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  1. I feel we all should give up on giving this OP advice. He obviously has his own ideas, and is clearly not listening to mostly good advice and ideas from other posters, so for me 'au revoir'. Some people are just not worthy for help.
  2. But to answer your question, yes certain contracts can be drawn up through Lawyers, so as you seem to have it all worked out, I'll leave my advice as is. PS.. And if you read my earlier post, I did not say you will lose everything. I said anything to do with land in thailand is very complicated for foreigners.
  3. You are asking many questions here, but you are obviously very uninformed of what is possible in Thailand, or have not done much research. #1..as others have said...without her name being on the title deed (Chanoot), then you haven't got any security at all (or has she for that matter). #2..very very doubtful that any bank will give you a loan..so that is not really an option. #3..In Thailand the Chanoot covers the land only. The Land Office are only concerned with the appraised price as it's value is used for tax purposes. So the only way to do this is have the Land Office register a mortgage (you and her choose the figure) which is actually recorded on the Chanoot. In this way she can not sell the land legally without you signing off that the mortgage has been paid off (this is probably the only legal way for a foreigner). BUT, if you are really worried about this is 5, 19, 20 years, then I suggest you definitely have a rethink. This is a very complicated area for the uninitiated, and you, as so many others, can get burned easily.
  4. As I mentioned in post #23. The police contact the Embassy once they have finished their initial report, ascertaining his nationality. There is a proper protocol for this. The Embassy will appoint or send an official to Pattaya. The passport will be given to the Embassy at that time, but not any other documents or personal effects.
  5. As someone familiar with these type of affairs, I agree fully with the last paragraph above. Even if you were in Thailand, which obviously won't be possible for a long time due to C19, the process of dealing with the Police (death certificate, and they will have taken important docs/passport from the room), Hospital (possibly an autopsy), Embassy as a liaison between all parties, Lawyer possibly involved and of course the Thai Court system, would take months, and seriously your health would suffer. So as the funeral has been taken care of already, I would advise not to get involved anymore, unless of course you need the money (that may, or may not be there). But even then, a bank will not release funds without a Court order, which can take up to 6 months, taking into account all of the above.
  6. This seemed very confusing, but worked it out I think. Shld be "looks quiet, but on the other hand, the staff have a lot of time".
  7. As I said a few maybe eligible (you probably through your wife being a teacher?), but for most others it is not feasible, and therefore not relevant to the thread of 'What bank to put 800k'.
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