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  1. ... well, good, considering the 'special import tax' applied here all these agreements aren't worth the paper they're printed on anyway.
  2. ... well, The Great Muselman Sultan clearly sacrifices himself for the cause as this also means no more imported velvety French goats for himself, a known and respected connoisseur in that regard, 555 ...! PS.: ... listen to a soundbite of one of this warmongers speeches if you get a chance, he's doing a pretty good uncle A-dolf if you were to ask me ...
  3. ... to be fair they got busted in different stages of bloom, the Argentinians stash looked plain sativa to me, very thin leaf-fingers if I recall that correctly, could mean almost double bloomin' time. Above on the other hand we see some nice mostly-indica breed, almost finished as far as one can tell from that pic ... as medical as you can get I'd say, 555 ...
  4. ... well, best buds I've seen in one of these respective news stories in a long time ... jaja, ze Germans ...
  5. ... well, inpatient not sufficient WTSreallyHTF, yes - outpatient on the other hand way, way too high, about by fuctor 10 and clearly removed from any reality ... useless and only makes it too expensive - given the fact of a captive audience it's just extortion aka money grab.
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