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  1. ... never mind their funny numbahs, I just came across new possible symtoms ... Christ on a pogo stick, how does >scrotal discomfort< and related >ballooning changes< sound to y'all, l-o-l ... [hysterical laughter] ... https://www.scmp.com/news/china/science/article/3087427/coronavirus-may-damage-testicles-without-entering-cells-study
  2. Well, can't complain for once, lost out on about €40.- over all due to different exchange rates (eg. comparatively 'stronger' EUR now compared to mid DEC19, original price €600.-) but EVA refunded the full amount as previously paid in THB. Unused ticket, roundtrip EU out of BKK, out 03JUN20, retour mid August and booked direct via their website, the refund done online too ... they cancelled the outbound flight & then I cancelled the whole gig ... lowest available price as far as ticket class V went, usually 7k THB fee for refunds on these ones but as mentioned nuthin' in this case. Btw, VISA did also refund their exchange fee (1,75% but now 2,2% I believe) which applies at least on my type of CC.
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