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  1. This looks indeed not only unfortunate for you, but also not right. It is my understanding that the decision has to be given to you in a written form and with a reason of the denial. So what I would do first and immediately send an registered mail to the head of the embassy, state what you did here (and add again all documents), and ask for a written and signed decision. Further, demand an answer to how and where to contest the decision. I consider your chances well that they may approve the visa. Or at least you should get a way to contest.
  2. Thailand may have its share of problems, and not everthing is rosy. But your post concerning golfing and hotels in Thailand vs. China/Vietnam is not comprehensibly. The choice for golf and hotels in Thailand is huge. The No. 1 spot for golf, Pattaya, offers more than 20 courses. The quality varies, but there are top notch courses available. My average price for a golf round is 1500 Baht (1'000 green fee + 350 caddy fee + seldom a cart, 600 Baht), so around 50 USD. What I have seen from courses in China and Vietnam, they charge USD 100 - 250. A similar pattern applies to the hotels, I generally cannot imagine finding cheaper hotels to a better quality in China and Vietnam. In Bangkok you will get a 5 Star hotel for USD 120 - 200. There is really nothing to complain about that.
  3. "CCTV is also being reviewed" How? - By using the remaining 4 working CCTVs?
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