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  1. Not that long ago that they made helmets mandatory in Canada. Only way it worked was heavy fines and loss of bikes
  2. The issue is that while husband's want wives that are not just devoted daughters and mother's, just like in the west they also want the 2000 baht hooker in bed. Thai wives seem to be oblivious to what many men want and when someone shows them interest and offers what they need. Not much different than a guy that is married but goes to Nana or walking street.
  3. My worry is the speed that these were created and the fact that all long term possible side effects have been investigated. There have been many cases where quick solutions did not work in the long run.
  4. The only solution that makes any sense is for the government to sell all but 10% of it's shares to Private (non government related) companies so that it can be run as a private business without the taxpayers pockets. That will ensure that it is run profitably as share holders will want profits as well as the creditors. The other solution is for the government to give shares to the creditors so that they can decide the fate of the airline and ensure that they get reimbursed and have control of the board of directors
  5. The real solution is to just have him sit in a room and "talk" to the people that he fleeced. Preferably with a shower facility available with a wet soapy floor
  6. The solution is simple. No helmet you lose the bike. Start walking. Driving while impaired lose the vehicle and your license
  7. Just saw a Thai air plane leave don muang lol
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