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  1. I have used the same parlour for 4 years. I can tell when they are not doing it right and stop them. Owner makes sure new girl is told what to do and not do. Also told what makes me happy and that I give really good tip if treated right
  2. Koh Samed lots of beach good food and beer also scenery on beach is not bad
  3. An alcoholic is someone that can not self regulate and does not know when to quit. I would suggest based on the people I have known that you are not but that you easily could become one. My advice is to trade beer for something else when you drink for a while and see what happens. Consider this at this time you have a good deal of free time. Imagine if your wife tells you where to go and leaves you then you will have more time. My suggestion to see if you can find something that you both like and do it. I have started going window shopping only because she likes it. You re in more danger of screwing up your life with your family than you are at this point being an alcoholic but if you screw up the family you could end up there easily.
  4. There is little wrong with the bus. They are used in quite a few countries. the problem is with the drivers that do not know how to drive them or understand that while the speed limit might be 80 that is for a car and is based on perfect driving conditions.
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