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  1. They will not be cheap as most are in a debt up to their eyeballs
  2. First Op Where do you live. If you are in Bangkok then there are other things to do besides go drinking If you are in a small village then that poses different problems While I applaud everyone that has suggested AA the issue is are you near an AA. Also do you have other farang friends that you can talk to that are not heavy drinkers like yourself. The last choice I would suggest is of course if you really want to straighten yourself out and get a different look at life https://wat-thamkrabok.org/ is always an alternative.
  3. Don't know about the UK but I am getting parcels from the US and Canada with no slow down at all. China is taking a couple of extra days though.
  4. Steven I think you hit the nailon the head. While there is an issue with people going to countries due to the virus this is more about the fact that THAI a. has no money b. has no credit Therefore has no way to pay bills at other countries airports. No one is going to give Thai any credit service until they go through receivership. To put it in ways people will understand. If you were at a bar with a guy and he said I will buy the next round if you buy this round but he is completely skint and has no money the atm machines laugh at him when he tries to get money. Would you believe him?
  5. Not sure if this is the right place so please move if you want. I was just reading the Taiwan Times and the Taiwanese Government just put out a bounty on overstayers. Speaking in Taipei, the MOI also said a new reward system would be introduced with up to NT$ 20,000 payable to those reporting overstayers upon arrest. Long a haven of overstayers and ‘visa-run’ expats who typically renew three month tourist visas with a quick trip to Hong Kong or elsewhere in Asia before returning to Taiwan to work illegally, the new system is being introduced as a three month amnesty on illegal overstayers comes to an end in late June. Payments for those reporting overstayers will start at NT$ 2,000 for the detention of a single overstayer, NT$ 5,000 for between 4 and 6 overstayers and NT$ 10,000 should 7 – 9 overstayers be detained by authorities. The maximum reward of NT$ 20,000 will only be paid out if 10 or more overstayers are arrested. The exchange with the Thaibaht is almost 1-1.
  6. I am wondering how Thai can even be flying at all at this point. I am sure it will have trouble landing in other airports or getting fuel or maintenance done to planes as well as getting food and other items. These are normally billed to the company but when a company goes to bankruptcy it tells everyone to cut the credit as they have no means of collection.
  7. having the holiday in September would be a better idea if they have it at all. Families right now are trying to put together the money for schools tuition, uniforms andbooks. Schools must at this point be getting low on their reserves Giving people a holiday at this time is stupid. wait a couple of months until people feel safer travelling and have the funds to spend.
  8. lock down for another week I don't think it will be the big thing that it is in the past people just do not have the time or tourists to make it that strange.
  9. Beaches yes anything else NO Most Thais just as they normally do will decide that it makes more sense to leave the kids in the country for that week and then start them at school on the following monday or when ever the holiday is over. Therefore just like normal people will travel home to the country a few will head to the islands like Koh Chang and Samed but i do not see this helping Pattaya or Bangkok As a matter of fact it will hurt Bangkok as most of the people leave the city and there is no tourism so you are not going to have any big water parties anywhere.
  10. Okay first question who do they think is going to pay for this upgrade of the buildings. There is no way you can take go go bars and discos and make them family friendly. I agree that a makeover would do wonders but I wonder who is going to pay for it now that the market and tourist business is slow and most of these bars are just if at all going to pay their rent let alone anything else. It would make more sense to move walking street to a different area and bring in more tourist friendly things like maybe a convention center/casino. I think that there is more money going to be available both to the government and to the city businesses if they brought in a real casino that was not corrupt or rigged.
  11. Be nice when they get the whole line opened. Too bad they did not think of adding parking at some of these laces though
  12. Bars will not be open. Remember Bars are to stay closed until after schools start this means the earliest a bar can be open is app 15 july
  13. Tell me that people did not expect that it would make money when no one was allowed to travel thereby meaning no cars on the road or tolls and no one riding the BTS because everything is closed. After travelling into BKK twice this week I can tell you that June is not gong to be a good month for the BTS either LOL
  14. Sailor you are right. At the moment tourism in EVERY COUNTRY is screwed. I talk to my friends at home in Canada that live in a tourist city and they tell me they are planning for the worst year. No one wants to travel as they are afraid of the bug. The fact that you add in the high baht is killing the non tourism busineses because it is over pricing what they have to sell and stopping a lot of people from buying things even here. I know I have slowed down on my purchasing of non essentials until I get a better return. As to hotels and bars personally I think it id a good thing and that it is going to help the country in the long run. There are were too many bars/gogo bars and such that were hanging on by the skin of their teeth and ripping off tourists. As to hotels again there are too many and it is time for those that can survive to survive and those that were on life support to have the plug pulled. None of this is Thaicentric it is going to be the same in every country no matter where or how big.
  15. Everyone here is forgetting one thing. The bar closure is not just for COVID. To be Honest I think that is the last thing they are thinking about except that it gives the righteous non drinking and alcohol should be banned crows a leg to stand on. The longer the bars are closed the lower the death rate in Thailand from vehicle accidents AKA stupidity will be. They could care less about the bars or the bar girls or anything to do with that they are just looking at how they can rewrite the history of this year by saying that 2020 under the present government showed the least number of deaths in the country. Look at how screwed up this is. First they say that schools will open on July 1st then they try to run on tv a program for all students even though none of the schools follow the same lesson planning or curriculum. Now they are saying u\yes schools will open but they are only allowed to have half the students actually attend class on a given day. After all this they then turn around and say that they want people to travel in July and are going to give out discount vouchers even though most families are going to be either dead broke or in hawk up to their assets from getting their kids in school. Next even though they have admitted that kids need to get back to school some one floats the idea of we will bring back Songkran in July for a week. Imagine schools just get the kids back into a learning frame of mind (thai version) then they have to stop for a week and start all over again. Just as these schools are getting money to pay their bills they have to shut down and give everyone a paid holiday for a week. Yeah a lot of thinking is gong on somewhere. OH YEAH AND SONGKRAN WILL BE DRY (no booze)
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