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  1. If you're thinking "Holy .hit, as far as the public's concerned that's some proper cornholery ..." then yes, I'm thinking what you're thinking ...
  2. ...... yo AZ, who hasn't been there already?! Now, also throw in various passport copies and perhaps of your last dozen TM 30s as well, will spare you looking for a copy shop in a haste later, trust me!
  3. ... yeah, I'd rather be careful with that stuff, the other week they declared it contains lots of iron! That means if you drink too much of it you will be drawn north, no escape from it, it's science!!
  4. ... indeed, weedmon already clarifies in todays bkk post that tu-uncle for instance will start off with AZs brew, he's too old for the chinese stuff you know ... should cost him some brownie points with xi-uncle though, 555 ...
  5. 555, no worries, as expected it's not the chinese concoction the dear leader's getting but the one from AZ, the nut in bkk has confirmed that in todays post ...
  6. ...... wouldn't have expected otherwise. You can always (try to) force it on your mamas ... ...
  7. Apparently similar stunt just Saturday in the Netherlands ... > ... Not a freak accident - Meanwhile, a similar incident, also involving a Boeing plane, took place on Saturday in the Netherlands. Shortly after take-off from Maastricht Aachen Airport, a fire broke out in one of the plane's four engines, again causing debris to fall from the sky. Several pieces of metal fell to the ground over Meerssen, a district in the north of Dutch city Maastricht ... < https://www.dw.com/en/boeing-united-airlines-jet-debris-rains-on-us-suburb/a-56638669
  8. ... the bloke is slick, I was told he really said 'will arrive on A wednesday', sooo ...
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