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  1. I am wondering if some of the experts here can shed light on the latest thing being advertised. Are sponsored work permits real and are they legal. Can you shed light on how they work and what the differences are with some of the other deals.
  2. I ageree that it would be a grat time to re invent Pattaya waterfront. The only problem is the idiots that own the properties or have enough clout to make it impossible. There is absolutely no reason that walking street could not be redone as a 24 hour walking street with a day time attraction of a boardwalk and good food as well as nice shops but also a a nightlife area that is allowed to come to life at 9 pm. The object is to cut down on the number of bars and girls on the street.
  3. "The Chinese government says rural families were also relocated to new areas with better infrastructure and services, sometimes making way for conservation areas. Members of poor families were then hired to patrol conservation forests, according to official state information." So people living in a slum along the Chao praya are going to willing let their houses be destroyed and be forced to move to a different part of Bangkok and put into a forced labour camp and workforce working for Nike for 300 baht a day or working construction. Nope sorry can't see it. The first t
  4. Personally I think taking it to a lawyer and paying him to resolve this is the best solution. The more you stay out of it the better.
  5. They should also cap the amount that people can borrow. I can just see -people saying ok do not have to make payment i borrow more then when this is all over they are going to get killed. The people that are in trouble though are the ones that did not get loans from the bank but from the local guy
  6. Silly question but is this university known for creating good doctors what is the grad success rate
  7. I think that this is a job for that Thai man among men righter of wrongs scourge of the PM the man that everyone getting kickbacks from scanners hates Mr do nto overstay or I will get you Ladies and gentlemen he is NOT A JOKE BUT HE IS BIG JOKE. I think the idea of having a committee to voersee things is a good idea if they can gt the right people. Let's face it if she has a
  8. I disagree with your comment. I find that the problem is that they want to achieve but do not have the tools to do it. Thailand is like a lot of South Asian countries it is consumed in the Western world ideals. Everything is about having what your friends have. It is about owning an Iphone when a normal phone will work just as well. The difference between here and let's say UK USA Canada is that there is a welfare system to help you and that there are limits on what you can borrow due to a real credit rating system. Example try buying an Iphone
  9. I think if the right buyer came with the right deal that the creditors would rather deal that way then see the company go bankrupt and lose a lot of money. Creditors would rather see dimes on the dollar than pennies. The catch is that whoever takes it over has to do so without the government or government banks having more that 10% of the shares. There are people that can do it but they have to want to do it.
  10. I thought last week they set a price that hospital could charge for vaccine.
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