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  1. It looks as though I'm allergic to cats too. Bought some Clarityne tablets, symptoms went in a couple of days. Do I need to take these every day, or just when I get problems? Will be wearing a face mask when around cats in future.
  2. Is this a new requirement for Non Imm O visas ? I'm on a retirement "visa"
  3. After receiving an email telling me that they had made an agreement to show the first 2 group games, I've now had a further one to say that beIN won't be showing the CL or Europa League, as "rights are not acquired". To say I'm really incredibly annoyed at this, after they made a TV advert, and then posted the schedule on their TV guide, (which has now been removed), would be an understatement! Sorry for any excitement caused. (I usually only say that to women!) lol
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