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  1. Property values have risen and people that own the properties are now looking to upgrade and make the changes. A lot of the old places are going away. All you have to do is look around the area of sala daeng and you can see it. Personally I think PAT PONG is going to be gone in 10 years if not sooner. People are not interested in the market there and the stalls and the ping pong shoes are over done. Every other part of the area is upgraded and from what I am told the rents that are being charged are through the roof. Khao san had to make a few changes to stay relevant as there are not as many backpackers as there used to be. For the rest of the city it is easy to explain Bangkok is a major international city therefore like Toronto and Ottawa in Canada and Las Vegas and other NYC and other cities it has to grow.
  2. Instead of band aid's they need to revamp the whole country much like a lot of the world you have to fun for the whole family especially kids Imagine how a hotel in Bangkok would do if it had a water park The young people have some money but the family rules.
  3. Not just a sign of the times for US. A lot of countries are also getting stricter. Cdns are looking forward to after petite Pierre leaves and things can get tougher lol
  4. All you need to do is look at Thai law The first thing you have to show is that you are allowed to get married. Embassies have to prove. Therefore a marriage is a marriage. I would get a legal firm with international experience stay away from small shop legal advice
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