are a few rogue offices that require this, with Jomtien being the largest. Absolute ridiculous situation.


    What are you talking about? Some do, some don't. You seem to think that just because many don't it means that's some sort of rule. It doesn't. The issue is there are no standard and set procedures around how officers must apply the rules and verify things. Therefore there can be no "rogues" as you insist but simply differences. As to what makes some officers and offices do things differently, we can only speculate as their is no direction or comment from the center.


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  5. On 3/7/2021 at 6:58 AM, DrJack54 said:

    Don't think it works that way.

    If your were o/s the report back showing the funds would need to be done upon return.

    Your stamp in pp would show when you exited and returned.

    However don't know how it works when your away from your area in Thailand. Perhaps someone that deals with one of these rogue immigration offices could advise.



    There is no empirical evidence to check how it works. But logically, if you were overseas and missed reporting back showing your bank balance was maintained, you'd have to go when you returned. 

    Of course, assuming the balance has been maintained.

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  6. On 3/8/2021 at 11:40 AM, Chicken George said:

    My local office checks your balances for the previous year when you renew. If you have not kept the balance up no renewal and have to start again... No idea if they have canceled anyone's as I can only report what they said to me. 


    I thinks that's what they, or the vast majority did, to start with. 

    But that doesn't answer how they would deal with the issue of the previous extension being cancelled as soon as you went below the required balance.  If, as some offices clearly indicate, your extension of stay permission is cancelled, then you would be on overstay because you are here without a valid visa or visa extension. 

    The have been no reports of this actually happening, and hopefully no one will ever find themselves in that position. But until then, prudence seems better.

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  7. On 3/8/2021 at 9:48 AM, DrJack54 said:

    @Gold Star I think the above advice is on the money.

    Being Oz and not having the option of income affidavit from my embassy I use money in the bank method. I choose to put 800+ in an FD account and just leave it.

    Be aware that's it's very few immigration offices that require you to return 3 months after your extension is approved. As far as I know no office has required the 3 month report back followed by another 3 months later. However I guess anything is possible.

    If you know your plans re living area when in Thailand you could check out local requirements. The vast majority do not require follow up check as per Jomtien along with few others which make their own rules.


    These type of changes, IME, usually occur when new senior officer(s) come in. It seems they like to change a few things to show they've arrived! 

    Bit like charging a fee for the "free" address confirmation - some charge, some don't. But depends on the boss at the time.

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  8. On 3/7/2021 at 6:58 AM, DrJack54 said:

    Don't think it works that way.

    If your were o/s the report back showing the funds would need to be done upon return.

    Your stamp in pp would show when you exited and returned.

    However don't know how it works when your away from your area in Thailand. Perhaps someone that deals with one of these rogue immigration offices could advise.



    Given that most if not all offices seem to have their preferences and quirks; not to mention individual IO oddities, why do you insist on calling these offices "rogue' for checking compliance in a way that's not how you'd prefer? 

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  9. On 3/6/2021 at 10:35 PM, DrJack54 said:

    They can check all that at time of next extension. The same way that 95+% of immigration offices currently do.


    They could. But that doesn't mean other offices won't follow suit or introduce their own variant. What is not known is why some have chosen to do this, others not.

    Is it some how envisaged as saving them time when processing renewal applications? Or have some offices had issues with people not complying? Or another idea to get people to use agents? 

    Unfortunately, it's all speculation. 

  10. On 3/6/2021 at 10:31 PM, damascase said:

    They are only verifying whether you comply with the legal requirements........


    Perhaps. But why not check monthly then? Yes that would be an overkill. But why only check the 400k after 6 months and not 9? 

    I really have no idea, nor does anyone else. We can speculate but that all it is. 

    And why are all offices not verifying compliance? 

    The reason Big Joke introduced this during his short reign seems to have been lost really. All it has done is create another rule that some seek to circumvent, and more bureaucracy for some. 

    I haven't read any reports so far of anyone whose not complied. So we have yet to see what happens. 

  11. On 2/17/2021 at 1:05 PM, Tanoshi said:

    Does it!

    In that case you'd automatically be on a 1 year overstay.


    Yes it does. So not only have you cancelled your permission to stay, you'd be on overstay, and would be refused your next extension. A kind IO might give you 7 days to leave. A not so kind one might arrest you and send you to the IDF. You want to take the chance?


    Some offices are being proactive in checking. Sure it's a pain but it's not surprising given the attitude that some people show.

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  12. On 2/17/2021 at 2:23 PM, DrJack54 said:

    Nothing of the sort. As posted many times this return after 3 months to show funds nonsense  is done by a handful of rogue immigration offices. There are ~ 80 offices in Thailand. 


    So what would you call diligent? To not bother checking and put the onus on the foreigner? And then refuse the next extension if the foreigner hadn't maintained the balance for whatever reason?



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  13. I extended my permission to stay end of last month. Pathumthani immigration now requires 2 additional visits to confirm the financials are maintained. My extension was granted and a slip inserted in my passport. The requirement now is to go back in 3 months to show the 800k ThB balance minimum has been maintained; and then go back in another 3 months to show the 400k ThB balance minimum has been maintained. The slip also states that failure to go back or maintain the balances means the visa / extension is cancelled. The nice lady who takes the photographs and hands finished passports back was carefully pointing this out to everyone.


    Other changes were that the officer checking documents also now takes the fee and inserts it in your passport before taking the docs through to the general office. Change is given with the receipt and passport are returned. You used to have to get a new TM30 produced first. Now they just take a photocopy of the existing one. If you don't have one then you must go and get one first.


