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  1. Screenshots below would show 3BBs message when payment due/overdue up to 1 month (in TH and EN, it's called 'soft warning'), the third pic is the login-page you reach after pressing 'Click', by that time your browser/internet-connection is back to normal. When the first message pops up it cuts through whatever connection is active eg. VLC radio-streaming and the likes, not only browsing ... I should know, my landlady is permanently 1 month late, so these friendly reminders pop up every couple of days. Now, I just have to keep an eye on her not forgetting the always already belated payments before she hits 2nd month overdue, 'cause then it gets locked with a 'hard warning' and you'll only get it back by forking over 2 due payments!
  2. +1 ... a red herring anyway, Boeing wants to distract only from the fact that there are massive structural problems with the 737 MAX which make this system even necessary in the first place. A software update is of course cheaper than a redesign of the model to the end that it would be 'easy' to fly even without corrections of the computer. Same strategy as in the >diesel gate< it appears ...
  3. Morning, have a look through the topic below, some interesting related info/experiences ...
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