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  1. ... yeah baby, big surprise there ... could it be that meanwhile anything else can be had for far better value elswhere ... lol & just a rhetorical question btw. ...
  2. Whoever has any suggestions/information related to international trade issues is indeed invited to direct them at: Ms Cecilia MALMSTRÖM European Commission - Cabinets of Commissoners - Member of the Commission - Trade Contact: Email: cecilia-malmstrom-contact(AT)ec.europa.eu Tel.: +32-229-86366 Address: European Commission Rue de la Loi / Wetstraat 200 1049 Brussels Belgium
  3. Really? Well, obviously they are pretty quick at cashing in on the visa that later get rejected, aren't they ...?! That's what I call a fcukin' scam of the highest order, on a good day ...
  4. I always have a multi re-entry permit which doesn't stipulate the 90 days maximum out of the country , maybe the single re entry is only 90 days. Nope, the form (well, the one I have here, lol) is both for single- & multiple re-entries with check-boxes to choose ... also mine was a single one ...
  5. No such thing mentioned on the TM.8 form 'Re-Entry Permit' and I have it right in front of me. That said, I wouldn't put it past them to have some homemade forms (meaning by your local immigration profit center) with different text circulating in this fair kingdom ... Anyway, I too stayed out for 5 months this year without any issues on return.
  6. Hallo Freund, thanks for the report, one of many and counting ... Rest assured that - apart from your GF - you actually don't miss much here, going downhill fast in pretty much every aspect. Just make sure you spread the word back home up and down & left to right on social media so that people don't keep getting cought in this 1st class scam of issuing expensive visa first, then denying entry - with all the problems & additional high costs attached. Also make sure to include the Austrians & Swiss, just for starters. Generally tell the Volk over there to spend their hard earned Euros elsewhere, meanwhile it's worth excrement here anyway and that's the only way to deliver the adequate message to these greedy clowns in camoflage rags over here ... Grusz, jolly eh.
  7. ... whoa, not so fast there, couple more committees need to be established first ... here from the article: > ... the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives will speed up the change in all agricultural land in the nine northern provinces to become burn-free areas within three years, forbidding businesses related to maize for animal feed from buying products from forest encroached areas ... < Why give (another) 3 years time in the 1st place, who is lobbying (aka paying) to the end of this permanent deferring ... (rhetorical question) Plenty of homemade pollution here so it would certainly make sense to get an effective move on, as of yesterday ... That said the following screenshot clearly shows who's doing the most killing in the region (yes, their old buddy Chyna), originally recorded about 2 weeks ago around 3:30pm local/8:30am zulu/10:30am across the better part of EU (DST) so industries up & running ...
  8. ... about a month ago +/- EUR 2.30 (about 76THB) for half liter in Amsterdams supermarkets ... L.O.L. ...
  9. Well ma'am, today Bangkok banks live rate on EUR cash was a whopping 32.82 as posted at their counter ... Superrich (one of the best rates) on cash: 33.35 https://www.superrichthailand.com/#!/en/exchange#rate-section https://www.bangkokbank.com/en/Personal/Other-Services/View-Rates/Foreign-Exchange-Rates# You're welcome.
  10. ... well, if it - as you say - works very well against anxiety then yes, it's fairly psychoactive already, just as it should be ... I do get your drift though. WORLD ganja fest ?? That's a good one right there, l.o.l. ... more like 20 years behind and counting ...
  11. ... ... why so exalted insurance-fanboyo? Never mind, it's slightly amusing ... Ah, now I get it, you're just back from some gangshafting by a couple of your silk clad insurance buddies ... did they also (again) use that rusty wellpipe on ya, I hear it's your favorite ... ...
  12. GFY 'matey'! Sucking up seems to be your speciality which is fine, you've obviously adapted (to yet another scam) as naturally preferred - just don't draw conclusions there about others ...
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