    General comment: almost all of the officers were new, including the seniors. The general office was full of stacks of forms and paperwork, tied in large bundles with ribbon; stacked 2-3 feet high. Must be having a clear out?  

    The process was very quick and efficient. The officers worked hard and the queue cleared very quickly. But I really have no idea as to why they now want to see bank books after 3 months and again after 6. 

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  14. 4 minutes ago, Jingthing said:

    You bring up an interesting issue.

    Supposing you fail to report for a required bank check and then show up later for your next extension showing non compliance. Or the same but no required three month bank check. 


    It is my understanding that we've had some cases of that and I think the consequences are only rejection of the next extension application. 


    In other words in practice non compliance isn't canceling the current extension. 


    That said its my impression that we have no reports of someone showing up for a three month bank check in non compliance. Why would they show up?


    Hopefully Ubonjoe can confirm or deny my assumptions. 


    Will be very interesting to read Ubonjoe's opinions on this.


    From memory, and mine's not brilliant these days!, the cases I've read about, were as you comment. They didn't maintain the 400k, usually by some simple mistake rather than intention, and had problems when trying to obtain a new extension.


    But I'm sure I read somewhere in the blurb that an extension based on retirement is conditional on the 800/400k balances being maintained. If you dip below it's no longer valid.


    I guess anyone who intentionally / knowingly went below the 800k for the 3 months wouldn't show up - but ought to be planning to leaving, should the worst happen. I got the feeling that the 3 month check was a look at the bank book statement balance and that the copies were filed 'somewhere" rather than a system update. So maybe no one would notice in practice until the next application. 


    My assumption, right or wrong, is that they could say the extension was cancelled, if they wanted to for some reason. A bit like cancelling your marriage extension if you divorce. I don't like leaving these things to chance - it's bad enough with each officer have their own interpretations!

  15. On 2/13/2021 at 12:57 PM, EvetsKram said:

    Not on overstay, it's due in a few months.  I'd love to work but I am constantly told I'm too old at 63. I have a degree in health & years teaching at tertiary level.  Too young for a pension & refuse to die in a prison


    Immigration can only tell you about and apply the rules. They would probably tell you that if you can't prove the financial requirements then an extension would be denied. And you'd have 7 days to leave the country.


    If wife and or her family; or your family and or friends can't or won't help with a loan, then you're screwed.


    Reads like wifey has lost interest now the money's all gone and happy for you to go. Sorry if that's the case. But money is all important here. 

  16. 39 minutes ago, Tanoshi said:

    No longer a requirement to file a new TM30 when returning from an overseas trip and returning to the same address as already registered with your IO.

    A retirement Visa you certainly don't have (non existent). It appears you have a permit to stay for 1 year based on retirement and you had a re-entry permit to re-enter.


    If using the 800K funds in the bank to obtain your annual extensions, not all IO's are requesting to provide proof of funds after obtaining the extension, just a minority.


    Agree that offices approach things differently. Mine want to see the balance is maintained after 3 months, copy of passport, relevant extension stamp, and bank book taken. 


    Those that don't, ? majority, will however no doubt check the appropriate balances have been maintained at the next extension application. It is also worth remembering that not maintaining the required funds for the required durations cancels the extension granted. 



  17. 17 hours ago, Stevemercer said:


    My guess is we will see more IOs requiring proof of funds at the 60 day and 90 day points.


    Most IOs do the check retrospectively (e'g. when you apply for the next years extension) but this could be problematic if a person is found to be retrospectively non-compliant. What will the IO do? Refuse an extension and give the person 7 days to leave?


    Presumably the person is non-compliant from the date their balance slipped below the required amount, but was only picked up when the IO did the retrospective check? Legally, it would be difficult to apply a penalty retrospectively? And maybe the IO could be seen as being at fault since they let the person go into non-compliance at the time by not checking in a more timely way?


    Whatever ,it could be a difficult situation for all concerned.


    I believe you are wrong. Keeping the required 800k and then 400k minimum is both a condition of your permission to extend your stay and your responsibility to adhere to. Those offices checking after 3 months are being diligent. Other offices prefer not to check but usually remind recipients that it will be checked when applying for the next extension.


    The wording is such that if you don't maintain the balances then the extension is cancelled. You are therefore here without a valid visa extension and are effectively on overstay. The onus would be on you to leave within the permitted 7 days, or go to Immigration and try and find an alternative way.


    There is no requirement on the IO's to police this as you suggest. Otherwise you would need to visit monthly to prove the 400k was there. The requirement is simple enough; as are the remedies should someone not satisfy them.


    I wouldn't recommend anyone relying on arguing that Immigration hadn't checked as a point of law! Or even thinking Thai Law is the same as "back home". 


    Last year I remember the officer who processed my application and the superior who signed off both nicely explaining this requirement and making sure recipients were fully aware. 

  18. 1 hour ago, Geoffggi said:

    I would be very surprised if the people going there were not aware of this possibility prior to leaving Thailand so no real surprises .................LOL


    There are lady only spas in Abu Dhabi that offer various traditional massages. A male requiring a therapy massage will only have male masseurs. 


    There are also plenty of ads for massages, escorts, etc there too nowadays. 


    Anyone thinking of working their needs to very clearly distinguish between the two.

  19. On 1/20/2021 at 11:04 AM, 4reaL said:


    Like in some US Police forces if they are/were jump qualified (in the military) they are allowed to wear them on their uniforms.



    Several teachers and civil servants I know wear them on their uniforms. None were in the military or jump qualified. I was told, rightly or wrongly, they had done a course in which they jump of a para training tower x number of times. I suspect some never even did this. None had jumped from an aeroplane.

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