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  1. I had 4 beemers before but the 5 years bsi takes the worry out of that imo. They are very fun to drive too. I love Mercedes too, below is my AMG C43 at the car wash today. I just don't see anything else that I really fancy right now. I do agree Mercs are more reliable, the wife's outgoing car never had a problem in 4 years but I heard good things about Z4 reliability. BTW I checked our boxter price it was 7 million. Is that wrong?
  2. I have a friend who does it and lives with his Thai wife in Rayong. A lot of what he does is just have conversations. It's through a Web site and he has students in South America and Asia. He enjoys it. Obviously, the visa situation is fluid here. There's always a way but there's always a cost. I remember clearly, flying into swampy and getting pulled by immigration. They told me outright they did not buy the <deleted> student visas I had and that they were in their rights to turn me around. But They then asked "do you have family here, Th
  3. Yeah, I know you weren't buying it. I think he believes that the people that buy one of the 24,000 BMW or Mercedes here each year will be killed, kidnapped or extorted. This may qualify for the most bizarre reason for "why somebody shouldn't buy a German car" I've seen here. Anyway, in a gross breach of budget, and considering my upcoming solo trip to Samui, we both really like the Z4 M40i. It's got a slightly tougher look than the regular Z4 and does 0-100 in 3.8 seconds. So now it's down to seeing what kind of deal we can get. I'd
  4. Nothing, we aren't talking really high end mega rich cars, like Ferarris. I know a few guys here that have always had those or Lambos and it was never an issue. Well, except for the guy that got shot but that was a business dispute.
  5. I can definitely see the appeal but I am a creature of comfort! Would be a great on for my son though.
  6. We have a 2nd house in a lovely part of Isaan that cost 3 million to build. It does seem a bit mental but when I lived in US, cars cost peanuts. In Denmark it was 200% tax. And here, houses are cheap, food is cheap, cars are expensive. You eventually to forget the relative prices of things back home. I've been here 22/23 years, I don't have a good home country measure to go by.
  7. Just had sushi in a little place in Krungthep Krita Rd. Parked next to an i8 on the way in. On the way out three Germans in a row. Not sure where you are that these cars would stick out like a sore thumb. In my neck of the wood's, owning a car does not present an existential threat.
  8. She uses it for school runs, shopping, nights out, driving to Nakhorn Nowhere (but car hire means we fly/rent) - but mostly around town doing whatever it is that women do. We don't want a project but something old & quirky would actually be pretty cool - I love the old Alpines... You have something in mind, sir?
  9. That does look nice - almost like the Evoque - but then it's Volvo so will still be going in 50 years. Probably doesn't have cheap plastic door handles either. The S60 looks nice too - almost a hint of American muscle. Speaking of which - a Dodge Charger or a Mustang would be very nice to have here - or even a Nissan 370z or GTR. Not in my budget though....
  10. I think that's great. Everybody should have a wife like that! You are lucky. But the fact she doesn't want one doesn't mean you can judge those that do. Everyone seems to think it's about face or impressing people. For some - it's also not about a choice between a car and something else. Some just got to a point where their car budget went up and they maybe took one for a spin to see what they were like. I got my first BMW on Fathers day, when my wife said "why don't we take you to the motor show for fathers day". Then she said "why don't we go to that Irish Pub first?". The rest
  11. That would be much more sensible. In July year, I wanted to buy a 530e, but I ended up with a C43 coupe. I walked into Benz, saw the coupe from behind and knew immediately I was in trouble. But since then, we never missed the size of the 5 and got rid of it in December. It was gathering dust. Since then I've noticed a lot of dealers targeting this price, no idea why, so it's a hunt for the best 4 wheels for that price with an eye on stealing it off the wife at the weekends. If it has lots of horses - even better. I am sure there are much better ways to approach this. He
  12. We don't really need big. We did and we started looking at bigger cars but I think we've gone past the need as a family. We had a 5 till the end of last year - which we needed when my son was in his teens and my daughter young enough to need a saddle bag everywhere we went. But a big car seems unnecessary now. Plus, I am thinking - one day soon, it'll all be electric. The days of scaring birds out of the trees when you start the engine will be a thing of the past. It seems the manufacturers are putting in a bit more ooomph in the cars for less money - so I am thinking
  13. Yeah - well if you'd read the thread - you would know I wasn't saying that.
  14. Read the thread - you'll figure it out. It's all flowers and love here, isn't it?
  15. I think there's more than 1 type of test done BTW - there's a blow up Vios at 27 seconds - maybe some members here want to get one.
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