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  1. I'm torn between retiring to the Philippines and Thailand, Thailand being my first choice for a number of reasons food and general quality of life and less poverty being just a couple. However one aspect that keeps cropping up in my mind is ease of stay here. Looking way into the future what options are open to foreigners who can't make it to the immigration office to renew their visa due to inability to walk/alzheimers or some other medical condition. I'd love to hear your views as a worse case scenario would be to be deported back to my home country not knowing anyone in a
  2. Good afternoon. Can you please offer some help. I'm going to be taking an early retirement and moving to Thailand later this year/ early next year (assuming coronavirus is behind us) and was wondering if sin sod is still widely practised and if so what price roughly would it be for a normal Thai girl Having lived in Thailand about 15 years ago and had a horrible toxic relationship (not a bar girl) I would be very cautious about paying what I consider an outdated practice should I meet someone in the future. Thank you
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